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Top Healthcare App Ideas for Startups in 2024 & Beyond

Parth Thakkar Parth Thakkar
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Top Healthcare App Ideas for Startups in 2024 & Beyond


Over the past couple of years, healthcare software development has become more commonplace. It is known that the Google Play Store had 23,955 apps in the first quarter of 2015 and will have 53,054 in the same time in 2023.

Undoubtedly, apps are necessary for public hospitals nowadays as they impact how efficiently they operate. In fact, growing market competition is a positive sign even for private clinics. 

But the biggest doubt is how one stay current with trends can and what healthcare app concepts are suggested for implementation.

Growth of Mobile Apps in the Healthcare Industry

With the use of an app, you may quickly contact the doctor regardless of your needs. You will get access to all advantages, from physical concerns to mental health apps. According to studies, the market for health apps is estimated to be worth USD 39 billion in 2022. On the other hand, a survey claims that the market for healthcare apps would continue to grow. This indicates that by 2028, it will be close to 314.60 billion.

It will be a great success since there is a growing need for healthcare apps. Healthcare App Ideas for Start-ups, on the other hand, will have a great start!

Here is the list of advantages that a healthcare app offers if you hire android app developer:

  • Health Apps Are Wonderful

Health-related applications are rapidly expanding. It is all due to the numerous advantages provided by the applications. We all understand the value of applications, and this is also true for the healthcare sector. Apps for healthcare provide its users with a wide range of amenities. Access to doctor appointments, drug purchases, and even doctor interactions are all made simple for patients.

  • Simple Access

People may quickly access an app, allowing them to obtain the things they require. Apps for healthcare are the same way. Patients and other people have easy access to the resources they require. This refers to situations where you must see a doctor or take medication. Through the aid of these apps, the users can easily access different services efficiently. 

Online Doctor Consultation App

Source: Online Doctor Consultation App

  • Improved Interactions

The simplicity of involvement is made possible through apps. You may connect at any time and from anywhere. As a result, healthcare options may now be conveniently accessible without having to wait in lengthy lines. Patients may simply contact doctors and consult with them to improve their health.

  • Track Your Health

The ability to effortlessly track and monitor your wellness is one of the main advantages of healthcare applications. Your blood pressure, sugar level, weight, heart rate, and many other things may all be readily measured. As a result, it is simpler to keep a record of your overall health.

  • Fewer Diagnostic Mistakes

There will be a lower possibility of diagnostic mistakes. Users would be able to get assistance from various healthcare start-up applications with fewer mistakes. Everything relating to your health will be trackable. With protected payment, you can reach the doctor with ease. Since you won’t make any mistakes, you’ll be able to reap the ideal results. 

Healthcare app development solutions provide a variety of advantages, therefore in order to make use of them, you must choose a reputable app development business. The professionals in the field of app development will guarantee that you will achieve your goals. This implies that all you have to do is walk with a plan and leave the rest to them.

Top Trends for Healthcare Mobile Apps in 2024

Technology is evolving quickly, and new and intriguing inventions are always being developed. It is especially important for mobile breakthroughs in industries with fierce rivalries, like the medical sector. For this, it’s critical to monitor trends and pay attention to those that show promise. It is essential since trends serve as the basis for effective medical start-up concepts.

Experts predict that the top six healthcare technologies in 2024 will be:

  • IoMT, Health IoT: 

These technologies helps in activity and health tracking with wearable sensors. Doctors can keep an eye on a patient’s health, for instance, by utilizing a cardiac monitor to get information on the likelihood of a heart attack. Patients may monitor their vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate), and they can communicate with doctors remotely. Thus, 20% of American respondents acknowledged combining fitness trackers and apps.

  • AI: 

AI assists in the processing and analysis of massive volumes of data for the purpose of making wise judgments. AI has the potential to greatly increase industry efficiency, claims Mckinsey. Using the most recent data, doctors can identify patients more quickly and provide better care. Patients may consult with chatbots and symptom checkers around-the-clock, and smart calendars prompt them to take their meds and see their doctors. Doctors and non-emergency response personnel are not as taxed.

  • Thermal Imagining:

A thermal picture is created using a thermal imaging camera. It displays the range of heat output from the human body. In another situation, the picture serves as a thermographic indication as the temperature rises.

  • EHR: 

It refers to the Electronic Health Record, a single digital database that is accessible to all institution workers. In actuality, it is a computerized patient card containing personal information on it, including the patient’s name, birthdate, and home address in addition to their medical history, visit history, lab results, and X-ray results. EHR reduces the chances of document loss and the leakage of private information by ensuring that data is correct and current.

