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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shopping App Like Temu?

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shopping App Like Temu?

Shoppers can now engage in their shopping needs either online via mobile apps. Such apps such as Temu are trending currently because they make the shopping experience enjoyable. 

Approximately, the experts predict that the growth of eCommerce will hit $ 67 billion by the end of this period. 47% between 2023-2028. This trend illustrates the ever-rising trend of online shopping and especially with apps such as Temu.

As for the businesses and entrepreneurs planning to enter this thriving market, it is paramount to comprehend how much it costs to develop an app similar to Temu. 

In this article, we will outline the major considerations that influence the overall cost of developing a shopping application such as Temu to enhance your understanding of ecommerce app development.

What is the Temu App?

Temu is aimed as an online shopping app for sellers in China to sell and deliver end products directly to a customer without involving other sellers. 

It was initially introduced in the United States in September 2022 and Trends wrote, it has become the most downloaded application in the United States. 

The added advantage is that the process is direct and there is no need for an intermediary. According to the statistics, by November 2023, Temu enjoys a high level of market share which is 17% in the US discount store market. 

It combines low-level interactions, high-level computations, and concept attractors for people and companies. This type of business model is versatile since it is capable of processing individual purchases as well as large orders.

Why should businesses invest in an eCommerce app like Temu?

The eCommerce industry is growing and is preferred by most consumers as compared to the physical store. This clearly shows that investing in an eCommerce app like Temu is an ideal chance for businesses to capture this growing market. 

Here are five compelling reasons why businesses should undertake such an investment.

Increased Reach and Accessibility

An eCommerce app is also advantageous because it overcomes geographical barriers, enabling organizations to have global access regardless of the time.

Improved Customer Experience

With everything from detailed recommendations to an intuitive interface and safe payment options, an app such as Temu can indeed enhance the overall experience and satisfaction, and hence customer loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights

In implementing marketing strategies, the eCommerce app is very helpful, especially in the area of gathering information regarding customers.

Competitive Advantage

The crowded market means that a well-awarded eCommerce app can set the business apart from its competitors by providing additional features and a better shopping experience.

Temu App Development

Cost Estimation for Developing an App Like Temu

The cost of developing the Temu shopping app can also differ depending on a few factors.  generally, the price estimates are estimated to be between 5,000 USD to 20,000 USD. 

This depends on the levels of difficulty and sophistication of the project, what features are needed, and which technological solutions are necessary for implementation. 

First, let us examine the cost in relation to the phases that are likely to occur during the development of the app.

Project Planning and Research

At this stage, the development team spends much time defining the project needs, defining the intended audience, and evaluating present trends in the market. 

This particular phase of project planning usually needs 20 to 80 working hours, and in cost terms, it goes for about $1,000 to $12,000.

The cost of creating a marvelous app like Temu depends on the average rate that most app developers charge, which ranges between $50 and $150 per hour. 

This is probably one of the most crucial stages in app development because rigorous planning and research conducted at this level create the basis for the actual journey in application development.

Design (UI/UX)

A design of the UI of any eCommerce app should be very simple and appealing to the users. These interfaces typically require significant amounts of time to develop and may require anything between 100 and 300 hours or even more. 

These charges may range from $5000 to $30000 or higher depending on the type of design it is. 

But conversely, it is critical to make the user experience smooth and engrossing which has significant significance on the effectiveness of the use of the application. 


The development stage of the application process consumes a lot of time, during which the actual functioning of the app is implemented. 

This process may take 400-800 hours and more as a result, minimum it will cost $20000-$80000 at least as the price. 

Features such as a product catalog, shopping cart, user authentication system, etc. are considered to be time- and cost-consuming depending on their levels of complication if implemented.


To begin with, testing and quality assurance are crucial aspects of ensuring the main problems are addressed. 

It may also take much time, ranging from a hundred to two hundred hours or more, while the cost reaches $5,000–$10,000 or more. 

During this process, all sorts of bugs are eliminated and the smooth working of the application is ensured, which always improves the overall UI.

Backend Development

Backend development pertains to the task of coming up with the functionalities of the application back end, the database, along with the application program interface. 

