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How to Develop an On-demand Grocery Delivery App like Grofers or Big Basket?

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How to Develop an On-demand Grocery Delivery App like Grofers or Big Basket?

The economy of all the countries is hugely affected due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, but this pandemic has also contributed to hurting a vast majority of businesses.

The fear of the virus forced every person to remain in their house. People only stepped out of their houses when necessary.

To ensure their safety, a lot of people motivated themselves to download on-demand online grocery delivery apps like Big Basket, Grofers, etc. These particular grocery apps are considered to be very useful in fulfilling basic grocery requirements.

So, the demand for this type of app immensely increased during March 2020. Due to the rising demand for online grocery delivery apps, a lot of the mobile app development services are focused on providing related services.

If you are also focusing on launching your online grocery business, then it is always a good idea to take the help of a professional mobile app development company that has the required expertise and knowledge for building an effective app.

But, if we keep the pandemic aside, on-demand grocery delivery apps are still very useful in this digital world where everything is shifting from traditional to online forms.

The main reason why such stores are focusing to create their online presence is to effectively reach more and more people.

There are several reasons why you should get an effective grocery app design for your business. First of all, you do not have to maintain a separate store. Another advantage is that you can keep your products in the warehouse and deliver them whenever you receive orders.

Not only groceries, but other stuff are also available on all the on-demand apps such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and kitchen supplies.

In this regard, Grofers is very popular among buyers due to its effective search feature. This particular feature helps you to find the related and desired products along with the products that you search for.

So, you should ask your mobile app developer to build an app that is more or less similar to Grofers. As a result, your online grocery delivery app should be convenient and easy to use.

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

Before, making up your mind to build an app that is similar to Big Basket or Grofers, you should get a brief idea about the important features of this particular app such as:

  • Log in and sign up for features
  • Killer UX or UI features for smooth navigation and appealing looks
  • Best in class and easy navigation from any particular page to the home page and also the others
  • GPS tracking
  • Connectivity with diverse payment gateways
  • Voice search and filters
  • Presence of a search bar for effective searching
  • Rich and clear product categories
  • Profile setup for all the stakeholders
  • Bot for assistance

Features of Administrator or Admin Panel – Web App

The administration will effectively manage both shoppers as well as buyers with the help of a web application. Along with that, this will help to manage new queries specifically from the users who wish to join your platform as shoppers.

Not only that but an admin panel is considered to be very effective in fulfilling orders and effectively managing finances.

You can easily help your users with the help of an online chat. So, you should always focus on adding the below-mentioned features to your admin panel such as:

  • Reviewing user profile
  • Management of users
  • List of shoppers and buyers
  • Administrator login
  • Management of category list
  • List of the users
  • Reports and analytics
  • Proper management of payments and transactions
  • Effective management of reviews
  • Management of orders, stores along with specific delivery locations

Features of Customer – Mobile App

The buyer or customer app should allow the users to easily find all the necessary items, add them to the shopping cart, check out, and also pay for the order through the specific mobile app. So, the below-mentioned functionalities should be essentially present in this particular app:

  • User profile
  • Sign in
  • Sign Up
  • Easily shop by category
  • View previous orders
  • Track orders
  • Apply coupons
  • Online payment
  • Checkout
  • Product Catalog
  • Product search
  • Items list
  • Filtering of the items
  • Easily browse by brand and best sellers
  • Removing or adding specific items to the cart
  • Ongoing and completed orders
  • Payment gateway
  • Notifications on the order status

Technology Stacks

Whether you are looking forward to hiring an iPhone app developer or hiring an Android app developer to develop an effective on-demand grocery delivery app, they should essentially choose the right technology stack.

Selecting the right technology stack is considered to be the most important factor while building an online food delivery or ordering app.

But, in this regard, you should have a close look into the future growth and the specific way in which you are going to maintain this specific platform.

  • Web App Development

For developing a web app, you can either make use of React or Angular for the front end.

  • Backend Development

In this case, you will come across several different options. But, the most preferable one is considered to be NodeJs or PHP. So, you can focus on making use of a popular NodeJs or PHP framework specifically for backend development.

  • Mobile App Development

You have two options in this case. The first option is to build a hybrid mobile app whereas the second one is to build a native one. Again, if you are focusing on the development of a hybrid mobile app, then you can make use of React Native or Flutter.

  • 3rd Party Services

Below, you will find a list of the 3rd party services that you may need for the platform operations:

  1. Push Notifications – Firebase
  2. Location Tracking – Google Map
  3. Email – Sendgrip
  4. SMS – Twilio
  • Databases

For this, you can make use of MongoDB or MySQL.

Final Words

So, in this way, you would be able to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app such as Big Basket or Grofers for your business. Also, to successfully build this app, you should opt for expert and professional mobile app development services that have a lot of experience in handling this particular work.

As a result, they will help you to come up with the best online grocery delivery app according to your unique needs.

Not only that, but the mobile app development company you choose should always be ready with the frameworks for the diverse model in the on-demand grocery app development.

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