  • AR/VR: 

Using AR and VR, one can solve issues with business training, marketing, safety, and internal and external communications. These end-to-end solutions are frequently used to teach employees, mainly surgeons, who examine the internal workings of the body and carry out difficult surgery virtually. These technologies are frequently used for locomotor system rehabilitation and ocular disease diagnosis.

  • Telemedicine:

It comprise of text, audio, or video communication with medical specialists across distances. It is amongst the simplest and safest methods for counselling and caring for patients. In telemedicine, there are no time or location restrictions; all interactions (including registration, contact, payment, and document exchange) take place online and at any time.

You may come up with creative ideas for developing healthcare applications based on these trends. Since each of the technologies mentioned above may make life easier for patients, specialized professionals, or clinic managers, this project will undoubtedly be in demand among the audience.

Innovative Healthcare Apps: Start-Up Business Ideas

  • Home Exercise App:

Apps for home workouts already have the different exercises recorded. This implies that you may maintain your fitness level without ever leaving your house. As a result, you may consider expanding such an app for your start-up. Additionally, you may improve your application as you improve its functionality with Mobile App Development Services. Different highlights, post-remedies, etc., may exist. Users may quickly connect with the advantages they desire in this way. Home fitness applications are therefore among the best apps that start-ups may seek.

  • Doctor-on-demand app:

For all intents and purposes, people might readily meddle with the healthcare professional. Additionally, there are various advantages when you first start using the on-demand doctor app. One of them is a place where patients may easily communicate with doctors. Patients may find these programs useful since they may examine several surveys before seeing professionals.

  • Diet Tracking App:

How wonderful is it to be able to help people connect with their daily eating plan? Yes, you may incorporate features based on the demands of the user’s body and their wellness goals. Users may pick the diet they want to follow and arrange their food appropriately with ease. Start-ups may differentiate their product while enabling users to connect with nutritionists inside an app.

  • Emotional wellness App:

In today’s fast-paced world, people must overcome various obstacles. As a result, it becomes vital to properly lead them and provide them the chance to be in a sound state. 

But what happens if a person is alone? 

The creation of an emotional wellness application with the assistance of healthcare application development services is a fantastic solution in such circumstances. You can create an app that provides answers for emotional well-being issues to keep individuals away from stress, anxiety, and sadness. An emotional wellness app can provide significant advantages to users. You can consent to their receiving counselling and professional assistance simultaneously.

  • Online Pharmacy App: 

As anticipated, individuals have found online pharmacies to be so simple that they would continue their current purchasing habits in 2024. Users are able to input their prescriptions and have medications delivered to their doorstep via an online pharmacy or medication delivery app.

To guarantee that the user never runs out of medications, such an app also offers automatic refills. Now, as it addresses the people’s true suffering, they are able to save time by avoiding the drugstore. Users can easily control their whole medication schedule just from their mobile devices.

Want to Launch a Healthcare App?

The release of new applications, whether for iOS or Android, is at its height. This indicates that numerous sectors are advancing with the development of their app. The same is true for many start-ups, though.

They want to create an app that would aid consumers in getting across. As a result, all of the aforementioned ideas are excellent ones that start-ups may use to create the app of their choosing. Both parties can easily profit in this fashion. But you must collaborate with specialists if you want to create flawless software. So, you may effortlessly assume control using an android app development company.

Why Choose MultiQoS for Healthcare App Development?

You may engage devoted developers from MultiQoS. As a mobile app development company in India, we are aware of your app needs and offer a comprehensive medical app development cycle using native or cross-platform technologies. This implies that we may create a healthcare app based on your own concept, or you can select one of the healthcare app ideas listed above to create for the iPhone and Android platforms. 

Want to Build Medical App?

Contact us, and we'll guide your healthcare project from planning to release.

FAQs on Healthcare App Ideas for Startups

Based on numerous factors, developing a fully-functional healthcare app would cost between $20,000 and $30,000. A higher budget is required if you want a mobile app with complex functionality that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

According to healthcare professionals, your healthcare app’s informative and useful information keeps users interested. Patients typically download healthcare and medical applications to keep tabs on their health. So, giving consumers the appropriate information and solution makes an app successful.

The union advises that if your healthcare app gathers, handles, or transfers any protected health information, it should be developed in accordance with HIPAA regulations. This guarantees that the patient’s medical information is protected, encrypted, and will only be accessible for research and diagnostic purposes.

Parth Thakkar

Written by Parth Thakkar

Parth Thakkar is Chief Information Officer at MultiQoS, boasting a rich background in successfully executing intricate projects and fostering collaboration across diverse teams within Agile and Waterfall project frameworks. Renowned for his adeptness in navigating complex and dynamic settings, he is deeply committed to leveraging technology to address business hurdles and drive innovation.

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