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With next-generation, feature-rich taxi app development services, you can reinvent your business in the right direction. We Help In creating a Taxi Booking App Similar to Uber to Drive Your Business Automate, Streamline, and Scale Your Taxi Operations Online.


Expand Your Online Travel and Transportation Business with Us!

For us, the taxi app solution is a journey. We take a creative, methodical, time-bound, and quality-driven approach to bring each client project to its best possible conclusion. With MultiQoS, you'll be working with a team that's as passionate about cab booking app development as you are. We monitor the app's functionality, long-term viability, and security at every step of development, allowing us to create a high-return-on-investment app. We can create an app similar to Uber, LYFT, Grab, Cabify, Gojek, and others that include separate driver and rider apps as well as an admin dashboard. With no effort, our taxi management app system can be changed and flipped to support unique transportation app concepts from startups as well as fleet management solutions for companies.

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Most Common Client Requirements

You may have a digital expansion of your company and use it to generate more cash and cater to a bigger audience by using a cab booking app to give it a wider reach. To assist you in becoming a respectable taxi industry, our experts at MultiQoS, a reputed on-demand taxi booking app development company, can design bespoke taxi app development solutions.

Bug Removal

We are always on the lookout for bugs to address in a non-intrusive and obstructive manner.


Customers may be unable to use abandoned online or mobile apps due to a change in the backend.


We focus on adding additional features and commands after the solution is functioning on a cloud server.


In every case, we keep an eye on the settings to ensure that apps are accessible and run well.

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Our Taxi Booking App Solutions for Different Business Models

Hiring a specialized staff of skilled developers, designers, and business analysts is both time and money-consuming. With our taxi app solutions, you can put all of that stress behind you and concentrate on the launch. Our Analytics data provides us with valuable information and insights and aids us in identifying areas of prospective profit and locations where we must operate.

Taxi and Fleet Businesses

We constantly cherish our customers' time, which is one of the keys to our success. We offer quick cab services and ensure that very little or no time is wasted.

Individual Taxi Drivers

We consider drivers to be our allies, and make every effort to offer them all necessary amenities and assistance for the efficient operation of drivers.

Cab-service providers

Our Admin Panel gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to managing your Cabs, Drivers, Customers, and Dispatch. It aids in the tracking of ride reports and the monitoring of progress.

Our Online Taxi Booking App Development Solutions

With built-in functionality for numerous languages and currencies, including a wide selection of payment gateways, our online taxi solution is ready to collect payments everywhere. Our years of experience and technical expertise can assist you in scaling your business to meet customers' requirements. The application is hosted on your servers following extensive testing in the on-premise version.

Key Features of Our Online Taxi Booking App

Not only do we provide you the option of customizing your on-demand taxi application development solution with features and integrations, but we also give you the option of paying for your taxi mobile app development project in whatever way you choose. Our standard solution offers many features for customers, operators, administrators, and dispatchers, with the possibility to add further features, integrations, and modifications to meet specific business requirements.

  • Passenger Profile

    Our app has a dedicated section for users to add and manage their account details easily.

  • Mobile Number Verification

    The app is designed to authenticate mobile numbers of passenger app users with OTP verification flow for secured account creation.

  • Ride Now or Schedule Ride

    The customer can choose to book an instant ride-booking or schedule a ride for a future date and time.

  • Real-Time ETA

    Passengers receive real-time ETA updates for a better ride experience.

  • Fare Estimates

    Upfront fare calculation based on the pickup and drop locations provided.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Secure in-app payments using one of many payment choices.


Love for development is an essential thing that resides within all MultiQos activities. Our dedicated developers help you to bring value with versatile products and services that bring change in world.

Why Choose MultiQoS for Taxi Booking App Development Solution?

Our cloud-based solution provides several advantages to your company. It might assist you in staying one step ahead of your competitors. We are a team of professional taxi app developers and designers who have created mobile and web taxi booking apps that include all of the necessary features. With our unrivaled experience and solutions, we assist in the growth of your company.

Single-touch Operation

Everything occurs with a single touch on the applications, whether your clients need to order a cab or your driver needs to accept an inbound trip request.

Practical Wallet

Load money into your wallet with auto-deduction if you're weary of providing 2-way authentication data at the end of every journey to complete payment.

Quick support

If your drivers are having problems or your consumer app is displaying inaccurate information, we'll be there for you.

Integrated Analytics

What appears to you to be a meaningless piece of information could potentially be a goldmine! This data is organized using our integrated analytics.

Mobility Solution

For both drivers and passengers, our solution includes a handful of smartphone apps. The applications are accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

Zero upfront cost

Using our pay-as-you-go model, we guarantee that you will only pay for a service you utilize or none at all. This is one of the benefits of our SaaS-based system.

Take Your Taxi Business to the Next Level

Extend, automate, improve, and develop your taxi company's operations with our taxi app development solutions.


We offer on-demand taxi booking app development services that can be tailored to your specific branding needs and business standards. You'll also have admin access, which allows you to change rules and set exceptions to the fleet's functioning. Our expert will assist you in customizing the app.
Both the passenger and the driver or service provider benefit from the features of a taxi booking app. Passengers and Taxi drivers are covered by taxi applications, which makes it easier to speak with both at the same time. The following are some of the key features of a taxi app development: GPS tracking, maps, payment for rides, security alerts, and routes are all available.
We may supply a pair of native mobile applications for both iOS and Android as a mobile-first taxi solution, depending on the module the clients choose. Furthermore, some of the solutions may be supplied as a responsive web app. We provide two mobility solutions: one for the driver and another for the passenger, both of which are offered as mobile applications and function similarly to an on-demand taxi service now available.
Yes, we offer fleet management system solutions, and your drivers will be managed as part of the fleet. We'd be pleased to add features based on your requirements. If you have any further questions or would want to discuss your requirements, please contact us. Please contact us and allow us to assist you as best we can.
The cost of developing a taxi app is influenced by the number of app platforms you want to build and the features you want to include. A taxi app's three main components are the user, the driver, and the admin. The taxi booking app development cost of an iOS or Android cab booking app may range from $15,000 to $50,000, this amount varies based on the customers' requirements. Developers are paid at varied rates all over the world. Our hiring developer models cost between $20 and $25 per hour.
Our taxi booking mobile app development team at MultiQoS works tirelessly for you on tight timeframes to meet your goals. As a result, we always begin by enquiring about your needs before delivering the goods as quickly as feasible.
MultiQoS is a reputed Taxi Booking Application Development Company offering apps that can be tailored to your specific branding needs and business standards. You'll also have admin access, which allows you to change rules and set exemptions to the fleet's functioning on our taxi booking app. Our expert will assist you in customizing the app.

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