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How to Develop an Online Ticket Booking App Like – like StubHub, Ticketmaster & SeatGeek?

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How to Develop an Online Ticket Booking App Like – like StubHub, Ticketmaster & SeatGeek?


The world is expanding every new day and extending its arms towards technology. The advancement in the field of technology has influenced every facet of our life. We couldn’t concur more that it has drastically transformed our lives for the better. Everything is really simple, such as making food orders online using a restaurant ordering app or reserving a cab trip via a taxi booking app. As a result, there is nothing you cannot accomplish in this day and age. It enables us to carry out many crucial duties in our daily lives and has now expanded its wings into the realm of ticket booking app development.

Overview of the StubHub App 

StubHub is an online ticket booking tool that was cleverly designed to assist people in purchasing tickets for special programs and performances such as movies, sports, travel, plays, and so on. It is a reliable and comfortable website with a fantastic UI that allows the user to search for events and order tickets for specific locations. Its interactive latest innovations include online booking, a 360-degree virtual overview of the seating chart, effective pricing advice, the best deal of tickets, and so on. StubHub requires a negotiated fee from your transactions in return for all of these interactive services.

Why Is StubHub So Popular?

Investors saw the need for a quick solution to alleviate the physical and mental discomfort of event attendees. As a result, services like StubHub, a ticket purchasing tool that alleviates the stress of physically and psychologically booking tickets, arose.

StubHub was founded in San Francisco in 2000 by investment bankers and Standard Business School alumni Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr. In 2011, they released a new ticketing software for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry 10, and Android featuring interactive facility maps and the number of available seats. In addition, the apps also allow the users to plan a day out by identifying restaurants, pubs, and parking facilities.

A Look At StubHub Business Model 

A Ticket Booking mobile app’s income and business strategy are straightforward. It allows app users to simply book movie and event tickets online by paying a fixed fee for each ticket booking. These event mobile application development platforms also offer information on movie cast, narrative, reviews, and other key features, and some even sell the sport, event, theatre, and other tickets to increase earnings. Aside from this, the ticketing systems also profits from special screenings also feature exposure on the homepage and website ads.

Different types of Ticket Booking Apps

The different types of ticket booking applications include:

  • Transport Ticket Booking: Domestic and international train/plane online reservation apps are becoming incredibly popular, since it is incredibly handy to buy tickets from a distance and without extra hassle, with only a few clicks. As it serves to its huge number of benefits, cannot afford to ignore such a large number of users.
  • Booking Movie Tickets: Apps for reserving movie tickets are likewise in hot demand. Most of us use them frequently when we want to go to the movies. In the end, it’s really simple: start a program, select a cinema show, enter locations and other information, and you’re done!
  • Events Ticket Booking: Sports, Musical events, and other types of events like seminars and workshops of all kinds are becoming extremely popular, almost to the point of becoming a trend. And organizations that specialize in such events will be able to function much more quickly if they have a booking system software to assist them in handling each process aspect.

Movie Ticket Booking App

Source: Movie Ticket Booking App

Which Are the Most Prominent Ticket Booking Apps Out There in the Market? 

When considering how to opt for Android App Development in the market you must go through the existing platforms thoroughly. It will allow you to analyze the aspects and come up with the most viable app to book tickets for shows, travel, movies, events, or sports.


StubHub is an eBay-owned online ticket booking app that serves buyers and sellers of tickets for events, festivals, theatre, and other live entertainment events.


SeatGeek is a sport, music, and theatrical ticket aggregator and marketplace. It offers a gateway that allows both mobile and desktop customers to discover events, browse virtual color-coded seat layouts, finalize payments, and get digital and print tickets.


It is a ticket distribution and sales corporation based in the United States. Most US ticket sales for US venues are handled at Ticketmaster’s two major fulfillment centers, which serve as the principal ticket outlet. Ticketmaster operates as an agent, selling the tickets that their customers provide them.


Ticketek is your one-stop source for tickets to cinemas, gigs, operas, and sporting events. The entertainment app provides the audience with the ability to purchase tickets online, as well as a slew of other offers and features to keep them amused. They invite you to install the file and have fun exploring it. With this app, you can purchase all of your tickets and satiate your hunger for entertainment.

Vivid Seats:

Are you a theatergoer who likes to watch performances from a certain seat? Well, with Vivid Seats, you can easily check out the newest events in your location and pre-book your chairs. With various discount deals and incentive points to give, the app is gaining popularity among millennials.

