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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Delivery App Like InstaShop?

Parth Thakkar Parth Thakkar
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Delivery App Like InstaShop?

What is Instashop?

Instashop is one of the famous popular grocery delivery apps that has revolutionized how people do the shopping for groceries. With Instashop users can purchase and browse different grocery Items from any of the local stores and get them delivered to their doorstep. The efficiency and convenience of Instashop have made it one of the best delivery and grocery shopping application in the marketplace.

If you are also interested to create an app like Instashop, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will offer a comprehensive guide on how to build a grocery delivery app like Instashop. We will begin with a step-by-step guide and overview of grocery delivery applications.

Grocery Delivery Apps: Market Overview

In the recent few times, the grocery delivery app market has made a lot of progress and it is constantly growing. A lot of people now rely on online grocery shopping. A lot of grocery delivery apps have gained a lot of popularity because of the time-saving features and convenience it offers. A lot of new players are entering the Industry offering different services and features to attract users. Overall it has become a highly competitive industry.

How to Build an App Like InstaShop?

 To create an app like Instashop, you need to follow certain steps and have knowledge about different factors. Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow.

Step 1: Outline and plan application features and functionalities.

To build an application like the Instashop app you need to plan and outline the functionalities and features of the app. This includes grocery stores, product catalogs, user accounts, shopping carts, and checkout processes.

Step 2: Choose the tech stack and best development team.

As a next step, you need to choose a development team and select the tech stack that you want to use to build your application. You can work with a mobile app development company in Dubai to ensure the growth and success of your application.

Step 3: Develop the product Catalog and Grocery Store:

Next, you need to code the product catalog and grocery store. This feature would allow users to purchase the groceries item from local stores. It is quite important to have an easy-to-use interface for adding or removing the products and managing the catalog.

Step 4: Create the Checkout process and shopping cart.

The shopping cart is a crucial feature of the grocery delivery App. You should ensure that the checkout process and shopping cart are quite intuitive and simple for the users. This includes features like adding or removing grocery items, calculating the total cost, and processing payments.

Step 5: Add the Delivery Tracking features.

It is quite essential to have delivery tracking features to ensure a seamless delivery experience for the users. You can include features like real-time tracking, delivery schedules, and delivery notifications.

Step 6: Integrate billing and payment systems.

Finally, after adding every feature you need to integrate billing and payment systems into your application. This includes processing payments, managing billing information, and accepting the credit card payments.

Step 7: Launch And market your grocery application.

After the application development is complete, you can launch and market it to gain users. There are different marketing strategies that you can use like influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to market your application.

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Must-Have Features to Develop an App Like InstaShop

  • Include the feature for user account creation and management. This feature would allow users to manage their accounts and update any information. It is quite an important feature for any grocery delivery app like Instashop.
  • A product catalog and grocery store allow users to purchase and browse groceries from different grocery stores. It should be an easy-to-use interface for performing activities like removing and adding products.
  • The Checkout process and shopping cart are other important components. This includes features like calculating the total cost, processing payments, and much more.
  • Delivery and payment systems are important features that can ensure a seamless delivery experience and allow users to make payments using credit cards or any other payment methods.

Key Features of Instant Delivery App Like InstaShop

Including these features would help your app like Instashop to be user-friendly, and functional. Working with a Grocery Deliver App development company in Dubai like MultiQoS can help you to make your app development project a great success.

Tech Stack to Create a Grocery App like Instashop

Front-end Development: React Native

React Native is one of the famous frameworks for building frontend applications it is widely used for building cross-platform applications that has a consistent look across different devices and offers a seamless user experience.

Backend Development: MongoDB and Nodejs

MongoDB is the NoSQL Database management system that helps to manage and store large amounts of data in real time. Nodejs is a server-side JS runtime that is best for building high-performing and scalable applications.

For other features like Payment Gateway Integration, Push Notifications, and Map Integrations you can use tools like Stripe, Firebase, and Google maps respectively.

How much does it cost to build a grocery Delivery app like InstaShop?

The cost of building a grocery delivery app like Instashop is highly dependent on different factors like the number of features, complexity, the region where the team is located, and the type of time. 

Usually, it costs around USD 25000 to USD 5000. However, working with the leading on-demand app development company like MultiQoS a Mobile app development company in Dubai can help you have access to the best mobile app developers in Dubai who specialize in building apps like Instashop.

What MultiQoS Can Do for You?

MultiQoS is the leading mobile app development company based in Dubai specializing in on-demand app development. Their experts for developing grocery delivery applications like Instashop can provide a lot of services to help you build user-friendly and successful applications. Some of the services that MultiQoS offers are listed below.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Backend and Frontend development.
  • Payment gateway Integration.
  • Map Integration
  • Maintenance and Support.

By working with MultiQoS, a Mobile app developer in Dubai, you can have access to the top-notch team who can help you build the best grocery delivery app like Instashop.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, building an instant grocery app like Instashop can offer a hassle-free shipping experience for users. With features like map integration, payment gateway integration, and real-time tracking, you can provide a user-friendly and seamless experience to the users. 

To build a grocery delivery platform like Instashop you can collaborate with MultiQoS which specializes in instant delivery app development like Instashop, with their expertise you can have the best grocery delivery app development services.

Want help with grocery app development?

We have expert delivery app developers who build top-notch delivery apps for small and large enterprises.

FAQ About Instant Delivery App

An Instant delivery app like Instashop is an on-demand grocery delivery platform like Instashop that allows users to receive groceries and various other household items.

To create an app like Instashop you can work with a reputable app development company that holds experience in grocery app development as they have worked in a similar industry before. They will provide you with every service from consultation to after-launch support.

There are Numerous features that you can include in your application such as map integration, payment gateway integration, real-time tracking, and much more to offer a user-friendly and seamless experience for users.

The cost to build a shopping and delivery apps like Instashop highly depends on the functionalities and the features needed. It is recommended to work with experienced and professional app development companies that specialize in grocery app development.

The benefits of creating an instant delivery application are to offer a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience to users, boost revenue for the business and increase customer engagement.

Parth Thakkar

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