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5 Mobile Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Online Ecommerce Store

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5 Mobile Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Online Ecommerce Store


We all know that smartphones and the latest gadgets have somehow changed the entire market of eCommerce. As per past reports, the strategies of small and large companies have also become more focused on mobile as consumers are using mobile apps and websites for shopping. The report says that nearly 70% of clients use their smartphones to shop for various items during the holiday season. E-commerce app development companies are preparing themselves for start-ups as this industry has much to offer its developer.

A few years back, designing a website or an app for a company was termed a luxury, but nowadays, Ecommerce mobile app development has become a necessity. You can also get a fantastic website by connecting with an eCommerce website development company in india.

Online business owners are aware of the fact that there is no finish line in this line of work and you must monitor all the factors contributing to your company’s growth constantly. In recent years, however, the concept of merging mobile apps with businesses has advanced so much that any business can easily create an app and run its entire operation from it.

Mobile eCommerce apps allow you to work from wherever you want, rather than being confined to a physical location during business hours. With a user-friendly dashboard, you can track all the operations from one application. It’s important to keep your business in mind even while you’re away. To manage your business in a competitive market, you must closely monitor your store’s operations and customer-engagement strategies now more than ever.

Nowadays, running an online business has gotten much easier with the help of desktop and web-based applications such as HubSpot, Shopify Mobile, WordPress, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics 4. It helps manage customer tracking, sales channels, etc.

Mobile App Contribution to E-commerce Industry

We all could feel that the mobile commerce market is growing widely if you plan to build a strong, successful trading enterprise and focus more on increasing sales by attracting clients. We have listed a few ways a mobile app contributes to the eCommerce industry. Consumers can expect a short waiting time, and application pages load faster than websites.

With the help of eCommerce mobile app development, clients will get the opportunity to save their previous orders and shopping preferences in the app. We all know that mobile apps promote a strong connection between customers and brands. You can break down popular social media platforms into your shopping app to help customers discuss your services and products.

Mobile apps play a vital role in building brand reputation, and it also draws the attention of many potential clients by drawing their attention. Mobile apps are more user-friendly and flexible compared to websites. An app with great features will help you get more clients; as a result, your earnings will increase. If you plan to work on online shopping app development, you should prefer creating an attractive user interface as it will catch more people’s attention.

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What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Apps In The E-commerce Industry?

If you are trying to cope with this digital world, you must know that having a website is not enough. Nowadays, website banners, email marketing, and roadside banners no longer attract customers. This blog is for you if you are searching for a few benefits of mobile apps in the eCommerce industry. 

Increase In Brand Recognition

One of the main reasons behind choosing eCommerce development solutions is an increase in brand popularity and visibility. With the help of these eCommerce platforms, a brand can easily connect with their customers as most of us are on the phone.

Improved Marketing Communication

With the help of mobile gadgets, customers can easily stay connected to the brands 24*7. Almost all the users prefer shopping through their mobile, so it is essential for every business to include a mobile app.

A few other benefits include

  1. Enhanced customer experience 
  2. Increase in average order value
  3. High conversion rate

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Revolutionize Your Online Ecommerce Business With Mobile App

  • HubSpot

This app is everything an individual needs to track, organize, and nurture customers and leads. Having access to the CRM will make everyone’s life easier. One of the most beneficial e-commerce functions is live chat. You can use live chat to exceed regular and potential clients’ expectations by offering the help they need without wasting time.

You don’t have to make them wait for it anymore. This is one of the best on-demand e-commerce applications, and you can prefer adding them to your list. 

  • Shopify Mobile

This app helps a business reach its customer on one platform, and it can be through social media, online, and in-store. An individual can sync products, orders, etc. fantastic feature of this app is that it makes everything look easy and simple. In one simple app, you can fill orders, capture payment, track sales, create new products, and many more.

Users will appreciate your customer service and how fast you deliver it. Moreover, the updated version will also allow you to respond to chargeback disputes, etc. If you plan to build a good start-up, consider getting a good eCommerce app developer

  • WordPress

This app is excellent for the owner of an eCommerce business. Using your phone, you can easily update your website with new photos, breaking news, and blog posts. You can also send an alert to your users regarding website updates.

This app is user-friendly, so anyone can own a website that looks like an expert. You can also take advice from a mobile app development company in india to better understand the app.

  • Hootsuite

This app lets the owner see everything happening with their company’s social life. This app will help you respond to comments, engage with clients, answer questions, and more. Almost all mobile app developers know that a well-developed social media presence can create a big difference by generating repeat clients.

This app will let you schedule your Facebook post and tweet, making all your moves easy. With Hootsuite, you can schedule weeks’ or days’ posts in a single go without anyone’s help. Many investors are planning to invest in this on-demand app development as this app is very beneficial.  

You can also be developer of many on-demand app development companies to know the entire system works so that you make fewer mistakes on your start-up.

  • Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics will help you understand which part of your marketing strategy and website is helping you get more reach. This app also lets you track sign-up from different platforms and PPC campaigns.

The mobile version of Google Analytics allows you to track site traffic, user sessions, click rates, page views, bounce rates, sales conversions, goals, and campaigns. If you run multiple campaigns and need to track each one’s performance while you are away from your desk, this is particularly helpful. This is very useful for creating a positive strategy. You can also prefer taking help from the best shopping app builder as it will help you understand the mindset of what customers need. 

Take Your Ecommerce Business to the Next Level!

An outstanding online presence for your brand is required if you plan to get into the online business industry to sell goods and services. It’s tough to stand in the market, especially when you are not only competing with regional and local brands but also with big international brands like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Follow these few simple tips to maintain stability in the market.

  • Strong visual content
  • Email marketing
  • Quick customer service
  • Loyalty membership 
  • Right usage of social media


According to the experts, it is impossible to answer how much an online shopping app development costs as it depends on the features and benefits your app offers to its clients. We all know that mobile phones have become an essential part of our life, so we can simply increase our reach and sales by creating a world-class app for eCommerce businesses. You can also take inspiration from an eCommerce development company as they are experts in this field and can help you in many ways.

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FAQs on Mobile App for Ecommerce Online Store

The cost depends on your features and benefits, but it generally ranges between $50k and $80k. The price can rise with the increase in features.

A mobile app may do many things, such as create devoted users and provide detailed customer information. The various ways these apps might improve customer experience through tracking real-time data need to be considered by businesses.

We’ve got a few ideas and tricks up our sleeves to help you succeed in the online world if you’re looking to expand your business digitally. Contact us today.

There are so many options available for businesses of all kinds and sizes that choosing the right one might be nearly impossible. It is still possible to choose an e-commerce platform that is the best fit for your company, even though each one is unique.

It usually takes 3-4 months to create a good app. Later you can update them according to your need.

You must follow a few steps: research, goal setting, getting the right platform, creating UI/UX design, and building MVP.

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