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Mobile Ticketing App: The New Trend in Smart Travel Transportation

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Mobile Ticketing App: The New Trend in Smart Travel Transportation


In the present day, smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday life for a vast majority of us. 

But, do you know why this is happening? Well, smartphones are becoming more important as an interactive technology medium in day-to-day activities. 

This trend is also gaining traction in the transportation sector. Passengers are now able to pay as well as travel more easily by using mobile ticket booking solutions. 

These intelligent solutions serve as a sole point of contact for almost every transit medium, offering better revenue, as well as tailored experiences.

The Popularity of Ticket Booking Mobile Applications

Currently, the busy lifestyle of individuals no longer allows them to stand in long queues for booking trip tickets. 

Commuting is a common behavior that brings people together and plays an important role. Traveling across cities or countries is also included. 

Everyone wants an all-in-one solution that meets all of their everyday needs with a single swipe. This need has resulted in the development of a mobile ticketing system.

With its innovative approach, the system of mobile ticketing has become preferable for everyday commuters in a short period and has developed into a trustworthy system. 

It enables the user to choose their preferred time and location, as well as confirm a booking. The best part about this is that you would be able to complete the overall procedure including the payment online. 

Now, how to develop a mobile ticketing app? Well, a mTicket booking application can help company owners get total control over their business by offering ease to managing the whole process.

Mobile Ticketing for Both Private and Public Transport

Presently, mobile ticketing systems account for a significant portion of total digital ticket sales in the transportation industry. 

On the other hand, there is also an increasing demand for bus, taxi, metro, as well as airline ticketing software, followed by event ticketing. All of these are considered to be proven solutions in terms of user reliability, adoption as well as deployment. 

So, you would be able to transform your mobile phone into a ticket machine with the help of mobile ticketing. As a result, users will no longer need to wait in a long queue for ticket booking. 

Transport authorities as well as operators throughout the world have effectively reduced the fare collection costs, increased data insights, and also quickly introduced innovation to their companies by using mobile ticketing systems on a large scale.

Why One Should Make Use of the Mobile Ticketing Application?

Passengers who travel regularly to other countries or cities, or who commute to work daily, will benefit from using a mobile ticketing app. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why one should start making use of mobile ticketing:

Efficient And Effective Process

The mobile ticketing system’s efficient as well as effective process provides a lot of benefits to daily travelers and those who plan or schedule trips most often.

Rapidly Increasing Demand 

The number of people seeking the assistance of a mobile ticketing platform to book their tickets has been steadily increasing. This is specifically because of the updated and best-in-class features provided by the software. 

Customer-Centric Functionality 

By targeting precisely what customers want and need, mobile ticketing solutions are becoming a dependable way to book tickets. It is transforming into an effective means for the common public due to its customer-centric features.

Effectively Save Money And Time 

Customers, now do not need to reach the ticket counter early for booking tickets. Also, they do not have to worry about tickets getting sold out. 

People can buy tickets for multiple or single fares with the help of mobile ticketing app. This option contributes to saving time and money. Also, it offers great convenience during long journeys and special events.

Important Advantages Of Mobile Ticketing

advantages of mobile ticketing app

Passenger Satisfaction

Mobile ticketing is quite popular among commuters. They can avoid waiting in line at the ticket machine or the booking counter. So, they can just make use of their phone to buy tickets at any time and from any place.

Decreased Boarding Time 

Reduced boarding time is one of the main benefits associated with a mobile ticketing system. Commuters can save a lot of time. Not only that, but this particular system allows them to effectively lower their stress levels. 

First Bus, one of the well-known bus operators in the United Kingdom, undertook a study to compare the boarding times of manual as well as m-ticket bookings. 

The findings of this experiment were fascinating. 25 passengers who possessed mobile tickets took about much less boarding time (about 75%) when compared to those with a manual ticket system.

Reduced Cash-handling Processes 

Whenever transportation is involved, cash handling is an expensive issue to deal with. This is specifically because the costs associated with maintaining cash are much high. 

The m ticketing system ensures a significant decrease in pricing, combined with cash handling. This is a major benefit which almost every transport operator seeks for. 

Pay As You Go

Users just pay for what and when they use mobile ticketing systems. This is because this solution operates on a Software as a Service or SaaS basis. 

Low Or No Upfront Costs

In contrast to any other ticket collecting system, the capital cost, in this case, is either zero or much less, depending on the specific way in which a ticket is validated.


Mobile ticketing advocates the use of paperless tickets, also known as e-tickets, which minimize the amount of paper used in the production of paper tickets. 

Pushing passengers to become paperless is a terrific way for the transport authority to show its commitment towards environment friendliness. 


There is no doubt that technology will continue to advance in the upcoming future times. We’ve seen huge advancements in technology concerning payment gateways, communication, obtaining information, and even in our everyday lives in the last 10 years.

The authorities of transportation can secure their place in the current smartphone age while also retaining as well as improving their capability to stay compliant with forthcoming technological improvements. 

It is possible by the implementation of a mobile ticketing system, particularly on a big scale. 

Improved Customer Service

Mobile ticketing solutions assist transport authorities to deliver far better customer service by helping customers save time as well as reduce the stress levels associated with traveling. 

This results in enhanced customer satisfaction and retention and thereby resulting in increased revenue as well as growth.

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Latest Mobile Ticketing Trends to Know About

Smart Tickets

Currently, the overall system of ticketing is becoming more accessible, smarter, as well as personalized. So, it is predicted that more people will switch to smart tickets in the upcoming future times. The advancement of technology will allow people to reduce paper tickets usage. 

With the introduction of smart tickets, it is expected that an augmentation in cross-selling of services and products will occur. It is an effective marketing strategy that is utilized by a lot of businesses to boost their customer success rate. 


The term “biometric” refers to the automatic recognition of an individual. It is based on the behavioral as well as physiological traits of a particular person. This mobile ticketing system relieves the stress you could feel if your smartphone is damaged or you run into a network problem. 

It eliminates the requirement to carry a physical or even a digital ticket. One can utilize this biometric recognition technology to authenticate themselves on their fleet from the moment they buy their tickets. Let’s have a look at some of the most important biometric systems:

  • Fingerprint Recognition 
  • Iris Recognition 
  • Face Recognition 

Account-Based Ticketing 

Passengers do not need to buy a ticket in advance. With the help of account-based ticketing or ABT, they can do it immediately when required. 

They can just punch in as well as out on each journey. After they have completed the trip, they will be charged a reasonable amount. 

Account-based ticketing is currently in use in major cities, and the launch of cloud-based software implies that it will soon be available to all types of transportation authorities as well as operators. 

HCE And NFC Based Mobile Ticketing 

For mobile ticketing, HCE is an architecture that emulates a conventional smart card on mobile phones particularly with NFC. 

HCE generally allows mobile phones to function as a practical depiction of a contactless smart card which makes transportation easy. This allows customers to use their phones as a virtual ticket wallet as well as a travel smart card in a safe manner.

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All in all, the mobile ticketing software solution provides passengers with access to advanced technologies rather than merely a ticketing platform. It demonstrates how simple traveling can be as well as contributes to a more positive outlook toward transportation. 

MultiQoS is a mobile and web development company in the USA that specializes in making transit more comfortable by offering a mobile ticketing solution. 

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