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Develop an Amazon-style eBook App Like Kindle: Full Guide

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Develop an Amazon-style eBook App Like Kindle: Full Guide


The E-book app is a one-of-a-kind digital solution that has significantly influenced students and book readers. There is no need to go to a library or buy hardcopy to read the news, books, articles, etc.

Statista estimates that India’s ebook industry is worth $125 million in 2018 and is increasing at a 14.3 per cent yearly rate. Ebooks will provide around $214 million in income for the domestic publishing business by 2022. Over 70% of book publishers now provide electronic editions of their titles. The eBook business is a highly profitable business with a plethora of opportunities, and if you are wondering about the app development process, this piece will guide you through it. 

Why Should You Build an E-Book Reader App for Android and iOS?

The market for digital books has grown in unison with the escalating number of smartphone users among younger generations. Because eBook reader applications make it easy to store and read books on mobile devices, their popularity has skyrocketed. Furthermore, they enable users to save their readings so that they may pick up wherever they left off in a matter of seconds. Users may also highlight or save their favorite quotation from the book and construct their library of quotes from a certain book. On the other side, you may gain both devoted customers and substantial money by offering sophisticated offline mode, cross-device capability, and gamification features.

Understanding Different Types of E-Reader Applications

There are primarily two sorts of eBook reader applications, and there is a small distinction between them from a user standpoint. However, you must choose one before kindle create app for android is started.

  • Actual eBook Reading App: It is a true reader program that lets you read books in digital formats like EPUB, FB2, and PDF. The software syncs your library and allows you to read, highlight, bookmark, and annotate documents. The finest eBook reading applications include Moon+ Reader, FBReader, and Cool Reader.
  • App for Online eBook Stores: When you contact an On-Demand App developer or research how to construct an eBook app, you will see how the kind of app affects the user experience. It determines the emphasis of app development, the target market, features, functionality, and revenue model.

Do You Need Your Own Ebook Reading App?

There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to selling your books directly via your application rather than through third-party vendors. To begin, third-party firms charge fees for publishing a book and marketing them in their online or physical shops. Some of these fees are quite costly, particularly in the long term. At the same time, with platforms like Amazon Kindle, it’s difficult to be recognized without extensive marketing spending. As a result, you may spend a lot of money and receive very little back in terms of money and fame.

The Mobile app development of Kindle Apps Android is neither cheap nor quick. There are also expenses to consider — both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store take a 30% share of any in-app purchases or paid downloads. Simply stated, if you’re an independent (not many books), creating your app will most likely be a waste of your time and money. On the other hand, if you represent a specific group of writers or are a niche publisher/bookseller, such as our LiT customers, having your app has particular advantages – apart from not having to pay often exorbitant fees to third-party ebook merchants.

Marketing inside a specialty is less difficult than marketing to the whole global reading population. You may immediately connect with your audience and adjust your app to improve the user experience, causing consumers to return to you. Your audience will develop a community, expanding your marketing alternatives and assisting you in increasing engagement (i.e., by holding occasional events). You may choose the monetization plan that is most advantageous to both you and the writers you publish. Your app is a part of an ecosystem. It requires time and work, but if you are capable and ready to invest the time and effort, it may be a financially and socially rewarding business.

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What are the Essential Features of an E-Reader Like Amazon Kindle?

These are some of the must-have features when you develop an eBook Reader App Like Kindle:

  • Login or Register

The login and the registration are the initial steps that every user will take to access an ebook reading software like Kindle Online Reading

  • Personalised Reading

You can enable users to modify the reading mode on the application with some useful features. Navigation, notes, bookmarks, highlights, font size, font style, page modifications, background effect, and other features are examples of such features.

  • Multi-Platform Availability

The Kindle clone app should be accessible for various platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

  • Favorites / Wishlist

Users may use this function to save their favorite books to read later or refer to later. It also enables users to keep a list of books they want to purchase in the future.

  • Language Translation

This is a must-have feature in your eBook creator app for android. It makes it easy for every user to read any book in any language.

  • Night Mode Reading

The night mode reading capability allows the user to choose between blue, white, and blacklight effortlessly. It allows you to change the text color to white and the backdrop color to black, which reduces eye strain.

Key Features of E-reader App like Amazon Kindle

  • Library

The ‘My Library’ feature enables users to manage downloaded and bought books, periodicals, and read and unread books in Android eBook Reader such as Kindle.

