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Why Opt For Mobile Backend as a service (MBaaS) in 2024? – Full Guide

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Why Opt For Mobile Backend as a service (MBaaS) in 2024? – Full Guide


Is your company looking to develop new mobile applications in the easiest way possible? Doing so with the help of various mobile service providers could help you complete the work seamlessly now if you are having trouble finding the right platform to help you develop applications according to your directions. In that instance, the mobile backend as a service could be your ideal destination.

Suppose you are hearing about this platform for the first time. Then, you can ask the answer to the question of what is a mobile backend as a service. Let us save time getting into this question’s detailed explanation, which you can find here in this complete guide.

What is Mobile Backend as A Service (MBaaS)?

The mobile backend as a service is an innovative online platform that provides various solutions to all the backend application developers. It gives the correct information to the developers on what they need to add for the perfect development of an application. The purpose of mobile app backend services is primarily to help app developers connect their applications with various core features of the backend.

This involves cloud computing, storage, and exposed APIs through backend applications. Moreover, through mobile backend development, the developers of a mobile application would not have to worry about anything related to servers.

Benefits of the MBaaS Platform

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to use the best mobile backend as a service for supporting your app development. Let’s check them one by one: –

  • Avoiding the Need to Manage Servers

The first and foremost benefit you can enjoy if you choose mobile backend as a service provider is a relief of not indulging in server-related issues. The mobile backend platform will ensure proper server administration, providing timely security updates and performance optimization.

Hence, you need to develop the frontend application accordingly, and everything else will fall into place.

  • Marketing the Application Faster

A backend mobile development platform like MBaaS helps you quickly create your mobile application without building a backend solution. Through MBaaS, you can start building your mobile application UI straight away with that, saving months of hard work in the future. It will also help in reducing the total app development cost.

  • Expanding Productivity

One of the most practical benefits of hiring a mobile app development company in germany is the work it does in reducing the total time developing the application. It will allow the developers to focus their time more on other aspects of the application as required.

  • Cutting Hosting Costs

Considering the other mobile backend as a service provider, using their services could cost much money. Here in MBaaS, you won’t have to pay any fees for hosting and other maintenance costs. Moreover, you would only need to pay for the resources that you choose to use through the application as your requirement.

Benefits of MBaaS Platform
  • Trouble-free Scalability

Most applications that support app development don’t offer an easier way to scale the product as required. However, if you choose to use the platform MBaaS, you can efficiently work your way on scaling your application up and down in any way necessary.

Hence, it eliminates your time and resources to invest in proper server resource allocation. MBaaS will take care of all these tasks efficiently while you keep growing the other aspects of it.

  • Top-class Security

Suppose the mobile application you are looking to develop contains much sensitive information, causing you much worry about its security. Then, you don’t have to worry about it because the MBaaS platform can easily encrypt your data in both rest and through transit.

However, you need to know that this security is entirely handled by the platform of MBaaS and not the mobile application.

  • Seamless Integration with Other Third-Party Services

Many mobile backends as a service market trends operators don’t offer seamless integration with other third-party services. However, MBaaS will allow easy integration and eliminate any need to duplicate the functionalities spread across different platforms.

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Top Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Platforms

When choosing a mobile backend as a service platform, there are many factors that you need to consider. There are many features, like the ease with which you can operate on the platform, available documents, and the price charged for its resources.

  • Firebase

Firebase is one of the most popular mobile backend service providers available in the market. It’s used for developing any application for android or IOS. Also, Firebase has a unique database and cloud storage and doesn’t charge any extra cost. The ease with which it can be used makes it a more attractive platform for all mobile application developers.

  • AWS Amplify

Now, the second most popular platform in this list is AWS amplify. It is a complete collection of libraries and user interface capabilities with a command line feature that is used effectively to design various mobile applications seamlessly.

AWS amplify is quite popular in the market due to the number of exciting features it offers its users and the reasonable price it charges.

  • Backendless

Lastly, the most popular platform that makes it onto the list is Backendless due to the dozens of features that it provides to the developers using the platform. Using Backendless, you will be allowed frequent backups, a feature of multi-developing and providing optimum security to all your work.

Even the amount of money this platform charge is relatively less than the other available platforms.

How Does Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Work?

Let us now understand the functioning behind the application of mobile backend as a service after learning about its benefits and the platforms it can be used.

As a service market, the cloud mobile backend communicates with the application’s front end before answering any user request. With the simultaneous coordination of the backend and front end, the function would work correctly in a mobile application. For instance, without the front end, the mobile application would be completely non-functional.

While on the other hand, with the backend integration, the app’s understanding would be easier. Most of this communication and work are done through APIs. It involves the user clicking on the screen upon which the front end immediately sends a request to the backend. Afterward, the backend effectively catches the information and performs the required function using an API.

Lastly, it sends all the information and output gathered to the front end.

Why Use Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) in App Development?

You can use the mobile backend as a service in app development for many reasons. If you need an idea about that unique reason, let us look at them.

  • Focusing More on the Frontend Development

When you hire backend developers, there are some features that they can provide you with. For instance, you will have more time to focus and allocate some of your resources instead of front-end development. Using the tools in MBaaS, you can easily accommodate more usage rates without worrying about any other backend work.

More importantly, developing the front end would enhance the user experience more, making your mobile application more attractive.

  • Giving a Competitive Edge to the Business

When choosing to hire mobile app developers, many companies take much time with it, and in the end, most opt not to do so. However, if you choose to deploy a mobile backend service provider, it will only benefit your company. The many features you will be exposed to and the resources that can be used to develop your application would be far more significant than other competitors in the same market.

Final Thoughts on MBaaS Platforms

If you start looking at the big picture after reading the above article, you can easily understand that MBaaS offers many backend benefits to users. And, you can now understand or have the proper answer to the question, what is a backend as a service? And many more things related to it.

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FAQ on Mobile Backend as a Service

The backend as a service product is primarily used for handling the basic and repetitive tasks involving your mobile application. It helps the developers free up some time that will allow them to concentrate on other aspects.

The front and backend are the same things applied while making a mobile application. The front end is used for developing the application’s user interface, while the back end focuses on the other functionalities present within the app.

Various features like login, registration, allowing push notifications, personalized recommendations, and options for chat messaging are some of them to name. Moreover, the backend is mainly required to store, process, and seamlessly exchange large amounts of data between different devices.

API is the backend that is used on various mobile applications. It helps in connecting different applications, software, and databases seamlessly. API has a significant role to play in developing mobile applications.

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