This phase may run from 200 hours to over 500 hours depending on the level of challenge in that phase. Consequently, the cost may begin from around $ 10000 and may even end at $ 25000 or even more. 

Another advantage involves the application’s strong backend that counts for a lot in managing the data generated from users, financial transactions, among other aspects of the application.

Integration of APIs

The features and capabilities of the app are improved through its affiliation with a third-party API as the payment gateway. This can take an extra 40 to 80 hours depending on its character and will cost between $2000 to $4000. 

APIs integration should be done well in order to reduce insecurity in the app, as well as improve the performance of transactions.

Deployment and Launch

To implement and release the app, it is decisive to conclude the development process and provide the app for users. This phase usually takes between 20 and 40 hours and may cost between $1000-$2,000. 

Launched successfully, the product creates the foundation for users who would give it a desirable reception to achieve its success.

Post-Launch Maintenance and Updates

Continuous update and maintenance is another important feature because it helps detect any problems that may occur in the app. The possible monthly maintenance cost is 20–40 hours or more, depending on specific requirements. A continuous update is essential in order to retain market relevance and reflect the expectations of the audience.

Must-Have Features to Include in eCommerce App-Like Temu

In order to make an online shopping app popular among users, it is imperative to incorporate the essential features as per the changing trends. Below are some important aspects that can be implemented while developing an app like Temu.

Registration and Login

Registration and login are important features of any website since users should not have difficulties with their onboarding. These functionalities also ascertain the safety of user profiles, the individual experience, a quick and secure record of order history, and a safe gateway to user profiles.

Product Listing

Detailed and well-organized product information, good images, and clear price indications improve customer experiences. Arranging products in a manner that is easy to make out makes shopping easier, as the customer is in a position to select the most appropriate product to purchase.

Team Creation and Management

This feature enables the creation of teams according to the contacts or mutual acquaintances that the users have, thus promoting togetherness within the brand. It further involves the users and encourages social interaction that may help support customer loyalty due to unique shopping experiences.

Ability to Bid

The ability to bid for items in real-time adds a level of excitement to the shopping application and gives users a role to play and stake in the product. Thus, it contributes to users’ interaction while at the same time increasing the company’s revenue by increasing users’ activity levels.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart serves as a store where users can keep, compare, and make a decision on the items they wish to purchase. This feature eliminates potential cart abandonments since customers can easily review the selected items and complete their purchase with a positive result.

Payment Gateway Integration

Adding secure payment gateways is critical, as it will make users trust the site more and complete transactions. This feature allows for safe and confident purchasing and therefore improves the whole buying process.

Order Management

Order management is an important process that must be well executed to ensure that the order placed by the customers is successfully delivered to them. This feature monitors the entire process of order fulfillment through payment tracking and shipping, as well as the management of returns.

User Accounts

Account creation provides the client with an individual approach to purchasing products and services. It is easy to create and manage the accounts of the customers, which helps the business monitor their buying habits and behavior while encouraging them to make further purchases they might be interested in.

Search and filtering

The improved search and filter mechanism is one of the basic and useful functions that help users find their products easily. This feature also promotes the satisfaction of users and increases the chances of going through with the purchase.

Personalized Recommendations

The use of user data when recommending products leads to an improved experience for the users. Personal recommendations can increase the level of customer participation and, hence, the number of orders, which in turn results in revenue.

Push Notifications

The push notifications help users stay up-to-date on their orders and the latest promotional offers. Alerts keep the users active in the application environment, which contributes to customer satisfaction and high sales.

Shipping and Tracking APIs to Integrate

Real-time information on the location of orders is important to help enhance the transparency of the delivery process. Interfacing with shipping and tracking APIs helps the customers get the most recent updates about their products, thus cutting down on customer inquiries and improving their trust in the company.

Wishlists and Saved Items

This offers convenience and ease since users can bookmark articles for later use rather than having to sift through numerous web pages. With this feature, users can save items that they are interested in, thus improving their shopping experience.

Customer Service

Adding customer service to the app in the form of live chat or ticket submission increases customer satisfaction by offering quick solutions to their problems. A quick response to customers’ concerns is a key factor in the success of an organization and satisfying the customer’s concerns.

