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The Ultimate Guide to Super App Development – Cost & Features

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The Ultimate Guide to Super App Development – Cost & Features


According to Statista, roughly 230 billion app downloads on Google Play and Apple Store in 2021. The reason behind this is the increasing number of people utilizing smartphones for daily affairs like playing games, ordering food, making payments of bills, shopping online, etc. The number of mobile application development is also increasing with the consumers’ growing demand. 

As the situation demands, many businesses are looking for a mobile application development company that can build Super apps to integrate all the features in one app. However, the idea started a few years ago, and the number of super apps has been on the rise recently in the pandemic. So, let’s follow the article to learn about this type of mobile app development!  

What is Super App Concept?

Now you must be wondering what the super app concept is. Super app is a platform where several unrelated services are offered through a single mobile interface, whether a third party or in-house. In other words, super app development software offers you various services, ranging from ordering food and drinks, shopping experiences, payments even social media connections. Instead of using different apps for these tasks, you can now get a super app that takes charge of all of them.

Types of Super Apps

Though super apps vary in use, there are two main types of super apps: customer-facing and employee-facing.

  • Customer-Facing Super Apps

Customer-facing super apps should allow the users to chat with friends, send money to family, order food, pay bills, and more. The rise of customer-facing apps began in China with WeChat. In 2020 alone, WeChat generated $240 billion from micro-app transactions. However, U. S. is comparatively slow to adopt the customer-facing super apps for the Apple store regulations that ban mobile app developers from hosting Apple Store within their apps. 

  • Employee-Facing Super Apps

Enterprises wanting to engage with employees have internal-facing super apps. This is also called the B2E super app. These super apps can be a one-stop solution for communicating, maintaining relationships with employees, and educating them about the latest technologies used by your company. Me@Walmart is a prime example of a B2E super app. 

What is the Future of Super Mobile App?

The future of super apps is definitely very bright. That being said, one must give special attention to delivering a hassle-free servicing platform. Creating long-term business partnerships and compelling value propositions for partners and customers will guarantee your app’s success. 

Top Super Apps for Android & iOS

Here are some immensely popular super apps in India and USA: 

  1. MyJio
  2. Paytm Pvt Ltd: Payments SuperApp
  3. Gojek App
  4. Rappi App
  5. Tata Neu App

How to Build a Super App: Tech Stack and Team?

Step 1: Choosing a Platform

The most common options to develop an app are:

  • Native App
  • Cross-Platform App (or Hybrid App)
  • Web App 

If you are wondering if you should have super app development for android and iOS platforms, the final call of your app will depend on your budget and other specific requirements. Also, the targeted audience matter in this case. Developing and launching the app in a single platform for a limited audience base should be enough. You can go for two separate apps for each platform for a wider reach. You can also opt for a hybrid one. But native apps are usually faster and have better UI/UX.

The final call will depend on your budget and other requirements.

Step 2: Features List

  • Social media integration
  • GPS
  • Multi-language support
  • Schedule booking
  • Send push notification
  • Payment gateway integration

Step 3: Tech Stack

Super apps need to support multiple functionalities in a single application. Therefore, it needs a robust technology that can handle those multiple functionalities seamlessly. The tech stack should comprise 

The Technology suite can comprise 

  • Android Wear SDK
  • Comodo SSL
  • Bootstrap
  • Fabric
  • rashlytics
  • Google (Cloud Messaging, Maps, Compute Engine) 
  • Laravel  
  • HTML5
  • New Relic
  • Realm
  • Nginx
  • Select2 etc.


  • Java
  • Swift
  • JRuby
  • Golang
  • Frameworks/Tools
  • Rails
  • Kafka
  • Spring

Processes (XP)

  • CI
  • Strict TDD on OO codebases
  • Fortnightly release cycles

Other Tools

  • Email Marketing
  • Productivity & Operations
  • Analytics
  • Finance

Step 4: Design and Development

After sorting out the application’s goals, business model and features, and targeted audience, it’s time to focus on information architecture, how users will interact through your app, and the navigational flow of your app. Getting wireframes made will help you understand your app’s concept better. Wireframes are basically the skeleton of the super app you have proposed. Once you are satisfied with the wireframe, you can ask your mobile application developers to start front-end development and back-end coding. 

