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How to Create an App From Scratch – [10 Steps Guide]

Prashant Pujara Prashant Pujara
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How to Create an App From Scratch – [10 Steps Guide]

You see, so many apps are ruling our smartphones these days. Whatever you want, you have an app for that. Life has become so easy with apps. Just register with the app and use the app unlimited. It is fun because the entire world now fits in our palm. Wondering how these apps come to life? In 2024, everything is about the app. Even small businesses are coming up with app services to reach the maximum of people.

Why Do You Need An App?

If you want to develop the app in 2024, you are at the right place. In this blog, you will get a step-by-step guide on creating an app from scratch. You must know that in the growth of the business, an app can make a huge change. According to a report by Statista, there are more than three billion users who love smartphones. For business organizations, this number is an opportunity to create an extensive strong base.  

Whether you are a small boutique owner or a multinational company, a mobile app speeds up business growth in today’s competitive market. There are different App Development Services that you can look for to create a fantastic app for the business. Before, you should know how to build an app from scratch.

Step 1: Jot Down The Idea

Did you get the app design idea? Whatever you want to see in your app, could you write it down on paper? The idea may come into your head, but it works only when you write it down on paper. Keeping the idea in your head does not make it real. For real Mobile App Development Services, you have to write a rough draft of the idea. 

What will your app solve? It is a big question for you to ask yourself. Every app in the market solves the challenge that customers face. If you are making an app, then it should do the same. Find an answer to why people will use your app; if you get a valid response, then you are on the right track to designing the app.

Step 2: Decide The Platform To Launch

Whether you want to design the app on iOS or Android or both platforms, that depends on your decision. To build an app from scratch, the app platform plays an important role. Once you decide on the app platform, you know how to move ahead with the process. The choice of the platform makes the work easy. 

Step 3: Research on Competitors

Before you build an app from scratch, you must perform some research work. Does your app have uniqueness? Are there any similar kinds of apps in the market? These two are the fundamental questions before you start out making an app. 

If your app idea is 100% unique, you must research the scope of the app. Understand the users’ main weak points and try to solve that weakness through the app. If the app you are making is the same as the existing one, research the faults and gaps in the app. Use those gaps and make them your strong points to improve your app. It is how to create a phone app from scratch, which makes you survive in the competitive world. 

Step 4: Know Your Audience

You are making this app for the users, for ordinary people. Connect with the users on a private level. You must understand their needs and wants. A market survey is essential before you are building an app from scratch. Suppose you are making an app on a boutique shop, then after researching the competitors, it is time for you to know what your customers love about the boutique shop. Include those features in your app to attract the masses.

Step 5: The Framework Begins

After that thorough research, you have all the data. The framework of the app is the skeleton. At this, you can test run the app before you start to develop and design the app.  It is a rough sketch in layman’s words that you will do to understand how the app will work. The drawing helps your team to understand the ability of the app to work correctly. Now, this is how you are creating an app from scratch. 

Step 6: Feedback On The Testing

It is time for you to taste the skeleton and get feedback from the user. At this stage, you will receive a lot of feedback. You have to understand the feedback and implement those in the final step. If you do not follow this step, the allotted money for the app will go in vain. It becomes time-consuming. You have to develop the project from the start. 

Step 7: Map The Use of The App

When making an app from scratch, you should map it because you get a clear idea about the users’ actions on the developing app. So, try to map all the journeys for better understanding.

Step 8: Time To Design

Sit with the app designer to design the app. The look and feel of the app is an essential part of mobile application development services. The interface must be user-friendly so that they can check the app anytime without any difficulty. Users love the good-looking app with easy-to-understand features. Hence, the design of the app should follow that pattern with your uniqueness.

Step 9: Live App Testing

You have designed the app, and it’s time for you to put it in a live test. Without testing, you will not be able to know how you make an app from scratch. Quality Testing is the term for Live app testing. It checks whether there is any bug. If any mistakes are there while in the app’s making, then quality testing helps rectify the errors. External testing allows the users to know how it is working. There are various tools for app testing in the natural ambiance. 

Step 10: Ready To Launch

Before you launch the app, tell your marketing team to perform a bit of promotion to get to know about the app and its services. The advertisement should be realistic. You also have to follow the launch application guidelines to make it a successful launch. Also, do not take user feedback; connect with users to know their interests and disinterest. It helps and keeps room for improvement. After you launch the app store, you must update the app to add new features. Promotion on social media must go on to let new users know about the app.


Building an app is teamwork. You should know how to make an app from scratch and get help from the team members. It will give you good guidance, and you will learn through the trial-and-error method. It is a time-consuming activity, but you should have patience and vision to create an excellent app for the world. Your quest to make an app from scratch will lead you to the definite success of making an excellent app for the users. Make a trustworthy app that will change the lives of the users. Meet up the challenges of the users through your app so that it becomes popular in today’s competitive world. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about app app-making process or Do you need some assistance figuring out how to create an app for your small business? We’d be delighted to assist you and correctly point you.

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Written by Prashant Pujara

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