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How to Build an Online Realtime Bidding/Auction Application?

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How to Build an Online Realtime Bidding/Auction Application?


Auction is an age-old tradition and is still trending. The only difference is that there is a change in the auction process. Since everything in the present era has become digital, the auction has also become online. Here, with the betting system, buyers compete with each other to bid for a particular item. The one who indicates the maximum amount gets the product in his name. Online auction is a simple process that is devoid of any complexities.

Many entrepreneurs have taken the option of auction sales to increase the sale of their products. Building your app for mobile users is one of the best ways to become a self-sufficient auctioneer. However, you must consult with marketers and business analysts before concluding. It is because it will help you to analyze the monetization techniques that could favor the marketing and sale of your product. Following is a brief description of how to build an auction app.

Auction Application Brief Overview

Auction apps have become a significant trend in the current scenario. So, whether in a retail business, real estate, or similar area, you can sell everything worldwide. The primary purpose of the auction apps is to make your products globally available. The online app for auction is like a virtual marketplace where you bring buyers and sellers on one platform who are interested in bidding.

The auction has a period so the seller can gain maximum from the bidding. For these reasons, most entrepreneurs concentrate on developing auction app or website like eBay. The present process of auction is somewhat different from the traditional one. If you enter as a buyer in one of the online auction apps, you will get a list of all the products the seller wants to sell. Hence, it is your discretion to choose a product at your convenience.

In the recent era, various auction apps like eBay have become household names. Hence, if you want to develop an auction application, you must first do complete research on the market and the process of how the app works. The app must be user-friendly and easy to operate. It is one of the prime priorities. Else you will lose all the potential buyers in no time.

Key Features of Auction App

Why is it Worth Building Your Own Auction App?

As we are in the age of digital technology, everything that we require is just a tap away. The same goes for online auction apps. Buyers can bid for any products at their convenience. So, whether traveling or in the kitchen, you can still be a part of an online auction. Following are some of the benefits of an Online Auction App.

More Number of Buyers

One benefit of developing an online auction is that you will defy distance and time. Hence, you will be able to reach a large number of buyers across the world. Since there are various types of buyers, like young buyers, and stay-at-home buyers, you can get them quickly.

Moreover, since mobile apps are in trend now, buyers can conveniently choose. They can bid for the products sitting in the comfort of their house. Therefore, if you want to develop an online auction app, you must take the help of a professional mobile app development company in Illinois to enhance your products.

Larger Reach

Another significant benefit of Online Auction Applications is that you’re of buyers is limitless. You can get potential buyers from your country of origin and worldwide, and thus you will be able to enhance your business globally.

Convenient for Buyers

With the help of an online application app, buyers can bid at their convenience. Moreover, it allows a particular buyer to bid on multiple auctions on the same day.

They can do so in the comfort of their house and at a time that is best suitable for them. Moreover, it is excellent for those who do not have the time to visit traditional auctions due to a lack of time and work pressure.

Less Stress

Hosting an online auction is less stressful for the sellers. It saves a lot of time and extra expenses, such as organizing the auction place for the visitors to create a perfect ambiance and other similar activities. However, with an online auction, sellers can be at ease of mind.

Cost Effective

Online auction saves both time and money. It saves travel costs for buyers and sellers, and they can make all transactions and deals from anywhere. Moreover, there are no extra expenses like venue charges and refreshment costs. Hence, it is apt for both buyers and sellers.

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Business Models of Auction App: Win-Win Strategies

Being virtual, online auction apps are highly effective. It eases the stress of both the buyers and the sellers as they do not have to be present physically. Moreover, the transaction is also online. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both sides. From household items to vehicles and similar products, you can auction anything.

Tools to Create Auction Websites From Scratch

Since online auctions are virtual, you do not need a physical space or related areas for the auction. However, you do need the services of mobile app developers so that your app stands out among all. Following are the features you need to build an auction platform like eBay.

User Accounts

Every online auction requires registration and the establishment of basic profiles by sellers and buyers. In addition to enhancing user identification and communication within an auction platform, such a strategy helps facilitate user identification.

