Beauty App Development Solutions

Our beauty software solutions for your on-demand beauty business let you launch business almost instantly connecting every beauty service provider under one roof! We offer beauty application development solutions with superior features and technologies to help you generate an amount of revenue.


Manage Your Bookings & Appointments with Your Branded Beauty App

With the introduction of apps for beauty salons, the scenario has been flipped upside down. With top-notch beauty on-demand app development from a reputed company like MultiQoS, you can cut down hassle for your customers. Now, customers may easily arrange appointments with the professionals of their choosing and take advantage of these services from the comfort of their own homes through your beauty salon application. To gain a competitive edge over competitors, Build an online beauty store to manage salons and sell beauty products online. Partner with the top mobile app development company and get assistance from professionals that have delivered the best On-demand beauty salon app development solutions for Android and iOS. With our custom beauty app solutions, you may get a competitive advantage over your competitors by integrating an online shop to manage your salon or beauty business and selling products or services online without requiring clients to visit you.

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Most Common Client Requirements

With native mobile applications, you can provide a tailored experience to your clients. Our on-demand beauty salon mobile app development includes a variety of fun and trendy features that will give your company a competitive advantage in the market.

Highly Secured

Security is our priority when it comes to beauty salon mobile app development and we try to cut off the risk of jeopardizing it for a few more features.

Reduced power consumption

With all of the features in your Android app, you get an app that uses very little battery power.


It's not enough to have all the functionality; it's also crucial that your On-Demand Beauty App is simple to use and yet has an engaging interface to grab the attention of the users.

Low Storage Requirements

The Nail Salon Application consumes less storage and memory, and it may function on devices with fewer features.

Want to Build Your Own Beauty Salon App?

Have a unique app concept or need help with your existing beauty salon business? Get a free consultation now.

Our Online Beauty App Solutions for Different Business Models

Physical visits to the salon have been replaced by smartphone apps for beauty salons and wellness centers. A Salon App Development Solutions allows users to make appointments and have services delivered to their homes. Clients can now access regular and vital services such as haircuts, hair colors, hair spas, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and other treatments at their convenience.

Chain of Salons

We develop a powerful online marketplace to bring together all beauty service providers to give high-end beauty solutions to the public.

Independent Beautician

e were able to bridge the gap between these sides, i.e., clients and salon owners. This customized beauty app provides fast access and comfort to beauty services.


Simple appointments, rapid reservations, client record keeping, accept/cancel bookings, fully customized beauty services, and everything else a profitable cosmetics & salon company needs.

Our Online Beauty App Development Solutions

MultiQoS recognize how critical it is to have a strong app at a viable On-Demand Beauty App Development Cost to increase a company's sales and productivity rates. To do this, we pay special attention to our clients' ideas and help them come to life. Our techie team evolved and succeeded in developing an on-demand app for beauty services with cutting-edge features and user-friendly design solutions that are affordable and cost-effective.

Key Features of Our Online Beauty & Salon App

Our extensive expertise in the sector of beauty salon app development enables us to provide the finest solutions to our valued clients and help them achieve their business objectives. For our clients, we can deliver mobile and online On-demand beauty services app development solutions that will help them flourish in the beauty and wellness business by increasing productivity.

  • Book Appointments

    Customers may make appointments using the customer app's in-app calendar without making a single phone call.

  • Hassle-free Payments

    Integrated payment gateways provide users with dynamic invoicing as well as a variety of payment options.

  • Notification & Tracking

    The app keeps clients up to date on changes, appointments schedules, as well as allows convenient tracking.

  • Submit Reviews

    sers may simply post reviews, ratings, and comments based on their personal experiences with the beauty treatments.

  • Highlighting Favorite Places

    Past reservations are saved in the app in case consumers need to use them again in the future.

  • Tracking in real-time

    Incorporate a live monitoring system to keep tabs on beauticians as they make their approach to your house and make arrangements ahead of time.


Love for development is an essential thing that resides within all MultiQos activities. Our dedicated developers help you to bring value with versatile products and services that bring change in world.

Why Choose MultiQoS as Your Online Beauty App Development Partner?

MultiQoS is well-known for its comprehensive and cost-effective online and mobile app development services. We are a reputed beauty app development company with experience working with several beauty and wellness organizations around the region in recent years, delivering customer-centric beauty service app development. Take your offline business online with White-label beauty app services to gain a competitive edge over the market, or build your brand online with an app like Uber for beauty to connect service seekers with expert beauticians and service providers.

Whole Solution

All of our goods are ready-to-use. You may begin with ZERO time-to-market and gain the most market share.

Admin Dashboard

In your admin dashboard, you have complete control over your websites and mobile app, offering lots of power.

Scalable Product

Do you intend to take off and scale up quickly? With the most scalable and resilient products in each area, we've got your back.

Private Label Solution

Our solution is completely white-label, allowing you to use any brand you choose. Beauticians will go unnoticed by your consumers.


With prices starting at the bottom of the barrel, Beautician is the most feature-rich product in its tier, allowing you to extend your runway.

Native Apps for Mobile Devices

Our iOS and Android applications are created natively to provide the finest user experience on their respective platforms.

Get Your Uber-Like Beauty App Solution!

As a top beauty salon app development company, our developers are well-versed in the entries and breakaways of the beauty business. 


The cost of developing an on-demand beauty app varies depending on a variety of criteria, including your region, the developing team's experience, your budget, the technology utilized, licensing, time constraints, and more. So, while creating an on-demand beauty app, keep all of these things in mind.
The entire process of developing a beauty and salon delivery app usually takes around 180 hours. Also, according to your app development company's skills, the time may vary.
we Continually assist our customers after the sale! Our team is available to assist our customers at any time they require it.
These days, apps are extremely vulnerable to security concerns and breaches. As a result, it is critical to safeguard applications and even web development solutions to ensure the success of your beauty services and salon business. We ensure that the best tools and techniques are utilized to construct the app since producing a safe app is only the responsibility of the app development firm.
Both iPhones and Android cellphones are increasing at a rapid pace, so you may target them both. Also, before you choose a platform, be sure to compare it to your high-tech marketplace. We propose that you create an app for both platforms so that you may use it on both, covering both markets.
We will make certain to give you an app that has the following features:
  • Wallet and POS integration in the app
  • Tracking and analytics in real-time
  • Updates on order schedule and delivery
  • Notifications on time, and much more
  • Transactions that are safe and secure
Yes, we sign a nondisclosure agreement. Trust our developers to keep your app concept secure and confidential. The app and its source code are delivered to you once your beauty app has been successfully developed.

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