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How to Hire an iOS App Developer Who Gets Your Company Vision?

Parth Thakkar Parth Thakkar
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How to Hire an iOS App Developer Who Gets Your Company Vision?


Having or developing an application is a quintessential part of any business initiative. But when you plan to develop an application, you need to choose the platform, i.e., Android or iOS. Android has the highest market share, whereas iOS only has a tiny number of entirely devoted clients. However, iOS is increasingly popular amongst a large mass of the population. If your target market is iPhone users or any other iOS-based product, you’ll need to hire an iOS application development services.According to Statista, over 2.2 billion applications are in the Apple app store. Users typically invest a significant amount of money on iOS applications, but Android apps are free. Customers’ willingness to pay for apps generates a large amount of cash for Apple, the platform operator. If you want to make a lot of money by gratifying upscale mobile users, go with iOS and hire dedicated iOS developers. While it might not be easy to hire iOS developer, we can get away from it. We will discuss further how you can hire iOS programmer who will be suitable for your project.

The Importance of iOS Development for Business

Although a large part of the market is significantly aligned towards Android and has a large customer base, i.e., 3/4th of the smartphone users, Apple is highly successful in drawing the potential client base. Moreover, customers who use Apple devices are highly likely to invest in applications than the users of Android devices. 

Apart from the possibility for revenue, iOS consumers are significantly happier with their smartphones, which allows them to be the potential target audience for the iPhone applications. Apple’s key values and focus are great hardware, excellent customer service, and outstanding software, which indicates that they have potentially fewer chances of crashing than the applications developed on other platforms. Thus, every software operates smoothly without any glitch. 

Furthermore, over the years, the new iPhone app development trends have evolved in more cost-effective, simpler, quicker, and better programming over time. This has resulted in mobile app development services being significantly popular over the years. In addition to the programming language used to create iOS apps, several new features have been implemented. Swift 5 is quickly becoming the language of choice for many enterprises. Further, the advantages are direct: they are scalable, adaptable, economical, and secure. Another reason behind the prevalence of this language is its consistent Application Binary Interface, also known as ABI.  Based on current trends, Swift and related libraries are likely to be included in most iOS, macOS, wearables, and tvOS devices.

ARKIt and Augmented Reality (AR) are two more contemporary application development topics that have been on the trend over the past years and are used mainly by the iPhone application developer. That being said, the ARKit 3 reality composer can be stated as a necessity for anyone planning to create AR-based iPhone apps. ARKit is intriguing since it has several cutting-edge features.

Lastly, a growing number of businesses are showing an interest in AI, and as per research, the addition of AI technologies into iOS apps can increase worker productivity levels to 40%. This demonstrates that most current application development technologies are bringing about significant improvements that can be extremely beneficial to organizations.

Benefits of Creating an iOS App

For Big Companies and SMBs

  • Extension into New Markets and Business Expansion: One of the most significant development strategies for any company is to have a brand presence in every country especially starting with established nations. iPhones and iPads are widely used in developed nations, and having an iOS app is one way to reach this audience and establish a strong presence in these markets.
  • High Return on Investment: According to statistics, iOS applications offer a strong return on investment. Thus, by obtaining access to investment-worthy customers, organizations may be able to generate healthier investment rewards. Expanding a business’s reach enables it to better serve its customers.
  • Customer Trust Through the Secured Platform: It’s also critical that a company not just concentrates on developing a perfect application but also on developing any application that is secured, safe, reliable, and offers a variety of other appealing features. Because iOS has a reputation for being extremely secure and reliable and thus, users can rest assured that their devices are safe from any other external attacks. 

For Startups

  • Brand Loyalty: The IOS target demographic is devoted and loyal towards the brand, essential for any business. When creating a business application, you must ensure that your main demographic or the target audience do not shift to any other platform leaving your application, thereby leaving you with a small user base which is a guaranteed factor in iOS. 
  • Focus on Specialized Devices: iOS keeps track of the types and qualities of the devices it markets, thus, not offered on third-party devices. Organizations can save money on app upkeep because the operating system only operates on one device with a guaranteed quality and hardware specification. There is no need to accommodate a wide range of device hardware requirements.