Smart Search Options

Smart search and filter options are essential features for online auction applications. The importance of filtering should not be underestimated, however. Therefore, users have the option of defining specific details.

By including items that don’t meet certain criteria such as Variety of Items, Footage, Price Range, and Type of Assets, consumers can narrow their searches.

Defining Product Categories

We live in a fast-paced world, so we don’t have enough time to sort through hundreds of options. The categorization of products becomes extremely important in this situation. It is important for your app to have a wide range of categories.

Multiple User Profiles

Multiple user logins must be supported by your online auction platform. In other words, the app should provide separate panels for buyers, sellers, and administrators. This will increase your auction app’s traffic and make it a one-stop shop for everything your users need.

Popular Products

By using this feature, your users can view the most popular items in any active auction. Afterward, they can easily bid on the same things or buy them on the app.

Auction Specific Details

Make sure your users have the correct auction information before the event. There are several things you should know about an auction, such as what kind of auction is being held, the start time, the lowest bid amount, and the product information. A real-time auction notification email is also included in this functionality.

Auction Guidelines

It is essential that your app includes a list of all the rules that buyers, bidders, and sellers need to follow. It will be possible to do so if you use this function. In addition, this module provides you with access to the rules.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are several other essential features as well. Examples include social sharing, messaging, blog posts, and other notifications. For more information about useful features for your custom auction app, you can contact our expert team.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Online Auction App?

The cost of building an online application app varies depending upon the type and features you are choosing. Its cost is determined by the complexity and number of hours required for the auction application. If it is an ordinary segment, the cost ranges between $14000 to $17000.

while for bigger and complex ones, the cost to develop an auction app can hover about $30000 to $45000.

How Long Does It Take to Build an Online Auction App?

The exact time to build an online auction app depends upon its nature. However, on average, it may take somewhere between 430 to 450 hours. But if your app is complex, it can take more extended hours. Moreover, it also depends on the web development company to process the auction app.

Tech Stack to Set up a Bidding Website

Following are the tech stacks to set up a bidding website.

  • Create templates and bid forms.
  • Forming requests for proposals and request to tender.
  • Include material and labor costs.
  • Communication with contractors and suppliers.
  • Managing and creating financial reports.

MultiQoS Expertise in Application Development

If you want to know how to set up an online auction app, then the best solution is to take the expertise of MultiQoS. It is the best business app development company that will cater to your needs and requirements in the best possible way. For online auction app development, businesses rely on MultiQoS as a leading provider of application development services. If your business needs a new digital brand or an improvement to your current one, our professionals can assist you.

MultiQoS has a team of highly dedicated professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to create custom auction apps that will change the outlook of your business economically. 

We are happy to answer any questions regarding online auction software development. Get a free consultation from the MultiQoS Experts today!


Online auctions have been here for a considerable time, and they will stay; hence, if you want to increase the sale of your products as an entrepreneur, you need to create an online auction app. Various applications will guide you on how to create an auction app. However, it would be best if you did complete market research on the app’s work.

Hence, if you want to build an online auction application but are unsure how to start, you can always take the help of eCommerce marketplace app development companies. They are professionals and will come to your rescue at the apt time and guide you through the entire app development process

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FAQ Online Auction App Development

Fundraising is always done for a noble cause. However, even if the guests have the heart to attend the fundraising auctions, sometimes, due to lack of time, they are unable. Hence, the best option is to set up an online auction for fundraising.

It helps significantly to raise the money smoothly. Building a guest list and organizing the whole event is unnecessary. You need to gather the items for auction and use the bidding tools for the buyers. An online auction also helps as you will be able to get donors worldwide.

To build your auction app, you can use the prebuilt auction websites. Here you can use the platform for auctioning your products online. Moreover, you can also run multiple auction events at the same time.

One of the features of pre built websites is that you do not have to spend time on design and other features, and you can start instantly and maximize your business economically.

Most online biddings and auctions are, in fact, legal.

Yes, you can earn money using an auction app:

Auction management software is a digital platform where buyers and sellers come in close contact virtually, bid in real-time, and instantly make transactions.

These are the top live auction apps:

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