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10 Best Enterprise Mobile App Ideas for Businesses in 2024

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10 Best Enterprise Mobile App Ideas for Businesses in 2024


We all know that everyone owns a smartphone, and it is increasing worldwide. Studies show that approx. 80% of people own a smartphone, and with all this information, there is an addition that mobile apps are doing well these days. They can do anything from communicating, managing finances, shopping, and measuring activity to entertainment and many more. If you want to build an enterprise app, then you will have to hire good enterprise app development services.

If you see it from a business perspective, it’s crucial to realize that mobile apps will add value to the company and contribute to tremendous growth. Here we will learn about enterprise apps and how you can leverage your mobile solution to gain massive growth in your business. Let’s start with a bit of a brief on the enterprise app.

What are Enterprise Apps?

Enterprise application or EA is an extensive software system designed to work in a corporate environment like government or business. The EAs are mission-critical, distributed, component-based, scalable, and complex. Enterprise business apps include a group of programs with organization utilities and business applications specially designed for unmatched functionalities. The enterprise mobile app development is done with enterprise architecture.

Enterprise application software is a crucial component of AI information. This software enhances productivity and efficiency via support functionality.

Best Enterprise Apps for Businesses in 2024

Enlisted are the top 10 Enterprise mobile app ideas for business you can use in 2024:

  • Logistic and Transportation App Based on Blockchain

This industry has been experiencing immense popularity in recent years. Due to the rapid innovation experienced by many sectors, the global trade market has seen exponential growth in the transportation industry. Every business nowadays looks to integrate new-age technology into their company, and the logistics and transportation sectors are no different.

Additionally, these businesses even offer exciting mobile phones to customers. And innovative technology like blockchain could take the transportation process to a new level. Moreover, using smart contracts, companies based on logistics can save all the data without worrying about human intervention.

  • Blockchain-Based App for Voting

In today’s world, free and fair elections are crucial in maintaining peace and prosperity throughout a country or even the world. You would always find some cases where vote tampering has been found, or even people were not allowed to vote sincerely.

However, using the technology of a blockchain-based app for voting, you can conduct an election that would be fair the whole time. The technicalities behind blockchain allow you to store and protect the data of the voting citizens until the day of the result.

  • Carbon Footprint App

Climate Change becomes a big issue in recent years because it has been neglected for many years. However, before you can decide, you must measure the perfect number of them correctly. Also, for that very purpose, this app is being introduced.

Users can use this mobile application for a business to check the carbon quantity released into our environment daily. Moreover, it would help people control their habits related to the release of carbon.

  • App Based on Machine Learning to Predict Disease Outburst

With this pandemic in 2019, we have seen what happens worldwide when a severe disease outbreak occurs. That is why many scientists have already started learning different ways of creating an application that can ideally predict when the next outbreak could happen. This outbreak surprised many people when people and doctors underestimated the whole situation and even compared it with a cold or pneumonia.

However, scientists could use the AI algorithms properly and can build an application that can predict the perfect time of the next outbreak. In that case, people could become aware of the situation and take necessary precautions at the right time.

  • Education App Enabled by AR

Education has become the most searched category over the internet as of late. And, looking into the future, the demand in this sector will only increase. Therefore, using different powers of AR, teachers can make their subjects and lectures more exciting for their students.

The technology of AR is a two-dimensional mechanism of presenting information instead of the old one-dimensional method.

  • AR-Based Medicine App

AR-based apps have started to infiltrate the medicine business quite effectively. Using augmented reality-based apps, doctors can efficiently find the source of the disease the patient is suffering from and for how long it has been going on. 

  • Detecting Credit Card Fraud App

Frauds are pretty standard when it comes to credit cards. Many people are often victims of credit card spamming, which causes a lot of financial trauma and loss to the affected person. However, using an AI-based fraud detection app with unique algorithms running through it can easily detect fraud before it happens.