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What Skills Does an iOS Developer Need?

The project’s goals and objectives, as well as the difficulty level, define all of the participants’ abilities and knowledge. Here is a list of general skills you need to check on while hiring iPhone app developers.

  1. Swift and Objective-C are two programming languages that they should be proficient with
  2. Solid understanding of the IDE Xcode
  3. Integration of a RESTful API
  4. Knowledge of UI and UX design
  5. Guidelines for Apple’s Human Interface
  6. Experience with OpenGL or Metal
  7. Thorough knowledge of Cocoa Touch and UIKit APIs.
  8. Knowledge of Source Code Management systems like Github and Git
  9. Knowledge of the basic data framework.

iOS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

iOS developers have the following primary duties and roles:

  1. Create complex applications for the iOS platform by designing and developing them. 
  2. Application troubleshooting and bug fixes to guarantee that the code is clean and safe 
  3. Unit-test code for stability and edge cases, readability, and overall dependability.
  4. They support the whole application lifetime from concept to development, app testing, deployment, and management.
  5. To define, develop, and deploy innovative features as well as engage with cross-functional teams.
  6. Updating one’s knowledge of the most recent mobile technology advances and applications
  7. For iOS applications, developing efficient and clean code is essential.
  8. To maximize development efficiency, find, analyze, and deploy new technologies on a regular basis.
  9. Recommendations for improvements and modifications

Amiable, rational reflection, a feeling of deadline and obligation, and the capacity to work in a team, management, leadership negotiating and self-presentation abilities, tenacity, and thoroughness are all essential soft skills that the developers should possess. 

Generally, a good team would consist of a junior-level developer, a medium-level developer, and a senior iOS developer. As a result, you must hire in accordance with the project specifications. Working experience equips you with the ability to solve difficult challenges.

Now let’s examine what each of these levels entails as far as roles and responsibilities:

  1. Junior Level iOS Developer: The entry-level developers would collaborate with the experienced developer, which ultimately helps increase their expertise. It requires approximately 3-4 years for young coders to learn the approach to complex problems.
  2. Middle-Level iOS Developer: They possess certain levels of expertise, have worked on various projects, and have the ability and experience to manage complex situations. Thus, the developer has more control over their job and can train new devs.
  3. Senior Level iOS Developer: They have a high level of experience and expertise than the others since they have been coding for a long time and have also engaged in various projects. Such developers aren’t just accountable for coding; they’re also at ease with all stages and aspects of development, including layout, testing, UI/UX design services, API integrations, and safety. They also earn a lot of money in comparison to the developers of other levels.

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How to Hire an iPhone App Developer?

We’ve outlined some of the ways how you can hire iPhone app developers:

iOS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Hiring In-House Developer: Hiring an app developer as a team member can be one of the most common options. Hiring an in-house developer can be effective for medium or small businesses, although it might be costly. This also enables easier communication and a better cultural fit environment. Moreover, the developers can better understand the products and the project requirements. However, the hiring process can be lengthy, and you must plan your expense for associated costs. Your business would also have to spend on their expenses such as taxes, vacations, equipment and provide them perks. 
  2. Hiring An Outsourced Team: Outsourcing is a viable solution in which the business’s owner employs only contract app developers. It can be less expensive than hiring the in-house developer team, and the results generally come off as better. Further, the outsourcing of the business is scalable, which implies you may scale up or down the team’s capacity to accommodate the specific requirements of the project, therefore saving money. Entrepreneurs who have gone through the startup stage are ready to make a substantial influence on the market and should consider it. The hiring process is quick and fast, and you require no additional expenses. The project manager could easily lead the team and guarantee the finishing of the project.
  3. Hiring A Freelancer: This is one of the alternatives which has gained immense popularity these days. The emergence of freelancing services enables businesses to employ them online and work remotely. Moreover, one of the significant benefits of availing of the service is the contractual character of the agreement, where it eliminates the need for the owner to provide for social security, vacations, or any other perks. Because many freelance app developers for hire are inexperienced, they are unable to handle large-scale projects. However, it can be hard to scale the project and have no guarantees or commitments. Moreover, cultures and language can be a barrier in this type of hiring. 