  • Dictionary

This serves as a bonus for your consumers and is one of the critical features that you should not overlook when developing your kindle clone software. A built-in multilingual dictionary is the frosting on the cake. This feature allows the user to quickly locate the definition of a term or related information by using Wikipedia links or Google.

  • Page Turn

This feature is significant because it helps readers flip the pages of a book without losing track of where they left off. Users may quickly browse between the books and pages using this feature.

  • Upload Content

When this feature is incorporated in your eBook mobile application development, users can upload content. Your software should enable authors to post their work for reviews and comments.

  • Payment Process

A payment gateway is an unavoidable component of any software, and incorporating it into a reading app such as Kindle is necessary. It enables people to purchase eBooks or subscribe to them online. Check to see whether it is safe enough for online payments.

  • Filter Advanced Search

Adding tags such as author name, genres, book title, industry, ratings, and so on is essential for any reading app. These categories assist users in quickly locating the information that matches their preferences. Also, don’t forget to put categories in the ebook app based on a specialty to make the app more accessible.

  • Gamification

This one-of-a-kind feature makes reading more entertaining for readers. It motivates people to read more and inspires others to download the reading app by giving different prizes or loyalty points.

  • Offline Reading

There is nothing better than reading offline. This is the most beneficial feature that the top eBook app development services can provide. When the internet connection is slow or lost, Kindle allows you to read offline, and having this capability in your reading app makes it much more appealing.

  • Audio Books

When customers don’t have time to read the books, they may use this app to listen to audiobooks on the move.

  • Auto Synchronization

This feature makes the Amazon Kindle app popular, and you should incorporate it when you create eBook app for android and iOS. The program syncs your chosen eBooks across Android, iPhone, Desktop, and iPod. As a result, consumers may view leftover information from a particular eBook on numerous devices.

What Technologies and Tools Are Required for eBook App Development?

The technology stack required when you build an eBook app like Kindle are: 

  • Swift (iOS app), Kotlin are two programming languages (Android app)
  • Payment: Braintree
  • Alamofire (iOS app), OkHttp3 (networking) (Android app)
  • Node.js, Express 4, MySQL (database), and API Swagger are used for back-end development.
  • Amazon S3 storage

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an eBook App Like an Amazon Kindle?

The Ebook App Development Costs are determined by many variables, including the development team. Here is a breakdown of the team required for the application, and they shall determine the Kindle App Cost

  • Project Manager and Business Analyst will compile project needs and requirements and design specifications or the Scope of Work.
  • A UI/UX designer will produce a prototype and design for an app.
  • Hire mobile app developers for each iOS and Android platform to create a powerful app backend structure.
  • Before deploying the app, QA professionals will test it to guarantee there are no issues.

Develop E-reader App Like Kindle Step by Step

It shall take 5-6 months for a mobile application development company to produce an MVP for an ebook app like Kindle. The Cost to Develop App like Kindle is from $15,000 to $95,000. On the other hand, the development cost of each mobile application varies according on the feature set added to it. Furthermore, the nation of the development business has a big impact on Ebook App Development Costs. For example, the pace of development in the United States is projected to be 50% greater than in India. Furthermore, depending on the platform, design complexity, mobile app type, hourly rate, and team size of the mobile app developers, the cost to produce eBook mobile applications may exceed the anticipated cost.


Overall, creating an ebook creator app for iOS or Android requires a significant commitment of both time and money. Despite the abundance of ebook applications, your app may still rank well in app stores if it has unique features. Ebook businesses are expected to rise in the next years since they provide users with a handy and flexible method to read and discover new books on the move. You may employ any mobile application development business to guide you through the complete process of developing an e-book application. 

Looking to Create an eBook App?

Our app development team will assist you in automating processes, streamlining workflows, and achieving your desired results effectively.

FAQ on eBook Application Development

By providing a vast range of digital books, easy synchronization between devices, and an appealing user interface, e-reader software may expand its user base in the academic sector. A popular academic e-reader software may also have features beneficial for students, such as highlighting text in various colors, taking notes in the margins of a book, and reading at night with little eye strain.

Intellectual property violation, the publishing of defamatory or libelous material, and the management of sensitive personal information may all pose problems for academic e-reader applications. Before you begin developing an e-reader app, evaluate if it is subject to copyright rules surrounding sharing copyrighted information. You should also get legal advice before releasing any personally identifying information on students.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to make an app like Kindle:

  • Requirements and Information Gathering about the project from features to platform and everything.
  • Requirements and Information Gathering about the project from features to platform and everything.
  • App Development and Testing to ensure the app is efficient and responds quickly
  • Maintenance and App Deployment is the ultimate step.

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