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10 Highly Successful Angular Apps to Inspire Your Next App Project

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10 Highly Successful Angular Apps to Inspire Your Next App Project


Each time Google comes up with a new product, we expect it to be amazing, isn’t it?

Well, Angular is one such fantastic product from the house of Google which has brought about substantial change in the field of Mobile App Development. Angular is a component-based framework that is used for creating fast and powerful single-page web apps. Over the years, the framework has come up as the most popular choice despite new and fresh competitors.  The fact that a framework has maintained such a high degree of developer credibility for so long makes it worthwhile to investigate.

The breadth and functionality of Angular apps are broad and diverse. Some of the world’s most well-known companies rely on the Angularjs framework to provide an unparalleled customer experience. Angular apps are as strong as they are diversified, with lightning-fast loading times, superior efficiency, and excellent UI/UX. In this particular blog, you will come across the features that make Angular a befitting choice in the world of web-based applications development. 

What Is Angular?

AngularJS is a free and open-source JavaScript framework for developing dynamic web applications. It is managed by Google and attempts to improve web-based applications by adding model–view–controller (MVC) functionality. This facilitates both development and testing. AngularJS allows you to extend the HTML vocabulary and syntax for your project, making it more legible, expressive, and rapid to create. 

AngularJS is a full client-side solution that handles DOM and AJAX glue code. It provides a well-defined framework and alleviates various pain spots throughout the development cycle. With skilled Angular app development services, you can seek comprehensive solutions for a sturdy and well-maintained responsive web application. Angular app development solutions provide you with a very advanced framework for creating high-performance apps that consistently impress your consumers.

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Angular Vs AngularJS

AngularJS Development Services can be termed as the oldest app development framework. Created by Google nearly a decade back in 2010, it was a notable app framework at the time. However, the Google team continued to upgrade it further and finally released a completely new version of AngularJS in 2016. It was at this point that they decided to abandon JS and focus only on Angular.

While Google continued to support AngularJS until June 2021, and Angular, it is expected that the next version of Angular will be Google’s primary drive. As a time-tested framework, Angular has demonstrated exceptional dependability throughout the years and continues to improve with new versions. 

Best Features of Angular That Make App Development Better

As a time-tested architecture, Angular has demonstrated exceptional dependability throughout the years and continues to improve with new versions. Despite the growing popularity of new choices, certain Angular features are so distinct and beneficial that application developers continue to employ them in their app development.

Features of Angular App Development

  • MVC Architecture: The Model-V-Controller framework is the foundation of Angular. The model controls the application data, whereas the view component controls the data presentation. These two coordinate the controller and other components with three, MVC architecture allows developers to divide the project and write code to implement the same. Angular simplifies the process even further by allowing developers to split the app while Angular handles the rest.
  • Low Code Framework: No App Developer has ever said that writing long codes is fun. Everyone appreciates a framework that allows them to complete their task in more precise, less cumbersome code. Angular devs do just that. When compared to most other front-end technologies, Angular Model View and Controller considerably reduce coding. It cuts off the requirement of separate code to introduce components. Furthermore, it requires no special code for manual viewing. As the instructions are separate from the application code, it also helps to reduce the code length. As a result, Angular provides developers with a very short-code framework for creating apps.
  • Two-Way Data Binding: One of the finest aspects of Angular is its two-way data binding. It dramatically saves development time. The model layer, as well as the view layer, are always in sync. So, any changes you apply to the model layer are visible in the views, enabling changes immediately.\
  • Dependency Injection: Dependency injection is another significant feature of Angular that helps cut down app development time and boosts developer comfort. Dependency injection is fundamentally a design pattern wherein items are handed to other objects to do related activities, thereby splitting the job across several services. It generates service instances and inserts them into classes like components and services. This feature aids in the modularization and flexibility of apps.
  • Rich Ecosystem: The environment should always be considered when selecting a tool or technology for app development. It relates to libraries, extensions, and other feature enhancement components that allow a framework to be extended and used. This department has a high level of angular perfection. It is a strong framework with several built-in functions. It allows the developers to avoid time loss to install extensions.  If you require anything unique, it is available over Angular. This feature makes it one of the best application development frameworks for developing robust apps with advanced UI/UX design and functionality.
  • Angular CLI: The Angular CLI is the industry’s top command-line interface, with cutting-edge capabilities that decrease JavaScript fatigue and aid in the automation of development cycles. It allows developers to use the command shell to start, create, develop, scaffold, and manage Angular apps.
  • Virtual Scrolling: Virtual scrolling improves the loading and unloading of viewable DOM elements, allowing for an efficient item modeling mechanism. This is a new feature in the Command Development Kit (CDK). As the programmer scrolls, the visible DOM elements are presented, followed by the next list.
  • Typescript: When it comes to front-end development, TypeScript has always been the developer’s first option. It is quick, succinct, and very efficient at discovering errors and offering developers a smooth experience. It inundates the root file settings automatically, making compiling simple. The usage of TypeScript by Angular provides developers with unrivaled ease of use and functionality.

