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E-Commerce App Development Ultimate Guide: How-To Build, Key Features, Time and Development Cost

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Top 12 B2B Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

The saying never gets old and fits most appropriately on The CEOs. Being a CEO brings along its own set of duties to run a B2B firm in the most effective manner. There are lots of hurdles that you are very likely to experience sitting on that executive chair in your cabin…

Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Which One to Select for App Development?

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Top Benefits and Advantages of DevOps in Propelling Business Growth

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Why Golang is a better choice for your upcoming Web project: What’s Possible With Go?

Go language is also Golang and it is an open-source programming language that produces binaries of machine code compilation. Go is more or less like C language but it also has capabilities of collection of garbage, safety of memory, concurrency of CSP style and typing structure..

Top 10 Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues and Testing Tools for Developers

The process of designing and developing in Mobile Application Development can be fun until the actual work of verifying that the user has a similar experience regardless of device, browser, operating system, screen, or other factors can be complicated..

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Top 5 Technologies to Pick for Building Microservices Architecture Development

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How to Develop an Educational App for Android and iOS: Features, Cost, and Business Models

Education was witnessed a great revolution with the advancement of technology, and it is no more tedious than the earlier times. With smartphones all around, learning has come a great way from being physically complicated to virtually easy, where students can learn from anywhere across the world…

A Complete Guide to Start your Hyperlocal Marketplace Business Model – The Rise of D2C

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A Complete Guide: How to Develop A Cloud-Based Mobile Application

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Build a Turo-like Car Rental App with MultiQoS: How to Create One & Costs Involved

There is a surge in people using car rental services these days. In fact, this is one of the prime reasons many such services are sprouting these days. One of the conducive ways for the public to book cabs is through Apps like Turo. Moreover, the car rental industry needs a mobile application…..

How to Develop an Internet of Things Application: The Guide to IoT Development

It is a technology for the future which is already trying to become reality. The possibility of IoT is endless in the field of agriculture, daily life, health, and manufacturing. One cannot imagine its massive impact in the coming years…

What’s New About Google’s Flutter 2.5 Update and Dart 2.14 Version?

Flutter 2.5 version 2.14 was launched on 8th September 2021. In the history of the flutter releases, this one closed 4,600 issues from 256 contributors with 216 reviewers. It is one of the most significant releases by Google. Today, we would be discussing what all is new in this latest version…….

What’s New Features in iOS 15 Update? For iOS Developers, What’s New in WWDC 2021?

In June 2021, Apple announced IOS15, the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 15. It was released on September 20, 2021. Are you as 15 offers new features for tools to reduce distractions, FaceTime calls, edit privacy features, and unique notifications experience…

How to Find Your iPhone Serial Number, UDID, or Other Important Information

Finding Serial Number -You may find These numbers in various places like on the physical device, settings, in Finder or iTunes, and the phone’s original packaging. The use of the serial number is that when you contact Apple for any support…

How to Build & Launch your own NFT Marketplace and How Much Does It Cost?

The NFT platform is emerging in full force around the globe. The large brands of corporations, entertainers, and businessmen are engaged in tokenizing their own NFTs according to the newest trend, earning around millions…

What are the benefits of HubSpot CMS and CRM as an Inbound Marketing for your Business?

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How to Build Security into Your Next Mobile App : Best Practices for Android & iOS

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Top Reasons Why Android is Preferred Platform for On-Demand App Development

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Flutter For Web: How to Create and Run Your First Flutter Web Application

Do you know that flutter for web was previously named Hummingbird? But, in 2019, on 7th May, it gets the new name where the companies use it to design interactive, engaging, graphic-rich applications. Now, we must talk about Flutter…

Top 10 Common UX Design Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Mobile App

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How to Create a Dating App Like Tinder And How Much Does It Cost?

Things have changed drastically in the last few years. With the increasing proliferation of the internet along with the evolution of mobile devices, people prefer doing a majority of things online. Gone are those days when people used to fall in love at first sight. Nowadays, we have apps….

How to Build an App from Scratch – [10 Steps Guide]

You see, so many apps are ruling our smartphones these days. Whatever you want, you have an app for that. Life has become so easy with apps. Just register with the app and use the app

How to Develop an Online Movie Ticket Booking App like BookMyShow? A Quick Guide

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How to Develop an On-Demand Gas and Fuel Delivery Mobile App? – A Comprehensive Guide

Did you ever think a decade ago that you would get your favorite food or a ride from your doorstep? However, with the advancement of mobile app development along with on-demand apps.

Why Laravel PHP Framework is Best Solution for Enterprise Web Application?

For a web application development company, adapting to a new framework can be overwhelming. When it first entered the scene, Laravel was regarded as an experiential and modern framework that was too hard to master. 

MultiQoS Top Ranked Performance Agency – According to DesignRush

MultiQoS has been recognized among the top 20 iPhone app development companies in India in  2021 by the DesignRush Marketplace. In case you don’t know, DesignRush is a trustworthy and reliable online guide

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How to Create a Location-based App: Why You Should Build One

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Wearable App Development – The future of mobile app development 2021

You must have heard about wearable technology as it is a trending phrase these days. Wearable application development has been revolutionizing all the sectors across the globe. It has been influencing the fashion industry

Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Google’s Android App Bundle

Android app bundle is a publishing format that includes all the compiled code of an app. It eliminates the need to build, sign and manage multiple APKs to optimize the support for different devices

Top 10 Chatbot Trends That Help Grow Your Business in 2021

Over the years, the major companies around the globe have witnessed the benefits associated with chatbots. The hype for Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot is real as more and more companies are now opting for it for the growth

Is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency App Development the Future of Money?

Blockchain is a new form of technology and a process by which digital information can get stored as well as distributed in a technical way. In the era of digitization and technological up-gradation, blockchain

How On-Demand Service Apps Are Shaping The World Around Us?

Currently, there is the rising popularity of on-demand apps. This type of app is contributing to making the life of people easier. In the year 2019, the value of the overall online food on-demand industry

Django Vs. Laravel Vs. Node – Which One is the best Back-End Development Framework in 2021?

Web frameworks are the collection of software packages which makes complicated web development simple and easy. Quite impressively, they feature built-in functionalities which minimize