  • AR-Enabled Interior Decoration App

When buying a new home or flat, people often need clarification regarding which designs work best. But, through the AR-enabled interior decoration app, it can easily predict or suggest a style that could ideally match the room’s structure.

  • Filter Out Spam Email App

Different eCommerce websites or other platforms send many spam emails to their customers after a single use. However, these spam emails slow the system and take up more valuable space than required through AI-driven algorithms on spam email applications. It can automatically identify, select, and delete the items as needed.

  • Healthcare App

The healthcare section has turned out to be a big community that the researchers should have adequately predicted. However, by using healthcare apps, anybody can determine their health, fitness, lifestyle, and fitness. Even the virtual healthcare app has turned out to be a great success during the last pandemic time.

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Leverage Mobile Solutions to Grow Your Business

Say the word “Mobile Marketing” and see what you imagine first. Also, most of you will think of two things: mobile applications and websites. But in reality, mobile marketing is more giant than you think.

Here are a few ways to leverage mobile solutions to grow your business.

Mobile Friendly Website

Studies show that since 2013, most people have started accessing their websites via smartphones instead of laptops and desktops. It means your enterprise app developers will have to develop mobile-optimized websites.

SMS Reminders/Alerts

If your mobile app can connect with customers with text messages, it will be more convenient and non-intrusive. Also, the two best examples involve retail and banks. Mobile App Development Companies can use this for users who haven’t visited your app or website for the time being.

Gain Your Customer’s Trust

Have a good business app development company that will develop an app for your company that can foster rapport with customers through the platform. Your business application developers can add promotions, notifications about discounts and new launches, and reminders.

Benefits Of Having An Enterprise Mobile App For Your Business
Easy to Navigate

The inconvenience of getting access to your page via the website might discourage customers. You can hire reasonable mobile business solutions to create a smooth app that instantly takes your customers to the page after a click.

Boosts Visibility

You can boost your business visibility with good mobile app business ideas. So make sure you hire a good business mobile app development professional to help you create an excellent mobile app. Also, it will further help to provide a better experience to your customers. Your Enterprise app development company can add some exciting features to impress your potential customers.

Helps to Create Better Customer Relations

The mobile app will allow you to use every individual’s data to create better relationships between customers and business owners. Hire on-demand app development services to add some features like push notifications or geolocation. You can hire an affordable app development company that will charge you less business app development costs.

Boosts Profit

Mobile app ideas for businesses will help make the payment process for services and products more compelling, simple, and convenient, resulting in more sales and profit. Hire an on-demand app development company that will create a smooth payment process.

Increases Customer Interaction

The ease of communication and mobility makes surfing even more convenient. Hire reasonable mobile enterprise application solutions to develop a proper communication tool so your customers can communicate smoothly with the service providers.

Final Thoughts

The mobile app can be a valuable tool to help you achieve that goal because consumer expectations are changing quickly. Also, you might have to constantly strategize and re-strategize as necessary to stay on top of your game. You can think of some mobile business ideas for your business to grow.

It’s challenging to think of a modern business that doesn’t automate and manage its processes using digital apps and tools. Moreover, these tools are essential for a significant organization to operate. Also, several business app ideas are available to meet your requirements.

Ready to Build Your Custom Enterprise Application Solution?

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FAQs on Enterprise App Ideas

Mobile apps might be developed for iOS and Android tablets and phones. Vendors, employees, and consumers can use the mobile app to interact.

There are several app ideas for starting a business. It includes loyalty apps, business management apps, communication apps, M-commerce apps, etc.

If you don’t have huge capital to start a great business, then no problem; here are some best app ideas for small businesses. It includes a remote work app, grocery delivery app, crowdfunding app, UPI payment app, booking app, etc.

You can get unique and easy online app business ideas like mall navigation apps, restaurant finder apps, parking apps, study apps, online flower shopping apps, etc. These are one of the entrepreneur business ideas that will help you to start a good business with less investment.

Parth Thakkar

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