When discussing these famous mobile applications, you will find it much simpler to grasp the features and capabilities that you want to incorporate into your product. You can assess your rivals and identify any gaps in their work that you can fill with your own. Connecting with a Mobile Application Development Company can help you stand out from the crowd and build a loyal client base.

Beginning Your Development Process for Your StubHub Clone 

The project has a high amount of intricacy to it. Furthermore, there will be established players competing against newbies attempting to capture a piece of this lucrative pie.  But with a well-planned idea carried out by a qualified and experienced team of analysts and developers, you can transform this exceedingly challenging task into a reality. You can choose to back this plan up with a well-rounded promotional approach, and you’re set.

However, before you embark on your app development adventure, you must learn the following:

  • What is the schedule of study that should be done before designing the app?
  • What is the present situation of the market in terms of consumer response?
  • What are the many functionalities that your app should include?

With the service from Experienced Mobile App Developers, you can develop a platform that is aesthetically appealing in contrast to your industry competitors. With that approach, you can ensure that your ticket booking software is remembered by your consumers. You can integrate a list of characteristics to make the ticket booking process easier. This should be backed up with a smooth payment system. It is because if every step of the process is in sync, you’ll have a solid foundation to sell. Furthermore, your app’s retention rate is certain to rise.

Features of Online Ticket Booking App- StubHub 

If you are planning to move forward with online ticket booking app development, you must know that the list of features can be divided into two major categories:

Features of Online Ticket Booking App By StubHub


  • Registration Portal and login options
  • Detailed user profile with option to select the location
  • Home Page with a list of events according to your location
  • Search Bar to look up for specific events, movies, etc. with filters
  • Details of the show- name, date, time, banner image, language, duration, etc.
  • A booking portal to select show timings, pick seats, and the theatre.
  • Details of the ticket category with seating categories 
  • Payment portal with options for choosing the preferred mode of payment
  • Notification of booking confirmation and option to download the ticket in pdf format
  • Additional points in form of loyalties which can be redeemed and coupon code
  • Ticket verification through QR code
  • A page showing the users booking history and option to post ratings and reviews
  • Customer Support to lodge complaints or cancel tickets 


  • Login portal with intuitive dashboards with a list of current and upcoming events and shows
  • An in-built scanner to scan the QR code of the tickets 
  • User management panel with the view of active users in real-time along with the option to access user profile
  • Show management panel to have an overview of the current event, movies, and shows, filtered based on category, language, timings, etc.
  • Booking Management Panel to manage listed bookings based on the venue, location, date and time, and category
  • Venue Management Portal to allow the admin to manage event venues- date, showtime, price range, venue
  • Invoice Management to efficiently process and track and monitor payments 
  • Content Management portal to add, delete and modify text and images about the shows and events
  • Push Notifications to keep the users informed about upcoming events, offers, news along with options to promote third party discounts and unique offers
  • Report and Analysis to generate robust and reliable reports and analytics feature
  • Advanced Features like smart search, event feeds, integrated calendar, visual media, Google map integration, and global currency support
  • Customer support system with trained bots to manage the preliminary queried of the users
  • Cloud Storage Integration to help and store users’ sensitive information to ensure complete data security

Technology Stack to Create an App Like StubHub 

After you’ve determined the feature set, you’ll need to determine the technological base for your ticket booking mobile app. This is something that your development team can assist you with. StubHub, on the other hand, has utilized the following:

  • Server: Spring Boot, Swagger, Hibernate, Java
  • UI: BootStrapJS and ReactJS
  • Security: Spring security
  • Database: MYSQL, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress
  • Logging: Log4J
  • Caching: Hazelcast
  • Load Balancer: Nginx
  • Code Repository: Git
  • Deployment: Ansible and Docker
  • Log management: ELK Stack and Logstash
  • Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, Azure
  • Map Navigation: Google Map
  • Content Delivery Network: Cloudfare, Amazon CloudFront
  • Payments integration: PayPal, Stripe, Square
  • Notifications: RabbitMQ, Twilio,, Firebase
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Messaging Queue: AWS Simple Queue System
  • Email: MailChimp
  • Real-time Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, CISCO, IBM

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Benefits of Online Booking Systems

On-Demand App Development serves numerous benefits:

