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How Much Does it Cost to Hire A ReactJS Developer? – A Comprehensive Guide

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire A ReactJS Developer? – A Comprehensive Guide


Are you also a web or Front-end developers? Frustrated with writing the same codes in different places again and again? Here, ReactJS comes to your rescue and solves the problem for you, being the most super-fast and flexible framework. In brief, ReactJS is currently the most well-known JavaScript library to build user interfaces.

Benefits of Using ReactJS

ReactJS’s high popularity in today’s world is mainly due to its emphatic benefits. Some of the essential benefits of using React JS are listed below: 

Benefits of Using ReactJS

Data Components :

 React JS uses reusable data components leading to a decrease in the time taken for development.

The Framework :

The framework of React JS helps to rectify errors that might otherwise cause the software code to crash (debugging) in a much easier way through its exclusive tools. Hence, the process of fixing bugs is much more effortless.

Economic : 

The framework of React JS is very worthwhile and cost-effective. Not only so, but it is also SEO-friendly. 

Coding :

All the coding here is done with the use of JSX, as it makes the code simple and easy to understand and debug.  

Flexibility :

React JS is highly flexible and can support any framework.

No Browser Needed :

The React JS applications do not require any browser. They can be rendered directly on the server.

Testing :

Application testing is uncomplicated and simple. It also allows combining or integration of some tools. 

JavaScript Library :

Most developers use React JS because it offers a Javascript library that is immensely rich and gives more mobility to the web developers to choose their most suitable ways of preference.

What to Analyze While Hiring a ReactJS Developer?

Now, this is the moment when the question arises How To Hire A React JS Developer? And what should they know? The answer is that it’s not only important for a ReactJS developer to acquire in-depth knowledge of the undermentioned technologies, like:

Application Platforms :

The developer must be well accustomed to the following listed application Platforms: 

  1. Apache
  2. OpenStack
  3. Confluence
  4. WordPress
  5. Elasticsearch
  6. CMS
  7. Nginx

Hire RectJS Developer

Testing :

The Developer must be familiar with the undermentioned testing frameworks:

  1. Mocha
  2. Selenium
  3. Enzyme
  4. Unit-tests
  5. Karma
  6. TDD
  7. Jest

Database :

The developer needs to be habitual with the following database programs: 

  1. MongoDB
  2. Blockchain
  3. NoSQL
  4. PostgresSQL
  5. Redis
  6. MySQL

Technologies :

The developer is required to have in-depth knowledge about the below stated technologies :

  1. NodeJS
  2. XSLT
  3. JSON
  4. Canvas WebSockets
  5. SOAP
  6. Ajax

Framework :

The Developer should have an extensive understanding of the underlying types of Frameworks : 

  1. Angular2
  2. Backbone
  3. Bootstrap
  4. AngularJS
  5. SocketIO
  6. ReactNative

Builders :

The Developer must be well-acquainted with the understated Builders : 

  1. Grunt
  2. Bower
  3. Webpack
  4. Browserify
  5. Gulp

Libraries :

The ReactJS Developer you are hiring must have the required amount of knowledge about the following JavaScript libraries : 

  1. Lodash
  2. MomentJS
  3. JQuery

Cloud Services :

The developer you are hiring should be properly accustomed to the undermentioned Cloud Services:

  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. SaaS
  4. GitHub
  5. Npm

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Hiring ReactJS Developers

The cost to hire ReactJS developers varies from nation to country depending on a variety of factors. In order to make an informed hiring decision, you must examine several factors. For instance:

  1. Basic Understanding of the Project To begin with, if you are an owner of a small enterprise, it is highly suggested that you thoroughly understand what your project requires, have proper knowledge of your project, and remain well accustomed to the details accordingly.
  2. Enlisting Shortened Names – Furthermore, it is essential to prepare a list of the essential skills that the developer needs to have that are concerned or related to your project. 
  3. Years of Experience – Lastly, the developer’s years of experience also play a huge role in determining the person’s accuracy and speed of working. The more experience they have, the higher would be the cost of hiring them.

Here, in brief, a short record of factors has been enlisted that also affects the cost of Hiring a ReactJS Developer in India

  • Outsourcing – Since the developer’s cost depends and varies from country to country, region to region, outsourcing also plays a crucial role in determining the Cost To Hire React JS Developers in India.
  • Development Hours The hours for which developers would render their services also affect the procedure of hiring a React JS Developer. The more the time, the more would be their cost of hiring. 
  • Developer Skill Set The developer’s amount of knowledge, professionalism, and skills also raises the cost of hiring. A highly skilled Developer would always charge more than an inefficient and under-skilled Developer.

Steps To Hire ReactJS Developers

After reaching this point, the most common question that arises is How to Hire React JS Developer? And what steps are to be followed? 

Screening of Candidates:

Scan and sort the resumes of the applicants who have applied at your company. Critically analyze and choose the applicants that fit your criteria and dismiss the rest. In this way, you can shortlist and hire front-end Developers. Thus, it would be easy to select The ONE for you!

Interview to Check Technical Knowledge:

During the interview session, you can also easily understand the level of technical knowledge of all the respective applicants.

   In order to test the technical knowledge, you may ask questions related to- 

  • Stateless components
  • Features of React
  • JSX-detailed description
  • Some limitations of React
  • Difference between Flux and MVC

Practical Skills:

 To check the practical skillset, you might give a set of tasks to your applicants and check whether they can complete the task within the stipulated time. This will also help to determine their skills, accuracy, and experience.

Ultimate Decision Making:

Now you can decide after strict and careful consideration whom to hire and whom not to, based on the performance of the developers in the above phases.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a ReactJS Website?

When developing an app for a business, large scale or small, it is best recommended to put all the effort and make it systematically. To do so, it is highly suggested to Hire a ReactJS Developer who has experience in this field of work. The cost of developing software depends on numerous factors like – its features, amount of labor, data, and coding, and specialization.

Calculating The Cost To Hire ReactJS Developers

As previously stated, the cost to hire dedicated ReactJS developers varies greatly from nation to country. Some of them are : 

Skills and Experience

Developers with more experience and a higher skill set will cost more than less skilled and experienced ones. High-experienced Developers are always skilled in the fields mentioned above, like – Technologies, Builders, Frameworks, etc. 

Timespan and Scope of Your Project

The total cost of hiring will go up provided that the work is complex, needs high detailing, and is time-consuming. The larger the content of your project, the higher will be the overall expense.

Recruiting Pattern

The intervals for which you hire ReactJS developers also create a difference in the cost. You may hire on a full-time, part-time, and even hourly basis. The higher the span, the higher the cost. But not only cost, but it also affects the amount of output of your company. 

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ReactJS Developers Hourly Rate In Different Countries 

Utilizing Website Development services in India is one of the best way-out, through which you can opt for, as they are affordable and economical. As said multiple times before, the hourly costs vary from country to country. The developer’s location is an essential aspect that affects the cost to some extent. Some of such countries are listed below;

As per research: 

ReactJS Developers Hourly Rate In Different Countries


As a business organization, you should elucidate your needs and wants before hiring a ReactJS developer or a ReactJS Website Development Company in India. There are numerous companies or developers ready to render their services, but you need to critically analyze, interpret and decide what is best for you. Till now, you must know the advantages, costs, and other points to analyze before Hiring a React JS developer. So, as of now, the decision lies solely on you how you would want to invest your money. 

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