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25+ Unique Software Business Ideas for Startups and SMEs

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25+ Unique Software Business Ideas for Startups and SMEs

Today, software is a necessary tool in our lives that we use for entertainment, banking, productivity, education, and more. The world is buzzing with new software startups every year. There is a lot of opportunity in this domain and many visionary entrepreneurs like you want to make a fortune with it.

You need a good software business idea to make a big impact. However, finding such an idea can be challenging without guidance. So, this article provides 25+ software business ideas that can help you build a startup. Keep reading to explore these ideas.

  1. Hotel Booking Software

You can build an advanced hotel booking app or software to allow guests to make reservations. Hotel managers or owners will be able to manage bookings, rates, and room inventory with the use of this software. It will offer features like tracking room availability, generating reports, and sending confirmation emails.

You can develop software that can help guests compare rooms from different hotels based on prices, location, amenities, and other factors. The best examples of such software are Trivigo and Airbnb. They can become your inspiration.

As we check the statistics, the current market size of the hotel and resort industry is more than US$1.2 trillion as per Statista. It shows the immense revenue prospects in this domain. Developing hotel booking software can give you promising returns in this field.

  1. Blockchain Tax/Invoicing Software

Blockchain is a secure and reliable technology that is being used in various industries including the finance sector. You can leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to develop a tax, invoicing, or accounting system like QuickBooks.

Developing such software will enable you to cater to a varied customer base. Plus, the technology will enable you to build highly secure systems that will naturally attract customers. The global blockchain market is growing and as per MarketsandMarkets research, it is expected to grow to US$94 billion by 2027.

  1. AI-based Content Creation Software

The popularity of AI has skyrocketed in recent years, especially after the arrival of generative AI like ChatGPT and Gemini. You can also develop your own AI-based content creation software that will allow users to produce textual, audio, or video content using AI algorithms.

You can build a tool that can allow marketers, creators, and businesses to manage the content creation process. Leveraging advanced features like image recognition, natural language processing, voice synthesis, and more will make your software product stand out from others.

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  1. E-Learning Software

The e-learning market has expanded drastically in recent years and the use of software technology revolutionized it further. As per the report of GlobeNewswire, by 2026, the global e-learning market is projected to touch US$374.3 billion. So, the future of this sector is bright.

You can also benefit from this wave of digital learning and training platforms like Coursera by creating a custom software solution. With emerging technological concepts like virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, and gamification, you can build a disruptive e-learning solution.

  1. Language Learning Software

In this age of globalization, learning a new language is becoming crucial. Therefore, there is a bright scope for learning applications and software. The statistics indicate a sharp increase in the global language learning market and it’s expected to reach US$34.7 billion by 2030.

Online language learning software like Duolingo helps users acquire skills in new languages through interactive sessions, practices, and exercises. You can build language learning software or applications that offer immersive experiences with the use of advanced techs like AR/VR.

  1. Food Inventory Software

How about creating software or restaurants app development to manage their food inventories? It is quite a unique software business idea that you can adopt to tap into a less competitive realm. You can build software or an app like MarketMan that will allow eateries to streamline food stocks and minimize waste.

The market for inventory management software is expected to be nearly US$3.2 billion according to data. The software or app will help eateries optimize orders and replenishment, track inventory levels, alert on low levels of food stock, and offer other functionality.

  1. Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Source: Dribbble

Teams need software solutions to plan, organize, and execute projects. It is a useful software for teams in different organizations. By developing project management software, you can provide a solution that can help teams effectively organize, manage, and accomplish projects.

You can create a project management solution with features like resource management, process tracking, and task allocation, you can attract a significant number of users. Moreover, you can implement AI and Machine Learning for predictive analytics and other functionality to make your software stand out from others.

  1. CRM Software

A popular software business idea for startups and SMEs could be to build a CRM solution. It will enable you to earn on a subscription basis. Customers will pay you either yearly or monthly.

CRM or Customer Relationship Manager plays a critical role in helping businesses cater to customers efficiently. It is a vital software solution that businesses need to ensure happy customers.

  1. Team Communication Software

Teams in the corporates need software for seamless communication. They require this software for proper coordination and collaboration as well as to convey messages without disruption.

Hence, communication software is vital for corporates. You can invest in software development to build unique communication software like Skype and Slack that can offer better and hassle-free communication.

  1. ERP Software

An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software consolidates core business processes like human resources, customer relationship management, supply chain, finance, etc. You can build a unique ERP solution that can allow businesses to manage their data from a central system and automate processes. It will enhance overall decision-making.

Advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT can enhance the capabilities of ERP solutions by providing predictive and intelligent functionalities. Plus, cloud-based ERP solutions are increasing in popularity. The expected revenue in ERP software is expected to reach US52.33 billion in 2024, as per Statista.

