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Why Golang Is a Better Choice for Your Upcoming Web Project: What’s Possible With Go?

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Why Golang Is a Better Choice for Your Upcoming Web Project: What’s Possible With Go?

What Is Go? (Go Programming Language?)

Go language is also Golang and it is an open-source programming language that produces binaries of machine code compilation. Go is more or less like C language but it also has capabilities of a collection of garbage, the safety of memory, concurrency of CSP style and typing structure. You can implement Golang in three different ways.

  • WebAssembly Google self-hosting compiler
  • GCC fronted Gccgo
  • GopherJS- 3rd party compiler of source-to-source

The Features of Go Language are:

  • Concurrent system implementation of concurrency primitives
  • Easy and consistent language
  • It is object-oriented
  • Comes with compiler features and helps in compiling the big-size Go programs.
  • Have back pointers to solve all kinds of issues in programming
  • Standard library package
  • Build web application with simple constructs and fast execution
  • Support testing for seamless code
  • Cloud computing support and system programming

Top Five User Applications Of Golang

  • To Create Fast and Elegant CLIs-

    CLI is an interface with only text and it follows the principles of software engineering and it is the automation of a suit-task base. The language offers an interface that offers cloud apps and the infrastructure of the CLI base. It has the capability of automation and remote. The developers of golang development company use the leading technologies like Viper and Cobra to design the CLI application and tools.

  • For Web Development-

    For web production and scalable creation with a framework of multiprocessor, Golang is perfect. Golang development of mobile application and technologies break the business through the complexity that it faces. Go language also generates authentication for a high level of security.

  • Cloud-Native Applications-

    Cloud computing is always critical in software digital architecture. You can easily develop software systems that are readily scalable and even sharable with the service of the cloud. It is a great option for you to develop cloud-native and even develop microservices. It is a cross-platform programming language in modern times and you can create flexibility and even depend on cloud applications fast. Use this language and meet the client’s requirements.

  • To Support DevOps and SRE-

    Both of them are gaining popularity and this language is an ideal one for CD and CI approach because you must build and even promote. You can simplify it and even enhance the CD and CI operation. Also, it improves the scalability and reliability of the web page.

  • For highly Scalable Database Implementations-

    You can create a flexible database with Go language and it even offers incredible support. One develops work on BigQuery, Reds, SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and MySQL. Golang web development services offer the best coding that you can imagine.

golang use cases

Some Real-World Use Cases:

Golang for Payment & Rewards

 – American Express uses Go for Payments and Rewards

It is a financial service and the headquarter is in the U.S that offers traveler’s checks, cards, and even gift cards for other goods and services as well. To make the payment and even the reward program the company uses the Golang language. It makes things scalable, robust, and stable. It is a next-generation language that makes a great change for the developers of American Express. Hence, they develop and even capture real incidents and applications. Golang use cases help you understand how the language works in the real world.

Golang for Enterprise Development

 – Netflix uses Golang for Enterprise Development

It is a popular entertainment source provider and uses this particular language for the growth of the business. They use the language because it helps in the optimization of data processing and server loading. The web developers of Netflix want something that is faster than Java and not time-consuming like C. Hence, G language suits them the best and they can contact the customers in a similar manner.

Golang for User Engagement

 – Uber uses Go to Improve User Experience

It helps Uber to improve the processing of map speed and even make decisions of automation. It helps in the improvement of microservices as well. It even improves and reduces the wait time of the customers. So, now finally you know what is Golang good for.

companies that use golang

So, Why Choose Golang for Your Project?

  • Open-Source Language- It is available easily and that is why it makes the most favorite programming language for the developers.
  • Easy to Learn- A beginner developer can easily learn to operate this language for coding.
  • Fast Performance- The performance of it is super fast which makes it incredible for the developers to use.
  • Easy Concurrency Model- The easy model makes it worth the use and makes it remarkable.
  • Easy Cross-Platform Development- For developers, it is the best cross-development language that makes it work useful.
  • Explicit Designing For The Cloud- For cloud services, it will help in an effective manner because the design is incredible.
  • Security- The user and developer get the best security and no one can deny its incredible security to use as coding language.
  • Built-in Testing Framework- it has the framework of built-in testing and makes it super cool and the best to use.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using Google Programming Language (Golang)?

  • Golang Is Fast

It is a compiled language and it means that the written code then translates in the formats which a processor understands. When the managers of mid-level find it difficult to improve language speed, in that case Go is the best support for them. It offers reliability and the availability of the services.

  • Golang Is Easy To Learn

It is the easiest language for the developers of software when the developers know about java and C. The syntax and keywords are different but the procedural approach is almost the same for all the developers and they get to familiarize the same in less than time.

  • Golang Is Well-Scaled

It supports concurrency because of the Goroutines and helps in running independently and at an equal platform. Well, it is sync of multithreading of Java and async approach of JavaScript.

  • Comprehensive Programming Tools

It is an open-source platform that gives the opportunity to the developers to use various plugins and ideas that will help them create the best coding from the language.

  • Growing Pool Of Talent

It is a demanding language and that is why every developer is learning and becoming Go expert and web developers.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Golang?

  • Time Consuming

Its not descriptive and very simple. Hence, for similar functions, the developers need lines of codes. A long coding session sometimes makes it monotonous.

  • It’s A Young Language

It is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, still a young language, and there are very few extensive libraries here.

  • Golang Doesn’t Support Generic Functions

As it does not support generic functions hence the developers need to create many function footprints unnecessary.  And, it helps you know what is golang used for in other respects.


When Should You Migrate Your Project To Golang?

For startup companies, you need a good speed of work so you can create a customer base. So, with proper marketing strategies, you can focus on this language and give them the best user experiences. Big companies like Uber, Nexflix still prefer this language to scale up their business and it improves the delivery speed which makes the customer happy.

If you want to offer service on demand, expand the functionalities of eCommerce then it is a good idea to migrate to this language because this is why use golang and enjoy its benefits. When software gets updated with new features, the new developers find it hard to cope up with its readability. Therefore, one must migrate to Golang for Einstein Analytics.

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The Future of Go Language

The future of the language is great when the business of predictable growth relies on the quick service and even getting a quick response from the server. Now you know what Is Go Language Used For and the demand of this programming language will grow eventually without any doubt. IT makes the world go crazy and definitely helps the developers to create amazing programs based on this programming language.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the golang web developers are excited about this language because it is a great initiative of Google and it helps businesses in various forms like golang development services. The software strategy gets a new look with the language than one can ever imagine. If you want to become a developer and want to start your career, then learn this language for better growth because the demand is increasing without any doubt. The clients and the Go language developer companies are looking for such talents to join and expand the language in its best form. It definitely helps the future of the software industry in a positive way.

MultQoS has vast experience coding in Go, having used it since the language’s inception. Feel free to connect with us to learn how we can assist you in achieving success with Go.

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