Analytics and Reporting

Tools such as analytics and reporting help organizations monitor user actions, application performance, and various sales metrics, making business decisions more efficient. These features enable one to find out where the site lacks and can enhance the return rate, conversion rate, and finally the organization’s revenue.

Temu App CTA Image

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Shopping App-Like Temu

To make the development process a success, it is important to consider the following key stages in developing a shopping app like Temu: These are some steps that must be followed to the letter in order to get the right results.

Define The Project Scope

Defining the boundaries of the project is the first stage when it comes to creating an app like Temu. This involves, for instance, defining the features of the application, the target demographic, and the general objectives of the app.

Conduct Market Research And Analysis

Market research and analysis allow for the identification of existing trends, user expectations, and competitors in the field. This information is useful when coming up with the best strategy for approaching an app.

Choose The Right Technology

Selecting the appropriate technology stack is critical for creating a reliable and scalable application. This involves choosing the right languages, frameworks, and tools depending on the functionalities of the specific app in question.

Hire A Dedicated App Development Firm

It is always advisable to hire a dedicated app developer firm with prior experience in eCommerce app development to undertake the project since they are well-equipped to provide efficient services.

Design The User Interface And Experience

An easy-to-navigate and visually attractive user interface and user experience are always important when it comes to customer attraction and satisfaction when shopping.

Undertake App Development

Application development is a phase where the application is actually coded, including both frontend and backend code. This step involves a lot of planning and dedication to make sure that all the features incorporated are done properly.

Perform Testing And Quality Assurance

They are critical in ensuring that problems are pinpointed and addressed before implementation. This process ensures that the app does not contain any glitches and runs smoothly in its execution.

Integrate Payment Gateways

It is necessary to have secure payment gateways that enable users to complete transactions seamlessly within the app.

Execute Deployment

This involves making the app easily accessible to users via various platforms, such as app stores. It makes it easier for the users to adopt the new system and give positive feedback about it.

Offer Post-Launch Support And Updates

It is important to continue the work on the application and make periodic upgrades and changes in order to fix any new problems that might arise. Continuous updates help the app stay relevant and be as appealing as possible to the users.

Temu App Development CTA Image

In What Ways Can MultiQoS Assist You In Achieving Success With An App Such As Temu?

MultiQoS is a renowned app development company that can assist you in taking advantage of the eCommerce market by creating a strong and functional app that is similar to Temu. 

Having a long-term track record of delivering high-quality and effective eCommerce applications, MultiQoS can deliver full-scale solutions, from conceptualization and wireframing to development, installation, and maintenance. 

By partnering with MultiQoS, you know that you have all the necessary skills and tools that will help you design a successful eCommerce application. 

Interested in improving your eCommerce business with a great app like Temu? Contact MultiQoS today to begin your path to building a reliable and comprehensive e-shopping service for your customers.

FAQ on Temu App Development Cost

The application, like Temu, has such options as teamwork, individual suggestions, and fast management of orders, so the utilization process seems rather enjoyable for multiple customers.

Temu is currently accessible on Android, iPhone, and through a web browser.

Temu can be considered to differentiate itself through the application of smart data and its dedication to mobile users. It has low prices on products that are in high demand because it buys products straight from manufacturers and uses artificial intelligence to forecast demand. This one consists of social media and fun features for the users to keep on sharing the app with others. It easily converts visitors into customers, especially those who appreciate trendy and cheap products.

Most businesses should give detailed descriptions of their requirements, describe the features they need, and engage in detailed conversations with developers to get the most accurate estimates. This is helpful in arriving at a better cost than merely having cost estimates in mind.

The creation of an app similar to Temu may require various amounts of time based on its functions and features. It may even take 6 to 7 months for a simple app and 9 to 12 months for an extensive application.

Parth Thakkar

Written by Parth Thakkar

Parth Thakkar is Chief Information Officer at MultiQoS, boasting a rich background in successfully executing intricate projects and fostering collaboration across diverse teams within Agile and Waterfall project frameworks. Renowned for his adeptness in navigating complex and dynamic settings, he is deeply committed to leveraging technology to address business hurdles and drive innovation.

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