Best Popular Apps Built with Angular

Angular has been utilized by numerous enterprises for Mobile Application Development since its introduction in 2010 and its complete revamp in 2016. The following are some of the most well-known Angular app examples, as well as prominent Angular website examples: 

Top Angular Apps Examples to Inspire Your Next App Project - MultiQoS

  • Gmail: Most of us have been using Gmail for years now. When Google planned to develop a mobile app for the email service, they chose Angular. If you’ve ever seen some of Gmail’s subtle but strong features, you’ve felt the force of Angular at work. An incredibly simple user interface, angular offers extremely quick loading times, offline capabilities, and a wonderful user experience. The data is cached in the backend and rendered in the front end. While loading may take a few seconds at launch, once the app is running, you can view and close emails quickly, even when you are not connected to the internet.
  • Upwork: Upwork is the world’s biggest freelancing network accessed by millions of users each day.  It is a PaaS (platform as a service) website that links millions of freelancers across the world with employer clientele that want their services. As working on Upwork entails a lot of traffic, foreign payments, escrow, and other things, fixing the framework was a top priority for sensitive assignments. With its powerful architecture and excellent utility, Angular pulled it off. Angular completely controls data security, which is a top priority for Upwork.
  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office Online is also an Angularjs website. It allows free access to all key apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.  As you might expect, all of these complex capabilities are accessible on all main platforms — Windows, Android, iOS, and Angular.
  • Udacity: People utilize Udacity, one of the world’s most popular eLearning applications, for online learning with organized courses that assist them in advancing in their jobs. Udacity requires a powerful front and backend due to the hours spent on online classes, hundreds or even thousands of students and professors, and large stores of online video material. Udacity conducts these courses sans interruption and provides students with a smooth learning opportunity thanks to Angular’s MVC design.
  • Paypal: PayPal is a well-known name in internet payments that facilitates international transfers. PayPal allows online payments with only one email address, ensuring optimal user security. With over 300 million users, PayPal requires a massive system capable of handling transactions with the utmost security. Because of its excellent integration capabilities, Angular technology enables this. PayPal is what it is now because of Angular, which allows for uninterrupted checkout, speedy but secure authorization, and an intuitive UI.
  • Forbes: For a name like Forbes, people would want nothing less than the best. Angular contributes to the quality of the Forbes application. Forbes, a magazine that has been in print for over a hundred years and has managed to establish itself as a leader in both the digital and printing worlds, places a high value on aesthetics. This guarantees that its digital periodicals appear as well on all platforms as their printed counterparts. This is made possible via Angularjs web development. Forbes magazine digital editions look fantastic on mobile web browsers, desktop computers, and everywhere else.
  • Deutsche Bank: Another Angular website is Deutsche Bank AG, a German multinational firm that provides investment and financial solutions. The front page of its developer portal is built with AngularJS. The Deutsche Bank API platform, which coders can utilize to connect transactional systems into their web software, is accessible through this developer’s site.
  • WikiWand: Everyone enjoys Wikipedia. However, we’ve all found the design to be difficult to read, distracting, and simplistic at times. WikiWand gives Wikipedia sites a fresh new look. Its wrapper design modernizes Wikipedia’s monotonous design structure by adding a new menu, dashboard, and other navigational tools to enhance the user experience. The use of Angular technology totally updates the outdated wiki pages and increases the capabilities. It is now easier to read and explore, and it provides consistent user engagement.
  • The Guardian: The Guardian is a British newspaper widely regarded as the peak of journalism. The Guardian website addresses thousands of people every day by providing reliable news from around the world. The developers used AngularJS to build a highly readable and engaging web app that gives all of its users access to world news.
  • Weather.com: Weather.com, a weather forecasting tool, is another website that employs Angular to combine numerous geo-locations. The website contains daily headlines, live broadcasts, factoids, and entertainment content in addition to predictive weather forecasts. Weather.com has a clear, simple style with many pieces, but it gives a wealth of weather-related information. There are also ultra HD movies of wide footage and other breaking news. This Angular webpage has recently been updated to contain regular updates on CoronaVirus news and safety measures.

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What Apps Can Be Built with Angular?

Now that you have got a sense of Angular’s incredible diversity, it is time to see if you can build your app over Angular or not. 

Well, if you are an enterprise, a firm, or an SME and are wondering what Angular is used for, you can use it to construct a range of apps. Angular can assist you in developing a single-page app, dynamic web app, business app, downloadable app, e-commerce app, an app with captivating transitions, and other applications.

How MultiQoS Can Help You Build Angular Apps?

Angular provides a feature set that fully fits your demands for including it in the project, no matter what company you are in. At MultiQos, we offer the best web development services to deliver the ideal answer for your app. Our development process can help you save development time and cut down on additional development expenses.


Angular, among other frameworks, has grown in popularity in recent years. It is a popular framework for developers to utilize while creating web and other applications. The bulk of developers at angular js development companies have migrated to Angular because of its unique capabilities and simple language. It allows programmers to automate the software development process, ultimately boosting the end product’s quality. Furthermore, it ensures that uniformity is maintained across all platforms and devices. Also, Angular has a highly active online community that contributes to its development. It is simple to debug, learn, and progress with an Angular project and web development.

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FAQ on Angular App Development

Previously, web developers utilized VanillaJS and jQuery to create dynamic websites, but as the structure of a website developed, the code became extremely difficult to maintain. Developers had to work extra hard to keep the app’s separation of concerns when it used complicated logic. Furthermore, jQuery did not provide data management across views. Client-side frameworks like Angular came into play to address the aforementioned issues, making life simpler for developers by managing the separation of responsibilities and splitting code into smaller chunks of information.

  • Out-of-the-box features – Angular comes with a variety of built-in capabilities like routing, dependency injection, the rxjs library, and HTTP services. This implies that the aforementioned qualities do not need to be sought individually. They are all supplied with an angular.
  • Declarative UI – Angular uses HTML to render the user interface of an application.
  • Google’s long-term support– Google has confirmed long-term support for Angular. This suggests that Google intends to continue with Angular and expand its ecosystem.

Angular is also ideal for creating SSR (server-side render) apps. These are quick-loading, high-functionality apps. In fact, Angular has you covered no matter what sort of project you want to create.

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