  1. Productivity Software Solution

One of the top software business ideas includes productivity solutions that can help individuals and teams do their work efficiently. More than half of companies use a productivity solution and many are looking to adopt one.

This software will allow teams or individuals to manage their day-to-day tasks and achieve greater productivity. They can track and manage progress. It will allow teams or individuals to allocate time, organize tasks, and collaborate efficiently.

You can build productivity solutions such as time-tracking apps, task management software, and more. Plus, the integration of AI and ML can help provide advanced functions that will boost productivity. Productivity software revenue is projected to reach US$88.05 billion by 2028, as per Statista.

  1. Video Editing Software

With the increasing popularity of social media apps, editing videos and posting them on these platforms is going to rise. Indeed, videos should look professional with creative visuals and the use of software is crucial for editing these videos.

As per statistics, the global video editing software market is expected to reach US$1.25 billion by 2031. So, the future of this market is bright, you can take advantage of this growth by investing in video editing software.

You can build innovative software that can allow creators to produce professional-grade videos with excellent quality. This software business idea can give you promising returns on your investment.

  1. Healthcare Software Solutions

Another unique software business idea is creating medical software for the healthcare sector. According to statistics, the adoption of medical software like telehealth has been increasing steadily in the US over the past five years.

You can build a software solution like a doctor consultation app that will allow users to consult doctors remotely. Plus, doctors will be able to manage and schedule appointments. They can talk to patients over video calls and more.

Developing such an app or healthcare software development will allow you to get an advantage in the growing digital health industry. It will give you the opportunity to innovate and grow.

  1. Software for Payroll Automation

You can build a payroll management solution that can allow users to automate the process. The software will automatically calculate salaries, report compliance, and deduct taxes. Consequently, it reduces the potential risks, errors, and time in payroll management.

By creating software to automate payroll functions, you can help businesses of every type and size simplify payroll functions. It ensures accuracy and compliance with regulations. As a result, it improves employee satisfaction and efficiency of the process.

The use of AI and ML can further enhance the process of payroll automation. It can help you build an intelligent payroll automation system that can analyze patterns and provide actionable insights.

  1. Software to Manage Social Media

This kind of software solution is quite useful for those who want to improve their social media presence and engagement. The use of such software can easily manage multiple social media accounts.

The users can easily post to multiple accounts from a single platform. Plus, they can also view analytics for posts. This software will save time in going to different social media platforms to post new content and ensure a consistent brand message.

The market for global media management stood at US$19.1 billion and it is expected to show incredible growth in the upcoming years. The best example of such software is Hootsuite.

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  1. Disaster Alert App

A unique software business idea would be to create a disaster alert application that can provide information about a potential disaster to users. It is quite a helpful app for users as they can know when calamity might hit a place.

In this era of global warming, abrupt weather changes are common, and natural calamities are happening every now and then. Your disaster alert app can save lives and give you the opportunity to grow.

The app can fetch weather data from the national weather database. Users will always keep such apps as they are helpful to stay alert before a disaster.

  1. Virtual Tours with AR/VR

Another unique concept for developing software is creating virtual tour solutions with the use of AR and VR technologies. Travelers like to roam to new places. However, finding the right locations can be difficult without properly visiting the place.

The use of a virtual tour software or application that uses AR/VR technology can be the best way to find such places. Indeed, travelers can take a virtual tour of a place with the use of VR technology to determine if the location should be in their itinerary.

AR and VR technology can help them see the places from every angle. Plus, the use of VR can help them take real-life-like experiences of the place. So, it will help them make the right decision in tour planning.

  1. Car Parking App

Car Parking App

Source: Dribbble

Finding the right place to park your car can be difficult, especially during the rush hour. Here comes the role of a car parking application. The app can allow users to locate parking in the nearby area.

The app will use GPS to find a place to park a car in the vicinity of the location of the car. It is a good idea to provide a value-based solution to the users. Besides, the app can have other features as well such as parking facilities, charges, and other details.

You can monetize such apps through in-app ads, subscriptions, or brand collaboration. It can provide good returns when used with the right strategy and planning.

  1. E-ticketing Software

The use of e-tickets is increasing in flights and trains. Plus, they are environment-friendly because they reduce the use of paper. However, airline and railway companies need e-ticketing software to generate and issue these tickets.

You can take advantage of this software idea and build a solution that addresses the problems of existing e-ticketing solutions. Such software can eliminate the problems of existing solutions like long loading times and the inability to handle high traffic.

By investing in an innovative ticketing software solution, you can build a successful startup. It can help you earn promising revenue.