Step 5: Testing and Going Live

It is crucial to ensure that your super app development is bug-free and good to use with faster navigation before its launch. The development team should do the alpha testing internally. Also, by doing beta testing, you will get the users’ feedback related to the app’s performance and user experience. After fixing all the bugs and issues reported, you can finally launch the super app on the market. 

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What are the Features or Attributes of Super Apps for Mobile?

An app is considered to be a super app when it has to offer all or most of the following features within one app:

  1. Social Platform
  2. E-Commerce Services
  3. Transportation Services
  4. Online transfer to other Financial Services
  5. Food Delivery
  6. Bill and Utility Payment
  7. Health and Insurance Services

Challenges Faced In Developing a Super App

The development and implementation process can be pretty challenging for super apps. Therefore, big brands are best suited for this kind of app development. The development process can be time-consuming and requires effort and money. Hence, if you wonder how to develop a super app, be prepared to invest a lot of time and money. 

Super Apps Are Super Expensive

These apps are called super apps for a reason. Big brands are involved in developing the super apps, which means the capital investment will be as big as theirs. You need a proficient team to create a super app, handle legal complications, and build a customized super app to become noticeable in the crowd. Therefore, super apps are super expensive too.  

Requires Super-Efficient IT Infrastructure

It is easier to step into this domain with super-efficient IT infrastructure and mark your presence. This requires a lot of concentration, thorough market research, and heavily skilled IT infrastructure. Therefore, the investment of money and time also is huge.

Immense Sized API Integrations

As super apps are huge apps that accommodate many apps of different functionality, The API integration would also be massive in these cases. This may require a competent IT team to handle APIs and third-party integration. 

Factors That Affect Super Mobile App Development Cost

Require A Skilled & Proficient Development Team

The choice of a mobile app development company dramatically determines the success of your super app. A highly competent and skillfully experienced team is needed to handle the gigantic task of designing and developing a super app while keeping the legal complications in mind. So, decide on the app development company very carefully. 

Need Robust User Authentication

Super apps are huge apps. So, one must give importance to building robust user authentication. The security of your app heavily depends on the user authentication functionality. 

UX/UI Design Can Be Challenging

Many apps come in one platform, so UXUI design development can be tricky. Make sure that you hire expert and experienced UIUX mobile app developers for your super app who can handle the enormous task of designing the super app for you. 

Legal Complication

Many businesses come under one roof while creating a super app. Therefore, your business needs to face legal complications with the government regulatory body. By hiring a good legal advisor, the process can become smooth and swift, and it also helps you at every step of the super app development process. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Super Mobile App?

Super app development average cost in India is typically between $25 and $45 per hour. In Europe and the United States, the super app development cost can go up to $100- $150 per hour. In India, the typical cost of super app development is between $25 and $45 per hour. In Europe and the United States, it might cost up to $100-$150 each hour. So, the average super app development cost can be between $40K and $120K significantly. 

However, there are several methods for launching the super app. You can choose between an MVP, a custom-built app, or a prebuilt app. In fact, establishing an MVP can cost lower between $10000 and $ 15000. A prebuilt app costs between $15000 and $25000, including minimum modification and built-in functionalities. In contrast, a custom-made solution can cost up to $50000 to $100000 with all tailored features. 


It is projected that the super app development industry is likely to dominate the market of Asia-Pacific, especially India and China. Super apps are the next big thing in the evolutionary ladder of the mobile app development industry. However, there are issues about privacy and the development of monopolies, and the benefits of customized and specially tailored services are significant. Although you must give attention to delivering a seamless servicing platform as the super apps provide multiple services, not all of them are provided by the same service provider. So, creating a sustainable long-term business relationship is the way to success. 

Looking For Super App Development Company?

MultiQoS, a leading app development company, seamlessly integrates services from various categories.

FAQ on Super Mobile Application Development

Super app development in India and China, etc., dominates the market in Asia. However, the USA is yet to have such popular super apps. Here’s why now the perfect time to enter into the super app development business is:

  • Super apps save the time and effort of the consumers by offering multiple services under one roof.
  • Businesses can provide a consistent user experience to customers through super apps.
  • The users are likely to go for super apps as they can download just one app instead of many, which saves their phone’s memory.

You can solve the concerns of saving the idea of a unique super app and its security by signing an NDA with the super app development company before sharing it with them.

Maintenance charges are applied for the support services for custom-built super app development. However, it depends on the super app development agency if they offer any free support services.

Parth Thakkar

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