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Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Google’s Android App Bundle

Prashant Pujara Prashant Pujara
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Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Google’s Android App Bundle

Android app bundle is a publishing format that includes all the compiled code of an app. It eliminates the need to build, sign and manage multiple APKs to optimize the support for different devices. This is why android app developers prefer it highly. Also, it has many other qualities and benefits that improve the user experience and ensures a smoother working of the application.

It successfully eliminates the challenges such as creating APKs to target different versions of APIs, system forms, and more. Developers can use dynamic distribution to develop customized APKs and meet the unique specifications of customer devices. It assures top-notch performance and experience on an app. In this blog, we have tried to cover all the necessary needs to improve your understanding of the topic.

What are App Bundles?

As we said, Android App Bundles are publishing packages that contain the compiled code; it also has tools that are compiled for your application. It makes it easy for developers to create customized APKs for different devices and serves the purpose right. It uses Google Play app packages that have the code and resources for a particular device of a user to ensure the smoother working of your application.

App Performance Optimization

It helps in optimizing the app performance on different devices and provides support for various devices. You don’t have to create, sing and maintain different APKs, and this reduces a lot of time for developers.

Android App Distribution Design

Android App Bundles is the most recent style for android distribution. It was launched by google in 2018 and has since then become an official format for Android app publishing. The directories are referred to as AAB and the extension “.aab.”

Ten reasons why a business should use Google

As a developer, we believe it is very important to stay abreast with the new developments in the industry. This allows us to find the best practices of android app development.

Similarly, Android App Bundle is trusted by Android app developers globally. It is an official Android platform for publishing applications. It has been used for publishing more than 100,000 apps, and the number grows as you read. It is a new, efficient, and dependable publishing format that should be brought into common practice. And you must talk with the android app development company about it.

Here are a few amazing features that make it more outstanding.

1. Lower App Size

It is important to create apps of smaller sizes; the heavier an app is, the more it taxes on the device hardware, which means reduced performance. Using Android App Bundle, you can reduce your app size by 20% as compared to any other publishing format.

2. Faster Download

Your users are not going to love the wait of an hour to download an application. Complex applications are usually big in size, but using Android App Bundles, you can make sure the apps are swiftly getting downloaded. It also uses customized UI to make the download also tailor-made for different available devices. This improves download speed and the number of installs.

3. Native Code Integration

The quality we love the most about Android App Bundle is it allows you to develop a 64-bit application without making any changes to its size and configuration. Coming from a trusted name such as Google, it offers native code integration as per the device.

4. Defers APK releases

Android App Bundle helps in device configuration for different devices. There is no need to create multiple APK releases and bring more speed to the process and improve it.

5. Decreases Uninstalls

Customized device configuration and lower app size improve the app experience for a user and decrease the chances of uninstalls. User experience is one of the biggest challenges of the mobile-driven world. Android App Bundles assures you that.

6. Increase Installs

Apps have to release regular updates to maintain the experience of the application or bring additional features to it. Android App Bundle allows you to release updates fast and shortens the time span. This helps in improving the user experience much better, and the number of installs stays steady and boosts installs over time.

7. Increased engineering velocity

Dynamic development becomes much easier. Android App Bundles allow you to use independent modules and allow you to easily design, testing and release applications. It is a great tool to boost your productivity.

8. Ease of Code Refactoring

Code refactoring allows you to bring more efficiency to the application. It makes it easy to add new features to your mobile application. It is a good tool to gain scalability faster and capture the market fast.

9. Modular app development

Sine modules are built independently; Android App Bundles make it simpler to upgrade features with every successive release of the update.

10. Dynamic Delivery Option

It is very important to adapt to the new-age modern solutions to the application to make the content delivery more dynamic. Using Android App Bundle, you can prep applications for the use of modern features such as AR/VR, location-based suggestions, etc.

Benefits of using Android App Bundle

High-definition graphics, creativity, and rich multimedia content, there are many reasons we suggest you go for Android App Bundle. But how does it benefit your business? Till now, we have mentioned how it eases up the work for developers; here is how Android App Bundle benefits you as a business.

1. Dynamic Delivery

Android App Bundle is used by applications such as Netflix. This says a lot about the quality and eases it renders. Using this new publishing style, it becomes easy to make app development more scalable. It allows you to keep on adding new features to your application such as AR/VR, provide location-based suggestions, improves device-based delivery and other solutions.

2. Improves your app performance metrics

It not only helps you engage more customers in your app but also allows you to improve software growth. It makes it easy for you to improve the app performance and stay abreast with the modern-day custom android app development standards. It helps in enhancing the app performance metrics.

3. Increased App development speed

Android App Bundles make it easy for you to develop applications faster. Speedy development helps you reduce development costs and assures faster turnaround time in the market.

4. Instant application development

Instant mobile application development allows you to ensure a faster turnaround time. Since the Android app bundle makes it easy for you to develop applications swiftly without worrying about the complexities found in publishing. And also customized downloads to improve the experience based on the user device. UI, testing, publishing, Android App Bundles are a great ways to develop an instant application.

Wrapping Up

In hopes, you have found the article informational, here is everything you need to know about Android App Bundles. It is a great tool for developers that want to swiftly develop applications and easily manage the complexity of the app. It allows you to get the needed boost in sales and downloads and make it easy for you to retain your users.

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