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How to Hire Remote Developers During COVID Times in 2023? – [Updated]

Mitesh Modi Mitesh Modi
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How to Hire Remote Developers During COVID Times in 2023? – [Updated]

There is no denying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on various industry verticals which also includes the IT industry. A large number of IT companies are forced to adopt work-from-home strategies to maintain social distancing norms. The year 2023 is undoubtedly a form of revolution in remote working.

As per the latest research, as many as 90% of the organizations worldwide have introduced the possibility of remote working after governments worldwide felt the repercussions of COVID-19. And as it turned out, hiring remote employees, especially from the IT industry, is a great idea. By now, many of the tech companies are well-aware of the latest ways to integrate and work with remote developers.

Given the stature of the situation, the qualified remote developers find themselves in high demand. If you haven’t planned on how to hire remote developers, it is high time you do so. With the remote revolution being unstoppable, organizations of all sizes are exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

What’s more interesting is the fact that they are seeking the best remote talents across the globe. On the other hand, hiring the appropriate remote workforce can be an issue for many companies out there who don’t have any prior experience of working with them.

The way in which digital space competition is increasing at a rapid pace, it is imperative for company heads to look for unique ways. So whether you are hiring a mobile app developer or hiring UI/UX designer, you have to be aware of the various intricacies. Here are some of the best strategies with the help of which you can hire remote developers and designers.

Why Organizations are on the Lookout for Remote Product Development?

In case you don’t know, remote product development can provide company heads with great advantages. In other words, this would help them gain a competitive edge in the current market impacted by COVID-19.

Note that remote working is the new normal and as an entrepreneur, you have to accept it. Here are some of the reasons which highlight the reasons behind the popularity of remote product development.

Flexible Work Hours

To ensure that they are compliant with the latest practices, remote developers follow a particular work schedule. This is also the reason that you would be able to concentrate on serious business issues. So as you can see, flexible working hours are advantageous to both the organization and the remote workers.

High Level of Security

When you hire developers online through an out staffing service provider, you can stay assured of basic security issues. This is because the service provider implements all the essential precautions to keep your data and remote workers safe.

Usually, the office of the provider comprises access control systems. Moreover, your team would be supported by specialized admins. The service provider would facilitate additional security precautions in case you need them.

Helps Companies to Establish Valuable Cooperation

The reduction of dependency of the location of the developers allows companies to foster valuable cooperation. Note that this is essentially significant in the case of experienced software developers. And when there is remote cooperation, you as an entrepreneur can easily identify and find specialists compliant with your organizational needs.

A large Number of Development Skills

When you are hiring a remote developer, you can always hire them at an affordable price. And when compared to your in-house team of developers, the overall capabilities with respect to app and software development is immense.

What’s more, with a team of remote developers, you don’t have to allocate dedicated resources in your office which is just great. Always remember that remote developers stay updated with all the alterations happening in the software domain.

Top Things to Consider Before Hiring Remote Developers in 2023

If you want to hire mobile app developer remotely, you have to be aware of various things. But note that a team of remote developers can be effective if you assess your business needs effectively.

Always remember that you have to align your organizational goals with that of the developer’s skills. So with these things in mind, here are some of the best considerations to opt for while hiring a remote developer.

Illustrate your Development Requirements Clearly

Before you commence with the hiring process of remote developers, ensure that the job description along with the requirements are stated properly. On the other hand, you can hire an entire team of developers or freelancers based on your budget and needs. Also, analyze the experience and skills of the developers to identify whether he or she is a good fit for your company.

Never Ignore the Significance of the Screening Process

When you are hiring a remote developer, always make sure that you have a steady screening process at your disposal. Make sure that you conduct technical interview sessions while hiring a remote developer. The technical interview session would assist you with the thorough evaluation of the capabilities of a developer.

Start Working

If you are hiring via an out staffing service provider, the process of getting back to work is fairly easy. Note that the service provider would usually handle various aspects like payrolls, sick days, leaves and other administrative hassles.

Detailed Processes on the Steps to Hire Remote Developers

When you are on the lookout to hire web developer, you have to be aware of the steps and processes. Here is the list of some of them.

Go for a Targeted Job Description

When you are writing a job description for a remote developer, first assess who your ideal candidate is. Analyze the types of expertise and skills you want your candidates to possess. ON the other hand, elaborate the tech requirements of the job description of the remote developers.

Explore Potential Candidates on Job Portals

If you want to get the best remote developers, you should advertise on the leading job portals. What’s more, your job description should contain all the important points which would make your job look realistic. Nowadays, job platforms are increasing in number which makes the process of hiring remote developers simple.

Assessing the Skills of the Remote Developers

Once you have got the appropriate candidates for a remote job, you have to analyze the skills of the remote developer. You also have to recognize whether the skills of the developer are aligning with that of your company’s culture and objectives. It is also important to check their technical and communication skills.

Conducting an Interview via Video Calling is Imperative

Always remember that while hiring remote workers, you have to conduct video interviews. In other words, this is the best way to assess their skills face-to-face virtually. Some of the important questions that you should ask a remote developer are as follows:

  • What is the total experience of the developer in his/her respective field?
  • What is the total experience of the developer in remote working?
  • What type of team working software do they usually implement?
  • How can you overcome communication challenges?
  • What are the varieties of challenges faced by the remote developer?

Apart from the questions mentioned above, you should also ask questions related to their overall experience in freelancing. You should also ask them to showcase their portfolio so that credibility always stays intact.


No doubt that the process of hiring a remote developer is challenging. But in the long run, it is rewarding too. Before commencing with the process of hiring a remote developer, evaluate your organizational needs carefully.

Also, note that managing a team of remote developers is a bit tough. But if you have access to the latest collaboration tools, it becomes easy to manage a team of remote developers. However, by hiring a remote development team, you can stay confident about the success of product development.

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