When to Hire a Freelance iOS Developer?

Outsourcing can be considered a great choice or option for availing of any form of service. There are various places where you can hire iPhone app developer who are experts and professionals. Although it is a simple and quick way to relocate, it is not a top priority for businesses or investors. Hiring a freelancer has both merits and demerits.

Freelance Ios developers are cheaper in comparison to other such hiring options. Further, you wouldn’t have to be bothered about office space, taxes, sick leaves, vacations, or others. 

However, long term-projects are not recommended to be delegated to freelancers. This is because you would have little to no control over the freelancers since they can join or leave the project, and you cannot trust them completely. You can hire developers part-time for long-term projects via app development contracts. 

Freelancers are not as much focused on a particular project as the employees of any company would be. They would also lack team spirit and group management qualities. They can be an appropriate choice for hiring for any short-term projects. They can be considered a smart solution if the instructions are brief and the small development scope. However, when your project requirements are vast, hiring freelancers would lead to your app failing since they cannot keep up with the needs of the projects being a single individual. 

For hiring freelancers, you can search on Upwork. Fiverr, LinkedIn, or other similar sites are quite popular. You can check for their portfolio, see their work experiences, and look for projects they have worked on. 

Where to Find iOS Developers?

There is no single place where you can find the best services. Every company has its way of choosing the developers. You can rely on advertising recommendations or contact them by trusting referrals. It’s difficult to say which method is the most effective because nearly equal numbers of executives choose word-of-mouth and specialist web services to discover a contractor. In any case, there are other alternatives to examine, including but not limited to:

  1. Asking for Referrals: You can ask for referrals with an extensive professional network. However, if your options are limited, you would have fewer chances of finding one. You can increase your technical talent and meet new people. 
  2. Utilizing Special Recruitment Services and Job Boards: Clutch, IT Firms. GoodFirms, 99Firms are some of the examples of services that will work together. You can consider websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Upwork, and others searching for freelancers. You have a wide range of possibilities to search from. 
  3. Contacting Coding Platforms and Developer Communities: You can compare the applicants’ portfolios and look for the project samples. You can find similar app developers at GitHub. Moreover, since the connection is generally shared, executives can narrow down the option and contact the best applicant with the best sample. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring an iOS Developer

It is critical to make cautious decisions when developing and maintaining high-demand apps such as ecommerce platforms. You must verify numerous skills when you plan for an iPhone app developer for hire:

  1. Experience: Having years of experience and expertise can be one of the major factors you should consider. They must have worked on similar projects or the same type of products. Moreover, there are three types of developers, i.e., Senior, Medium, and Junior level. Lookup for their experiences and choose the one which suits your business requirements. The number of projects, their intricacy, and the growth of iOS developer skillsets should all be considered. Expertise refers to the practical experience developed by an individual while engaging in specific projects. 
  2. Expertise: Expertise is interpreted as the capability to solve complicated problems, define solutions, understand various tools, code pace, and other relevant details. Expertise is derived from a variety of initiatives of various types.
  3. Portfolio: Make sure they have a portfolio before you hire them. Checking for their previously worked projects would provide an idea of their proficiency and skill set. Look for their expertise, skills, and whether they are suitable for working on the projects. You can assess the true level of a candidate’s abilities, expertise, and experience by looking at the portfolio. You can enquire about their duties and responsibilities also. 
  4. Hard Skills: You’ll test the developer’s knowledge, competence with difficult algorithms, development abilities, and tool understanding here.
  5. Soft Skills:  Teams must understand requests correctly, adopt new technologies, mingle with the current team, be willing to take on difficulties, and take pride in their work, in addition to having coding skills. Multitasking with time management is also necessary for completing the assignment on time. 
  6. Communication: If you find an iOS app developer for hire with a similar cultural and working background, then it is a hit. This method will assist you in avoiding management misconceptions and accelerating the growth process. The capacity to organize tasks, operate in a team, be courteous and open-minded to coworkers, be creative, and solve obstacles are all examples of soft skill sets.

