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How Hiring Dedicated React Native Developers Helps Your Company Success

Parth Thakkar Parth Thakkar
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How Hiring Dedicated React Native Developers Helps Your Company Success


Mobile applications will generate more than $935 billion in income for enterprises by 2023, as per the report of Statista. If you plan to invest in the mobile application marketplace, you should consider React Native because of the surrounding popularity. The rapidly increasing number of mobile users, which is expected to reach 7.49 billion by 2025, has resulted in unprecedented market competitiveness. As a result, the competition for cross-platform mobile app developers  is fiercer than ever. React Native developers are hugely popular on the HR battleground not just because of the React Native framework’s efficiency and performance features but also because of a general dearth of experienced professionals. To find and retain one, you must first understand how and what to search for. Here is a detailed guide about how hiring dedicated developers would help you reach new heights and what features you should search for when hiring them. 

What Is React Native App Development?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that permits Dedicated React Native developers to develop native mobile apps with JS code. Because of its cross-platform flexibility, efficiency, and distinguishing qualities, it soon became popular amongst the developer community all around the world. React Native allows mobile applications to display directly on both iOS and Android platforms, which has been shown to save a considerable amount of time, money, and resources. 

Further, React Native is a free and open-source framework for creating mobile applications. At its heart, Facebook’s React approach incorporates mobile application rendering on both iOS and Android alongside web-based user interface design, saving developers time, money, and labour as they have one codebase to maintain throughout all devices. The Code for React Native is made up of XML-based syntax and JavaScript, or JSX and the apps in React Native are rendered natively using Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android) APIs. The RN Developers can use up to 90% of the Code with the cross-platform structure, and thus, it ultimately saves both money and resources. Since React Native supports native UI features, an application doesn’t have to use website views while working with it. It simply indicates that the process will use fewer resources to run smoothly.

Who Is a React Native Developer?

React Native developers in india are also known as JavaScript Developer who have experience and expertise with native mobile application development. Customer acquisition and retention are two important goals for a React Native developer to assist you achieve. One of the key things we demand of each developer is to generate clean and clear Code in order to ensure that an application runs smoothly and it is easy to comprehend. However, this is not the only requirement since they also need to possess a set of soft and hard skills that are the essential part.

Why Is It So Difficult to Hire React Native Developers?

The process of hiring a React Native developer is a time-consuming procedure, and there’s no assurance that the developer you employ will be up to the task. There can be several hurdles in your path of choosing a competent RN Developer. There are a plethora of job searching platforms where you can check for the work profile and hire them. However, the recruitment process can also be challenging with loads of applications, interviews, and screening.

When it comes to selecting a cross-platform technology to build a mobile phone app, React Native reigns supreme. The reason is that React Native allows developers to create JavaScript-based mobile apps for Android and iOS. Every developer is familiar with JavaScript, yet it may not be adequate for your requirements. However, because the mobile application development sector is in high demand, you may benefit from the assistance of a reputable software development partner if you are in a hurry to deliver your product and need to locate someone soon.

Why Do You Need to Hire a React Native Developer?

The following are reasons why you should engage an RN Developer:

Benefits of Hiring React Native Developer

  1. Developmental Ease: React Native enables both server-side and client-side processing, which implies that a single code can be used for both. To take advantage of the benefits of a single code, one can Hire React Native Developers easily to get the required advantages. 
  2. Cross-platform Mobile App Development: For the purpose of developing cross-platform mobile app developmentReact Native relies on a single codebase and thus, when you employ React Native app programmers, you would be able to create high-end applications that are available to launch on a variety of platforms.
  3. Faster and Low-Cost App Development: You would need to hire one app developer instead of two, and this shall ultimately aid in reducing overhead expenses associated with infrastructure, operational resources, hardware, and other extra-additional costs, while also promoting rapid app development.
  4. Simple Coding: Because the Code is reusable, employing React Native engineers reduces the complexity of coding for numerous operating platforms since the developers can reuse Code across platforms, shortening the development time. This simplifies coding simple and allows your business to provide high-quality products on demand.
  5. High-Efficiency: Instead of concentrating on WebView, you can take advantage of local APIs to work with you to create effective performing web/mobile apps. Further, you can also monitor the complete software development lifecycle more easily.
  6. Interactive UI/UX Designers: When you engage React Native experts, you’ll be able to create fast and responsive, imaginative UI/UX designs that download faster. Further, you can better understand native libraries and design more interactive user experiences.

How to Find Trusted React Native Developers?

  1. Check their Coding Competency: Look for programmers who can generate Code that is easy to read and comprehend.  Examine their coding standard and their steps to keep their Code clear and easy to understand. Ascertain that they are well-versed in how various kinds of codes communicate with one another. Furthermore, their coding techniques should be supported by SQLite and CSS. 
  2. Hire a React Native Developer in-house: When it comes to hiring a new team member, you can hire an in-house developer. You may set a budget, align requirements in terms of expertise and experience, make offers on the table, and post them on job platforms like Glassdoor, Landing.jobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, and others.
  3. Recruit a Freelancer: If you don’t want to hire anyone on a long-term basis, choosing a contractor or freelancer can be a viable option. You can find React Native programmers on sites like applications such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Toptal, and filter them depending on your requirements or the essentials such as their profile, initiatives on which they contributed significantly as React Native experts, or their expertise, reviews.
  4. Engage the Services of a React Native App Development Company: If you’ve never considered hiring a software development staffing firm to assist you with this, you may not even be aware of the benefits because of the prevalent belief that it’s a more expensive option. They can help you find the best developer and guide you through the process, making your work easier.

