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Top 6 React Native App Ideas to Consider for Start-Up

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Top 6 React Native App Ideas to Consider for Start-Up


React native apps have given the IT industry a new dimension. In recent years it’s exploding in popularity, especially after big corporations like Facebook, Walmart, etc., chose to react-native as their preferred technology. For several reasons, react native technology tends to others and clearly represents the future of mobile app development.

Let’s find out.

Why React Native for Mobile App Development

Here are some app ideas using react native technology:

Books App 

Many people are addicted to reading books. However, buying all books can be challenging for many too. There comes the importance of online book apps. It is one of the most straightforward mobile apps that use react native technology. 

Some well-known book reading apps are Goodreads, Amazon Books, etc. 

Recipes App

It is also the best choice for mobile apps to begin with. Even if you are a react native beginner, you can start with a list of recipes and their components. You can also start with the basics and add new features and functionalities to the app to make it unique. 

Expense Tracker

This is one of the best unique react native app ideas for a start-up, to begin with. This application helps track an individual’s expenses and use their finances smartly. You can load this app with features where one can save their debit and credit card details and bank details, keep an eye on the expenses the right way, and make the necessary payment. The expense tracker helps monitor the users’ annual and monthly budgets based on your day-to-day expenses. 

Music App

Music apps are very much in demand these days. It is one of the fastest-growing apps. Gone are when people used to download songs from websites and store them in their phone’s memory. These days, people prefer to access lots of songs at their fingertips through these music apps loaded with features using react native technology. 

Shopping App

These are the most common apps that use react native technology. Many people download different shopping apps designed with an attractive user interface and easy to navigate. You can create these shopping apps using react-native technology with many features and functionalities like easy navigation, multiple payment methods, order tracking, etc.

Why Is React Native App Development Counted So Popular?

React Native can provide a variety of solutions that other frameworks cannot. In terms of mobile application development, here is what you can expect from react-native: 

Easily Compatible

As react native is component-based, it is highly adaptable. Practically, you can use it with any other framework or JS library. Also, it comes with its own set of libraries which makes the development process smoother, faster, and easier. It also allows the use of third-party libraries.

Ensures Shorter Development Cycles

Native mobile app development requires longer development cycles than react native tech. You can shorten the availability of different management solutions development cycles greatly without compromising any part of the development. Moreover, the likelihood of app failure is minimized due to adopting a single shared data layer. 

Code Reusability

React native apps are substantially less expensive than other competing frameworks of their code reusability. Single code usage saves time and money. React native developers can also link the written code to another programming language. It allows adding functionalities that the library cannot provide. The saved time and resources can be used on app optimization and improved UX/UI. 

Why Is React Native Best App Development Platform

Cost-Effective Choice

While saving development time, react native apps also save money on development. Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, the money saved during app development plays a significant role. You can use it to hire react native app developers instead of hiring separate developers for iOS and Android apps. 

Third-Party Integrations

React Native application development is famous for its third-party integrations. It also has incredible plugins that add a layer of functionality to your mobile app development. These plugins can be connected to the native module, ensuring developers create seamless, feature-rich, faster mobile applications. Therefore, it is easier and simpler for app developers to create sophisticated apps for cross-platform. 


Being open-source, react-native has a large community of developers. These experts are always looking for ways of improving the technology and are efficient in fixing bugs. Therefore, it is easier to handle any challenges with their help. 

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Business Benefits of Using React Native

Native Development Is Much Cheaper

When using React native, you only need to build one application in JavaScript because react-native requires only one line of code. Therefore, you can easily avoid the need for two developers in the native method. This saves twice as much money and time on development and maintenance.

Better User Experience

Native components are used to build the user interface in react native other than web components and JSX, which is an arrangement for embedding XML with JavaScript. For improved performance, native components are rendered independently and natively using native APIs. 

Reusability of Code

This is one of the most critical advantages of react native application development . Mobile app development experts don’t need to create a new mobile app for platforms like iOS and Android. 90% of the framework can be made with a single line of code, which saves a significant amount of money and time. Moreover, you can reuse the online application code created in react to create a mobile app. 

Benefits of a React Native App for Business

Lesser Memory Usage

The react app takes extremely little memory on the user’s device as there is no cross-bridge linking. The majority of the code is executed within the app’s run time.

Less Development Time

The native apps are coded natively. So, they demand a significant time investment from the developer. But when it comes to React Native, the development time lowers to half as a single code base can be shared across many platforms. So, developers only need to create one, share the code, and make some platform-specific changes instead of developing two separate apps for different platforms. So the development time comes down to half that of native apps.  

Top Apps Built Using React Native Technology

The top 10 Famous react native applications built by using this technology are:

  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Instagram
  • Bloomberg
  • SoundCloud
  • Towns
  • Gyroscope
  • Wix

How Can MultiQoS Help You in Building React Native Apps?

If you’re looking to hire react native app developers, you should select MultiQos as a react native app development company that combines business objectives and technological solutions smartly to achieve better results. We use our react-native expertise to bring your app ideas to life with one iOS and Android app store codebase. 

MultiQoS can augment, train, and even build your team to operate and transfer the product if you already have an existing team. We can help you build apps quickly and ready for the market in record times, thus saving you time and resources to validate your product. Even if you are developing the app with an in-house team, our experts can help you ensure that you’re on the right path. We are experts in cross-platform development and can help your business reach the desired goals.


Whether you are a start-up or an established MNC, the benefits of react native app depend on the technology stack choice. There are several new app ideas in 2024 based on react native app. Although there is no one-size-fits-all formula, react native is a good choice for app idea

  • Projects that have ease of functionality
  • Projects that have attractive design and efficient interfaces like social media or eCommerce platforms
  • Apps that are based on JavaScript etc.

However, react-native might not be a solution for:

  • Platform-specific apps
  • Rich multimedia apps with lots of background processes
  • Gaming apps with heavy features
  • Apps with complex visualization etc. 

We hope to have answered most of your react native app development questions. However, if there is something that we’ve left, kindly contact the MultiQos team for further assistance.

Looking React Native Developer?

Our React Native developers excel in crafting secure, scalable cross-platform apps with native functionalities.

FAQs on React Native is Perfect for Startups

It is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework that builds mobile apps that deliver native-friendly appearance and performance. In react native app ideas, you get iOS and Android apps with one codebase, which means your cost, time, resources, and efforts are saved to a great extent. 

MultiQoS react native app developers apply reusable components and invest a lot less time to create native apps across cross-platform. These functionalities bring down the cross-platform development costs. Also, updates and maintenance charges are usually high in native app development, while react native application’s upgrade charges are lesser as they happen very swiftly using Live Reload. 

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing react native app development, and these are:

  • Leverage the experts who’ve built award-winning apps
  • Global Experts Access to work in your timezone
  • Bring the right tech stack for your apps
  • Accelerate go-to-market
  • Reduce development and operational costs

Parth Thakkar

Written by Parth Thakkar

Parth Thakkar is Chief Information Officer at MultiQoS, boasting a rich background in successfully executing intricate projects and fostering collaboration across diverse teams within Agile and Waterfall project frameworks. Renowned for his adeptness in navigating complex and dynamic settings, he is deeply committed to leveraging technology to address business hurdles and drive innovation.

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