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Why is Market Research Important Before Developing a Mobile Application?

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Why is Market Research Important Before Developing a Mobile Application?

There was a study by Statista research showing the global mobile users projected to reach 6377 million by 2029. This below figure underscores the undeniable influence and dominance of using mobile applications.

Several researchers carry out surveys that include the participation of volunteers who provide feedback on the usage of a service or product. This market research helps various companies understand specific niches and know more about their competition.

What is mobile app market research?

Mobile app market research is a kind of process for better understanding your industry market, competitors, and current market trends. It can be your first step before developing a mobile application. Also, a well-researched mobile application helps to provide a validation for your app idea along with ensuring your app can easily address existing market needs.

To carry out market research, it requires data collection and analysis which can be taken from existing sources and sometimes you need to conduct unique research on your own. Mostly market research is a combination of these two approaches.

Learn more about the importance of market research and strategies to implement mobile app development.

Why is mobile app market research important?

Mobile app development is fun when you have the best idea to implement isn’t it. However, if you want your mobile app idea to succeed, you need to conduct market research properly before app development. Carrying market research is essential for any business growth, therefore you can consult experts and learn more about the latest market trends.

Here are few questions that one need to understand before implementing a mobile app idea,

  • Is there a market need for your app idea?
  • How is your mobile app different from your competitors?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Will it boost your business productivity?
  • Do you have any way to create an optimized marketing strategy?

Answering these questions can bring success in developing the best native app development into your business along with demonstrating the purpose of your application.

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What are the different types of market research?

The time is here when it’s easier to carry out market research using these below categories.

Primary research

Initially, you need to conduct the in-depth market research of your customers. Next understand the market, narrow down the research by knowing more about their behavior of using your mobile applications. In this research type one should also consider using the latest mobile app development trends and how the current market works.

Let’s say for example, you want to develop an eCommerce app that targets individual shoppers who are looking for trendy clothing for their wardrobe. However, through doing the specific market research, businesses can analyze their market and target audience accordingly.

Secondary research

The next type is sales and marketing strategy research. If your team has already validated your app idea, it’s worth moving forward. All you need to do is use your existing research and get more data on how you’re going to reach your target audience. This data will help in creating a more detailed marketing plan, optimize social accounts, and ultimately will attract your target market.

For instance, you create a smart application that is designed specially for businesses. Therefore, use secondary type rather than simply branding your product as this research will help in defining the market position to improve productivity.

Top 4 strategies for efficient market app development

The market research works differently for different businesses, some of the proven ways to carry out efficient market app development are listed here,

Top 4 strategies for efficient market app development

1. Mobile app idea validation

The very first thing you need to do is validate your mobile app idea. If you find out there’s no market need for your idea, there’s no reason to proceed forward. Hearing this many people will feel disappointed as their idea cannot move ahead, but things like you didn’t invest in an app which won’t give a return on investment.

Also, to validate your mobile app idea, you need to get out and start communicating with people as surveys and interviews might help you in getting to the real problem customers face. Do everything possible to validate your idea and meet the requirements of the audience.

2. Identify your target audience

Narrow down your mobile app idea by considering both types of research andfocus more on market research. We often hear things like my app can work best for women or anyone can use my application.

But this is not specific, you need to look for the more detail characteristics, age, gender, location, income, occupation, hobbies, values, background, behavior, and more. Additionally, you need to look at what mobile devices your target audience prefer.

Let’s say for instance, your 90% of audience uses iPhones then there’s no need

to create android apps for Google play store at this stage. As you need to put more effort into developing your Apple devices and creating iOS applications. Also, keep in mind you’re not excluding other users just that your current target market is iOS users.

3. Conduct competitor analysis for mobile apps

This is one of the important methods where researching the competition is essential for any mobile app development. This is rare to see that not all mobile app ideas are unique and there’s a good chance that at least few apps can be similar to yours. This is where your job is to identify those competitors and find out where their application falls short. Using this information can fill gaps in your app idea and add as an advantage.

Additionally, if you feel they already have apps available to download, you have a faster way to develop and avoid the same app mistakes that they did. But you need to figure out what your differentiation factor is and why someone should download your mobile applications. This could be your marketing strategies, features, and different target users.

4. SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This method offers excellent analysis that works well for all business situations and market research. Allow your team to commence primary and secondary research and encourage them to answer the following questions:


  • What advantages does your app bring?
  • How vulnerable is your app?
  • Are there any specific niches or features your users follow?
  • What competitors or external market factors could harm your application?

At the end of the day, SWOT analysis helps you prepare for mobile app development and implement the best mobile marketing strategies your business requires.


To wrap up Mobile app research is the key to success for any mobile application. If you’re looking for help with market research, our expert mobile app developers are ready to offer you free consultation and assist you in better understanding your business goals.

Mobile App Market Research

FAQ on Mobile App Research

Mobile market research follows a defined process including gathering, compiling, and later analyzing data that relates to business and other market potential requirements. It takes consumer expectations, targeted audiences, competitors, and more to get precise information.

Before developing a mobile app it’s necessary to understand the complexities of mobile app marketing. This includes strategies like awareness, acquisition, and retention. This stage plays an essential role in the success of the mobile app.

The 5Ps of marketing includes product, price, promotion, place, and people. This is the framework that helps businesses guide through marketing strategies with keeping marketers focused on the right things.

Top few survey tools including Google forms, Typeform, SurveyMonkey, and Qualtrics are some of the tools used as primary research. Considering these best survey tools one can get help in conducting competitor analysis along with paying attention to all specific business requirements.

Mobile app market research helps development teams create profitable applications that offer valuable insights into your business by looking into its trends, needs, preferences, and competitors based on target audience.

Prashant Pujara

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