  • They work 24/7: An online booking system is always operational. This allows potential tourists to reserve a room whenever they wish. It also increases your sales as you are not restricted to working hours. In reality, studies show that having an online reservation system available 24 hours a day, seven days a week significantly boosts the number of tickets.
  • Hassle-free management of Bookings: Ticket reservation systems help increase the efficiency of your workforce. They will not be chained to a phone, expecting visitors. Furthermore, you will be ready to accept bookings 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  • Smarter insights into your business: Typically, such platforms include a variety of analytics tools. They can maintain track of each booking and all the data associated with it. As a result, you will have all of the information you need to better understand your visitors, their preferences, and which upgrades sell the most. You will be able to specify the areas in which you need to focus to build your firm.
  • Increase in Revenues: Another significant advantage of an online hotel reservation system is the ease with which packages and add-ons may be created, published, promoted, and sold online. You can blend them or let clients select their bundle. This will improve your earnings even more, and clients will be able to receive precisely what they want.
  • Cuts off the chances of No-shows: Prospective visitors who book accommodations online are far more likely to appear. If someone fails to appear, your online booking system will automatically release the reserved accommodation, making it accessible for booking. Appointment reminders are also an excellent technique to guarantee that your clients arrive on time.
  • Easy Payments: An online booking platform also makes payments easier. You may compel your visitors to pay when they book, boosting your income and eliminating the need to collect payments whenever they attend. Furthermore, if you do not show up, you can retain a portion of the money as compensation.
  • Reduces Workload: Online reservation systems minimize your staff’s effort and can enhance customer service. With each booking, these platforms can verify that reservations are linked and capacity is updated. 

Required Team Structure for Ticket Booking Mobile App Development 

Since the process of developing a mobile app for Ticket Booking is somewhat complex, having your own mobile app development team in place is essential. Engage the expertise of the top app development team to produce an app that is feature-rich and capable of exceeding expectations.

Your Mobile App Development must consist of: 

  • Project Manager:
  • iOS App DeveloperAndroid App Developer,
  • Back-end App Developer
  • UI/UX Designers, Graphic Designer
  • QA Testers

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Ticket Booking Mobile App Like StubHub? 

The cost of developing an app with the help of a mobile app development company may be simply calculated by taking into account a variety of criteria. A general estimate of ticket booking application development cost may be determined based on the number of hours invested, functionalities, and solutions used.

  • Platform Opted: For mobile application development, there are two significant channels: iOS and Android. Both of these platforms have a range of attributes and pricing. As a result, you may select one of the platforms for app development. The majority of individuals use both channels to reach a larger audience.
  • Features Selected: As previously mentioned, your mobile app has a plethora of basic and complex functions. The cost of development rises as the number of features chosen grows. To compete with current applications, a low-budget company should choose only the required functionalities.
  • Design Aspect: It makes no difference how many features your program has if it is difficult to use. As a result, the design part focuses primarily on creating a user-friendly platform while also delivering an engaging look.
  • Developer’s Cost: The cost of development varies according to the geographical terrain. Furthermore, large and reputable organizations will undoubtedly charge more than tiny firms. As a result, you should always aim to choose a company that is concerned with quality. They indeed charge a little more than other companies, but in this competitive industry, you have to choose quality above pricing.

The expense of developing a fully functional app is now as high as the number of connected technologies. Nevertheless, an app with respectable functionality will almost certainly cost between $10,000 and $30,000 for a single platform. If you opt to create for both platforms, the cost might rise to $45,000.

How MultiQoS can help in creating an online ticket booking app clone? 

When you call MultiQoS to design your online ticket booking application, we will readily share our team structure and points of contact with you. With agile methods under hybrid mobile app Developers, it is much simpler to track app development and understand how it progresses.

In Conclusion

Ticket booking applications are the most recent technology to make an appearance in the movie industry. Due to their ease of use, the demand for such apps has skyrocketed in recent years. Nobody has to stand in line or wait for a movie to open on a Friday anymore. All you have to do is look at your phone, log in to the app, and you will receive an exclusive update on your favorite movie events.

In reality, we could carry the complete on-air movie selection in our palms and wallets to choose from and reserve the theatre ticket in advance with a cinema ticket booking app like Stubhub.

With the assistance of this short guide, you are almost ready to build your own ticket booking app similar to StubHub. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require an immediate quote.

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