  1. Railway Tracking Solution

Another unique and useful software idea is to build an app that can help users track trains. In recent times, there has been an influx of various train tracking applications. Trains are economical and efficient for long-distance travel. But it can be inconvenient if a train is late.

Train tracking apps can allow users to check if the train is late. Plus, they can also track the distance covered by train in the current time and stations that have been passed by it. Such applications are a great lifesaver for daily travelers.

You can invest in this type of app and earn via ads, subscriptions, or other revenue models. These apps are quite useful and the adoption rate is good.

  1. Invoicing Software

By developing invoicing software, you can help businesses solve various challenges that they face in the invoicing process. Plus, it can also help many businesses stop using paper for invoicing to make the process eco-friendly.

Invoicing and payment processing are crucial functions in every business. Using software for it can make it more efficient and automate the process. You can develop robust software to handle this process and minimize the overheads for businesses.

  1. E-Commerce App

E-Commerce App

Source: Dribbble

Developing an e-commerce application is a great business idea in 2024 that can give you high returns. According to Statista, revenue from the e-commerce market is expected to reach US$4117 billion by the end of 2024.

It shows the immense growth opportunity in this domain. The rise of e-commerce can also give you the opportunity to earn and grow. You can do this by creating a web-based B2B or B2C eCommerce software application or mobile-based app.

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  1. Marketing Software

Another popular software development niche is marketing solutions. Entrepreneurs look to build this software to offer a unique solution that automates marketing operations. The software helps businesses improve marketing strategies, drive sales, and enhance customer engagement.

Types of software you can build in this domain include social media analytics, email marketing automation, and more. By using this software, users can grow their business and get useful insights. This is one of the most popular software ideas as businesses want to grow and marketing solutions can help them in this aspect.

  1. Employee Management Software

Build a custom software solution that can allow organizations to manage their employees. The system should allow organizations to easily track employee performance, productivity, and attendance. It will allow them to securely store, process, and share data.

Employee management software will be a useful solution for an organization that will allow it to automate tasks and minimize costs. You can also integrate advanced technologies into the software like machine learning that can analyze patterns and provide useful insights.

  1. Text-to-Speech Software

The use of text-to-speech features is increasing which helps users understand the contents without visual aid. This is quite helpful for people with visual challenges. Moreover, text-to-speech software is also useful in software development.

Software with text-to-speech features can allow users to communicate without knowing how to speak in each other’s languages. It can be a good solution for voice-based language translation software.

So, you can build a startup based on software or application that works on voice translation. You can improve the existing software or applications to offer something innovative and new.

  1. Cloud-based Graphics Editing Software

You must be aware of Canva which is a popular graphics editing software. It is cloud-based and users can easily create greetings, flyers, stickers, logos, and a lot of other creative graphics. It offers various templates and anyone without prior experience in graphics editing can use it.

This is a great business idea, you can also start your own cloud-based graphics editing solution to benefit from it. Canva is worth US$40 billion in 2024. You can get inspiration from their business model and build a successful startup like Canva.

There are lots of opportunities in this software domain with the rising demand from digital creators around the world.

  1. Analytics and Data Visualization Solution

Data is a crucial asset for every organization today. But they also want it to be used for driving insights that can help them make better decisions about their growth. In this situation analytics and data visualization software is quite useful.

You can build an innovative analytics and data visualization platform for business users to help them get useful insights from their data. Besides, you can leverage AI and Machine Learning to provide advanced functionalities and predictions.

Final Note

The use of software has become a critical part of our lives. So, there is a sufficient demand for software solutions. Further, the software market also offers a good opportunity to grow and thrive as the world today is driven by digital technologies.

Planning and research are the first phases before laying the foundation for a startup. The choice of software can make or break your business idea. The software business ideas for startups and SMEs we have discussed in this article can help you in decision-making.

While you need to choose a good software idea to build your startup, finding the right tech partner is also crucial in this journey. A software development company like MultiQoS can help you build an innovative solution that aligns with your vision.

We have years of experience in creating a wide range of software solutions for various businesses from startups to high-value companies. Give us an opportunity and we will guide, consult, and help you through your digital transformation journey. We will materialize your dream business idea.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

FAQ on Top Software Business Ideas for Startups

You can develop software that can cater to a specific market or needs. It will help you build a business. Plus, you can choose MultiQoS to turn your idea into reality. We will build software that can give an edge over competitors.

Yes, the software business is profitable and it’s one of the fastest-growing business domains. According to Statista data, the global software market is expected to reach US$698.80 billion by the end of 2024. So, there is a huge opportunity in this business domain.

You can discuss your startup idea with us and we will help you build an MVP. It will help you validate your business idea by launching software with the minimum functionality needed for early adopters. When the idea is successful, you can build it full-fledged with iterative development.

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