Hard Skills to Look for in a React Native Developer

The ability of the developers to master difficult situations and technologies are essential, and thus, some of the hard skills that are required to be possessed by the developers are:

  1. Knowledge of Fundamental React Assertions: JSX, Virtual DOM, Component Lifestyle are some of the React Native aspects that the developers need to be familiarised with. It is quintessential that you check for the comprehension of these skills in the developers before your hire them since they would have better expertise in their line of work and can also access similar resources. 
  2. Extensive JavaScript Expertise: A thorough understanding of JavaScript is a must-have talent that React Native developers should possess when you hire them. It’s useful not only for creating components but also for comprehending how programmes are constructed and how they operate so you can achieve greater efficiency as you go.
  3. Developing Understandable Codebase: Your applications should be simple to learn and comprehend for the users who shouldn’t find it difficult to understand. Developing a clear codebase is vital since you’ll require the source code so that members of the group may work with people in future upgrades without figuring out how everything fits together. Your programmers may construct engaging websites, but these functionalities will be rendered useless if their codebases are difficult to access.
  4. A competent React Native developer should be familiar with both operating platforms, i.e., Android and iOS apps. Furthermore, in order to execute an app on various devices, they should also be familiar and expert with both Java/Kotlin (Android)and Objective-C/Swift (iOS).

Soft Skills for a React Native Developer

Some of the soft, technical skills that is required in the developers are: 

  1. Communication Skills: It may seem self-evident, but in a progressively remote environment, the skill of being capable of communicating efficiently and in a prompt manner is critical. When interviewing React Native developers, inquire about their methods of communication and working hours. You need to set forth your requirements for what you expect from them. Strong communication skills are essential for your business since they would be required to engage with the customers, effectively communicate with them, and understand their ideas. 
  2. Client Feedback: Client feedback is one of the best assets since feedback, either constructive or destructive, would allow you to improve the services. Moreover, it helps to understand better where the react-native programmers lack and what customers expect from them. 
  3. Adaptability: The skill of adaptability is one of the crucial things that every developer should gladly accept. The industry evolves faster, and every new day, there are some changes; thus, the developers need to keep track of them. They should be able to learn the programming languages and the skills that are a quintessential part of their project. A developer who adapts to the changes is generally advanced and in demand. 
  4. Efficient Time Management: Time management is one of the primary issues developers face when they have a lot of work piled up and have pressing deadlines. They should prioritize the work when they have strict deadlines, which is one of the best entrepreneurial spirits. Thus, you need to ensure that you hire a developer who can manage their time efficiently so you can set realistic expectations.
  5. Work Culture Acceptance: When you hire mobile app developer into your team, they must be ready to fit into the work culture. Despite the amount of time invested on a given project with your company, the programmer you choose ought to be keen to learn about your company as a whole and its unique needs and work with the proper team members to guarantee your vision is realized.
  6. Problem Solving Skills: Problems and challenges will always be a hurdle in business, and you must hire developers who can be quick and efficient to identify them. Furthermore, they should be analytical and creative to solve them and move forward with their project. Your developer should be able to do independent investigation and present viable solutions. It is essential that you have a developer who has expertise in various areas to solve pertinent issues in any area if they arise. 
  7. Stress-Resistance: The working rate of mobile development tasks might get ridiculous and stressful, whilst sometimes the coders are constantly under the strain of high expectations and looming deadlines. All of this requires a high level of stress resistance on their part.
  8. Responsibility: Conscientious and responsible people are more likely to have their work done on time and efficiently. Typically, such types of people can help increase the threshold and the productivity of the members and the team. Ensure that you hire a responsible developer who is reliable enough to delegate tasks. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Native Developer?

It’s always important to know how much it costs react native developers for hire when estimating your cost. The cost factor is majorly influenced by the hourly rate and the geographic location of the developer, and the experience and expertise possessed by the programmer on cross-platform mobile app development in India. Further, you need to consider the portfolio of technical skills that would provide an overlook of the type of work they have prior experience on, which will aid in our judgment procedure to decide who is more suitable for the project. Remember that any wrong decision can lead to a wastage of money and resources. 

It’s critical that you consider all the variables that might affect the price. You can evaluate the complexity of the projects they have worked on to understand their level of expertise. In India, a React Native Developer earns an estimate of $429 per hour or $836,250 per year, whereas the salaries for entry-level roles start at $500,000.  Further, highly skilled staff may expect to earn $1,766,000 per year on average.

How Can MultiQoS Help You in Hiring React Native Developers?

MultiQos is the leading and cutting-edge web & mobile application development company that works with organizations to help them develop their teams. We can give React Native expertise and developers to help you develop and launch the mobile application by taking care of the entire development process, including software architecture, design, and Code. We’re constantly eager to engage with new clients who have specific requirements. MultiQos can assist you in identifying the top hire Indian programmers with experience with the framework, which is certified and experienced in their field of expertise. You may also hire developers with the necessary React component expertise to expand your application portfolio. Our multi-talented developers are ideal for any of your tasks.

What Our Clients Say About Our Team

We have engaged with thousands of clients worldwide, and we can proudly say that they have been pleased to work with us. We have successfully provided services for national and international businesses and engaged with them. Furthermore, our services have been praiseworthy, and our clients have recommended us to other players. We are devoted to expanding our services to individuals seeking talented React Native experts, whether beginners or experienced companies. You can also leverage our team augmentation services approach to supplement your in-house resources and meet project deadlines.

Final Note

The quintessential requirement of your project is to hire talented React Native developers, and whilst the process of finding the best developer can be difficult, it isn’t impossible. You need to keep note of the required essentialities that go into hiring a developer. You need to give specific attention to the developers’ skills that you hire since this is what shall be put to work. Ensure that they are competent, have leadership qualities, manage work, work under stress, and be expert and certified professionals. 

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