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Expand your event gatherings by making the tickets accessible via Ticket Booking Applications to add experience to the next level! MultiQoS is a leading Ticket & Event App Development Company that powers high-end events all around the world with innovative technology.


Manage All of Your Ongoing & Upcoming Events with an Interactive Mobile App!

We are an Event & Ticket Booking App Development company, the driving force behind fuelling numerous events hosted throughout the world with the force of wonderfully designing event & ticket booking mobile applications. Our event mobile app developers regard it as critical to provide a uniform experience and welcome the knowledge at your fingertips, therefore we handle each event app as an extension of the brand face. A One-Stop destination for creating a ticketing platform that assisted in the management of an Online Ticket Booking System for various sorts of event schedules, including ticket sales, payments, and reports generated for Private and Corporate Events!

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Most Common Client Requirements

MultiQoS is a leading event app development business that aggregates all of the event's elements. Each of our event apps is seen as an extension of the brand image. We provide members with a component-rich Event services app that can be used at any size event. Our event mobile app developers understand the importance of providing a pleasurable event experience at your fingertips and try to deliver the best on the table.

Bespoke Solution

As mobile app developers, we value strong collaboration, round-the-clock connection, and a genuine desire to provide the best service possible to our clients.

On-Time Delivery

We understand how critical it is to complete an event and ticket booking mobile app development project on time, with all essential features, and without errors.

Skilled Professionals

We are a well-known name among the top online event ticket booking app development solutions, providing dexterous solutions and services to your customers.

End-to-end planning

You can successfully manage your event management's operations, including event reservations, ticket booking, reviews, comments, and more, with a mobile app.

Let's Transform Your Event Business Today!

Our fully featured event app development solutions can take your business to new ridges with cost-effective solutions.

Our Event & Ticket Booking App Solutions for Different Business Models

We excel at providing a fantastic user experience and recognize the importance of providing a captivating user experience to people that utilize online event and ticket booking services. We are a leading event app development company because of our feature-rich event & ticket booking mobility solutions.

Event Organizers

MultiQoS creates unique eTicketing and even solutions for a variety of platforms, including online, mobile, and IoT infrastructure, to provide you and your customers with a seamless experience.

Event-based Businesses

Our app portals provide seamless data management and analytics capabilities for thorough and trustworthy business insights, in addition to engaging design and flawless performance.

Hotels and Wedding Planners

Our online and mobile event and eTicketing solutions assure advanced systems that give you total control over your service and admin administration.

Our Online Event & Ticket Booking App Development Solutions

Our eTicketing and event management application is more than simply a nice face. They provide businesses with outstanding benefits thanks to their robust features, which provide your company an unrivaled competitive advantage. We provide fully customizable event booking apps to provide your customers with an amazing experience while maximizing your ROI.

Key Features of Our Event & Ticket Booking App

MultiQoS enabled capabilities can elevate your event app to the forefront of event knowledge. We strive to deliver feature-rich applications for ticket booking apps for improved event attendance and to provide a positive user experience. We provide users the ability to manage their systems with the help of their friends, and we use gamification to encourage participation.

  • Event Listing

    The app will provide a list of upcoming events in the area which the user may filter by date, time, and location as per preference.

  • Map of Events

    All Events are represented as markers on a single map by the user. The user can use the map to navigate.

  • Event Details

    It will display event details such as photographs, organization, and venue. The user will be able to choose tickets, leave remarks, and share the event.

  • Payments and Wallets

    The user will be able to enter his payment card information and make a payment using his card with zero hassle and complete security.

  • Attendees List

    The user will have access to a list of participants as well as the ability to connect with the organization.

  • Purchase Event Tickets

    The user will be able to purchase several tickets for himself, his friends, or his family and share it easily over social media chat.


Love for development is an essential thing that resides within all MultiQos activities. Our dedicated developers help you to bring value with versatile products and services that bring change in world.

Why Choose MultiQoS as Your Event & Ticket Booking App Development Partner?

MultiQoS-enabled apps are wrapped up with a lot of features, enabling you to engage your potential customers and offer the easy event ticket booking option at the comfort of their couch. Also, we enable users to control their local systems with the support of their peers, and we promote engagement through engagement. We design and create custom event and ticketing mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Wearable platforms like AR/VR. These applications provide advanced features such as ticketing, payment gateways, gamification, social network integration, and a variety of other entertaining features.

Technical Expertise

We've worked with a wide range of operating systems, networks, and databases.

Experienced Professionals

We apply our expertise to a wide range of small to mid-sized projects for our customers.


Many companies find that frequent maintenance depletes their funding for new technology.

Higher ROI

Our app development service allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Increased Engagement

We can assist you in developing a fully working event booking application with an engaging user interface and user experience.

Cutting-edge innovation

We preserved the robust features while employing cutting-edge technology to create a superb restaurant chain e-store app.

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There are many features you can include in an event and ticket booking app to make it more productive, but the following are the ones that have become must-haves: event updates, venue details, map, in-app purchase, download ticket option, seat booking option, support work area, ratings, and reviews.
The cost of developing an event & ticket management app is determined by numerous factors, including the number of elements in the app, the innovation stack chosen, and the complexity of the application. Our business advisors are very knowledgeable about apps since we are a major app development firm.
Our event ticket software developers build custom solutions with the newest features that are revolutionary and focused on client business needs to perform better in event and ticket businesses. Our Online event ticket software solutions for those who are in ticketing businesses. We provide ticket booking solutions to the following sectors: Ticketing companies of any kind that handle events, cinemas, and theatres, musical events, concerts.
The best method to create an event application is to collaborate with an event & ticket app development company that has already created one. Once you've found the ideal ticket booking application development business, talk to them about the features that are most appropriate for your app, the greatest tech stack, and how your goals are defined for your market.
You should have a clear awareness of the role of each of your needs when deciding on the best online ticket booking system for your business. Before choosing software, there are a few important questions to think about:
  • How trustworthy is the software?
  • Does it cover any customer service that I might require?
  • Will it provide all the required features to meet your requirements?
We at MultiQoS first understand the client's needs and then offer services in the event and eTicketing software solution that is both trustworthy and responsive to your business's demands, as well as to the user's perspective and experience.
Of course, we are always delighted to assist you whenever possible. Our experts like building long-term connections with clients in order to deliver best-in-class online booking solutions. If you choose an enterprise plan, however, you may get free assistance for four to six months after the event app is deployed.
Of course, we are always delighted to assist you whenever possible. Our experts like building long-term connections with clients in order to deliver best-in-class online booking solutions. If you choose an enterprise plan, however, you may get free assistance for four to six months after the event app is deployed.
The length of time it takes to build an app depends on its requirements and complexity. For ready-made apps or solutions, the ticketing mobile app can be developed in two to three weeks. To find out more, feel free to contact our team.
We deliver an end-to-end event mobile app for event business solutions that saves you time while also allowing you to give a memorable customer experience. You are welcome to openly discuss your needs with our experts for highly customizable mobility solutions for ticketing apps. These services will also assist you in going online and expanding your event business globally.

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