Set Up Your Requirements

  1. Learn about Developmental Approach: When you hire iOS app developer who is a good fit for your business necessitates matching your development methodologies. The software development process describes how application developers segment and organize their labor to ensure a smooth operation. Moreover, various groups use various tactics and strategies.
  2. Examining Testimonials: The client experience factor is essential when hiring an iPhone app developer. You need to ensure that you check the testimonials properly and get assured about the authenticity since fake reviews are easy to come by. Moreover, the testimonials should be reviewed on various factors. 
  3. Examine the Portfolio: You need to check the portfolio of the developers that you hire. You need to check their previous work histories and portfolio to evaluate their performance on the projects they have worked on. Simply reading through their previous employment instances might provide a wealth of information. If you visit their website or Clutch profile, you can discover a lot about them.
  4. Consult with the Team: You must evaluate team workers even though you hire them remotely.   Testimonials and portfolio examples will be useless if the application developer is difficult to work with on a human level. Be mindful of any potential issues or character faults by consulting their company or team, as this could lead to unanticipated disagreements down the future.
  5. Check the Technologies they Specialize in: You should check to determine if the app developer you wish to hire is specialized for your project. Because of this, you must make sure that they are experts in the area that you need
  6. Dig into Work Culture: This is also one of the important factors since the app developers operate in different environments. Even if a company has exceptional talent, you may not feel comfortable with its culture. To identify a good fit, you must establish your values, ethics, aspirations, objectives, and personalities and then ensure that the developers you hire share those values.
  7. Open Communication: Remote working makes communication difficult if the developers belong to different times zones. Thus, ensure that the communication is open, transparent, and not limited by geographic locations. Never collaborate with someone who appears to be concealing something.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire an iOS App Developer?

Several factors influence the cost of hiring an iOS App developer. The state of the market is the most important aspect in determining the pricing of your project, followed by the geographical locations of the developers. The market competition, experiences and expertise, and other considerations shall hugely influence the pricing factor. The cost of developing an application can run anywhere from the price range between $2000 to $300,000. If your software is simplistic and wouldn’t invite a lot of complexity, essential characteristics, or functionality, the development time will be shorter. The price of the iOS application or android app development is lower since the price or cost of developing an Android or iOS app is determined by the amount of time consumed by production. However, the development costs will be higher if you want to create a high-quality app with numerous features.

The more features your software has, the more money it will cost to build. In spite of this, certain features are more costly than others. If you have a limited budget, you can hire developers from India or the Philippines, which will cost you about $30. Hiring developers from Australis shall cost you $50-150 per hour, while North America would cost you $120-250 hourly. 

Why Hire iOS Developers at MultiQoS?

MultiQoS is a leading ios app development company in India that has been engaged with thousands of clients all across the world, developing thousands of applications that have catered to appreciation. We offer the best and most trustworthy iOS app development services to meet all of your company needs. We have years of experience providing a diversified range of services for various domains. Our developers have engaged in various projects and have released several applications. We have engaged ourselves with various types of services and have expertise in using technology and industry. Also, we make use of agile development methods to ensure a high level of transparency and flexibility in our services.


Mobile apps are a critical component of your company’s backbone. There are several applications on the market, and if you want your application to scale high and be successful, you should make wise decisions while choosing the best developer. To prevent spending too much money, we recommend that you figure out what kind of iOS developers you require and list down the requirements like expertise area, grading, experience, skills, and others. You can access the project requirements and development tasks and search for the candidate. Also, you should focus on both the hard and the soft skills when selecting a candidate. Make sure that you are informed of their working methods, as well as the anticipated costs and duration of the project. A quick inspection of the portfolio will help you make a solid decision, and the competence can be verified. Always choose an outsourced business that uses the most up-to-date technologies in order to remain timeless. They should turn problems into opportunities and be motivated by political devotion and a desire to create.

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